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SM “EverySing” Opening Pictures

Pictures: Baidu

Such lovely outfits! I loooove JJ’s top, it’s so hot <3333 They all look pretty good (covers up Micky’s hair) though Changmin looks like my dad XD ITS THE PANTS. Or maybe the hat. Whatever, he’s still hot (Changmin, not my dad, he’s old)

SHINee’s pants make me cringe. The shinyness draws too much attention to their…legs. Must focus on astronaut boots instead :P

The pictures are from the opening of SM’s first Noraebang. Dw, I had no idea what that was either XD Apparently it’s a big building with four floors. There are karaoke bars, places to hold mini-showcases, places to put SM’s many trainees, and also cafes that people can use to hold parties.

Rofl, that just made me think of a DBSK theme party XDDD We could all go dressed up as DBSK members (I shotgun JJ :P) and eat DBSK food (Yunho cupcakes!) listen to DBSK songs, and order a huge cake that DBSK will jump out of. Who’s with me? :DDDD

More DBSK pictures after the cut

There are only JJ and Yunho single pictures cos I couldn’t find any for the other boys. No, actually, that’s a lie, I found one of Micky but didn’t want to save+upload it cos just looking at his hair in the group picture is enough to give me nightmares for a week (yes, some people have nightmares where aliens invade earth, I have nightmares about bad hair).

If you enlarge the JJ picture, you’ll see that he has a HOLE in his chest (just below his pecks) I wasn’t looking there….Beckery pointed it out to me :D But why does he have a hole there? Reminds me of those people in The Matrix.

Now I’m gonna go reply to comments. BECAUSE I AM A GOOD PERSON :DDDDDDD


  1. What happened to more nice SHINee photos?!?! =_=

    “The shinyness draws too much attention to their…legs.”
    Your such a good liar hahaha =P

  2. Nooo, i said that I found more DBSK pictures. LISTEN :P

    And our readers already think that you and Candychu are perves, I don’t want to be added on to that list :P

  3. LOL. I see JJ’s hole. But that shirt is realllllly hot. Shows just the right amount of chest xD. Changmin looks like a super hot businessman. Those pants make his legs look sooo long. Onew and Taemin’s outfits had the least shiny pants and most normal looking boots, but they really shouldn’t wear gold, silver, and bronze pants with giant metallic shoes haha.

  4. It’s not a hole, pas =.=” It’s something to do with guy’s chests. I actually read about the “condition” on wikipedia; it’s really interesting because some fans were like “scar from plastic surgery??” and so some other fans did all this research on it lol. See, fans can be such intelligent people :)

    And omg Must focus on astronaut boots instead ?? I think YOU’RE the puppy. I wasn’t even looking at anything other than their sexy suspenders. FOR REAL.

  5. Lol..JJ’s “hole” is a Xiphoid medical condition xD something to do with the bone joint and sternum..i think…haha.

    *ahem* yes..stare at Shinee’s shoes instead o_o

    I second that to have a DBSK themed party! It would be oozing of hottness =)

  6. CANDY! WHAT KIND OF NORAEBANG PULLS OUT A CAKE WITH A BUNCH OF HALF NEKKID BOYS JUMPING OUT FROM IT?!?!?! (Oh wait, you didn’t say half naked… it must be my imagination then XD)

    Seriously tho a noraebang is place where you go with your family or officemates or high school friends. I haven’t been to a karaoke bar where they serve boys on a cake (they should start doing that imo).

    Also, the person responsible for the shiny pants needs be shot. Along with the person responsible for Yoochun’s hair. 0_o

  7. aww Jae. idk, hes like a mix of prettiness with manliness.
    I question which part hes heading to lol.

    Uhh..yeah, those pants are tighter than my already tight blue jeans that are a pain. How can boys wear those tight shiny (yes I happened to stare at many things from therexDD) pants and not wonder, “…Just cause our name’s SHINee doesn’t give those damn stylists the right to make our stuff Shiny.”

    But my wonderful Onew just looks cute<3 I give wonderful cakes to guys who can pull it off lol. I think the pants look Jonghyun…shorter. Maybe cause Minho’s a freaking tower. And Taemin’s pants…yay. I guess they didn’t target him on the shinynessxD

    But yeah, looking at DBSK, Junsu look like a mafia boss whos trying to look all good.

    Yunho looks a bit like some library guy. Like one of those, “Little girl, do you want me to get you your book? Mister always has it for you right here…so come back here alright?” lol idk why.

    Ahh Changmin lol. He looks older with those types of pants.
    I used to think hes so young, cute, innocent, and all that but hes heading to the grandpa stage with those clothes.

    And Yoochun’s hair -_-;; I was never a really fan of him but still, thats really not appealing. I mean the imbalance of the hair is just really bothersome.
    Yoochun’s old hair (When it wasn’t too long but not like the conrows in the ‘O’ mv lol) was much appealing to look at.

  8. ^ if there is one librarian like yunho like you said above, ill head up straight to it! XD ehm to borrow books,… *lie*
    oh yeah i want to order that cake too! with yunho on top
    from all the description stated here, it seems that noraebang translate to host club in my head, XDDDD

  9. @moonynim YOU IDIOT. I DIDNT WRITE THIS POST =.=”

  10. Abc123zyx:
    I know, I loooove his shirt :DDDD

    SHINee’s pants remind me of cooking foil…

    Fine, indent.

    Trust you to read about stuff like this on Wikipedia :P

    Hahahaha, I told bec that he got it from getting breast enhancements :P

    Sure. I believe you.

    Do you study medicine? :P

    Hehehhe, we should definitely have a DBSK themed party one day!

    :PPPPPPPPP I wrote this post.

    And they wouldn’t be served ON cake; they’d just jump OUT of the cake covered in whipped cream and chocolate frosting. Mmm….chocolate frosting…

    Hahahahah, love your step-by-step analysisXD

    I like skinny jeans on boys (not tooooo skinny) but SHINee’s pants are BEYOND skinny. YOU CAN SEE THINGS. lol

    Library guy??? XDDDD Alright then :P

    Changmin definitely looks old[er]. Not a fan of his clothes. Nup.

    I want Micky to wear a wig. I actually really liked his Rising Sun extensions (though I’m probably the only one who did).

    Sure…”borrow books” :P



    Candies again:

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