Posted by: beckery | September 19, 2008

Son Dam Bi ft Eric – Crazy MV

Credits to MeijiKim @ youtube

Lol I honestly dont really know Son Dam Bi and  yes, you guessed it. I only listened to the song for Eric. Because if the loser man doesnt release his solo album, then this would probably be one of his last song before the army. And just that alone makes me watch and listen to anything.

However, Im was pleasantly surprised and find the song catchy. I actually even went to listen to the other songs on her 2nd mini album and I really really liked it XD

Eric’s rap is hawt like always <3. His beginning, especially the “Yes” part, really reminded me of Big Bang and I was seriously just waiting for him to say “Big Bang is back” HAHAHA. I’m so weird. And I wished he had more parts. Son Dam bi’s style reminds me of Hyori. She’s really pretty too! And I was expecting more revealing outfits, but her clothes werent too bad. Man, I have the chorus stuck in my head =_=


  1. I have a habit of pressing “edit” instead of “comment” like EVERY TIME and so I find myself on a page I don’t want to be on. FAIL!

    Anyway, I can’t believe you just called Eric a loser DD:

  2. ooh you changed your avatar thingy..looks pretty just like me XDDD haha

    And HE IS A LOSER. As much as I LURVE HIM, if he doesnt release that album of his then he’s a loser and I’m going to never forgive him and will ask for a divorce hmph…

    P.S You can join the loser club to =_=

  3. totally listenin to this bcoz of Ric-gun..

    Yeah Ric, where is YOUR album??!!

  4. Lol okay so I only listened to it cause your title said Son Dam Bi ft Eric. I’m still waiting and praying that his solo album comes out soon, there’s only a few weeks left before he’s off to the military :( unless he’s gonna do what KJK did and release it while he’s in the military but then that means any MV’s he does we won’t be able to his his face :(
    oh & cute avatar!

  5. Wow, this song is really catchy, very retro sounding.
    I like it, its simple and has a nice beat to it.

    Totally reminded me of BB.

    I really loved how she was there dancing or whatever and there were two different scenes at the top and bottom, very nice.
    Also the rap lyrics being show like that.

    The only thing i didn’t like was the dance.
    But other than that i really did enjoy it.


  6. Kapan
    Haha I knew you would be like me *hi5* I havent heard anyone call him Ric-gun for ages..It makes me miss him so much *tear*..He really better release an album soon or I’m going to go crazy!!

    Hahahaha. We are too awesome. All the things we do for the boys lol. He better not do what KJK did. I want him to do some promotions, so I can see his gorgeous face more. I really dont want him to be on the low down and just enter the army without showing his face =(((

    It reminded me of BB’s style too! Andlike it. Its not GREAT, but its pretty catchy. I had the chorus stuck in my head like the whole night T_T Not cool lol.

    The scene with the boy and her at the top and bottom? I thought that was pretty cool. Lol I wasnt really watching her dancing…I only watched half of it then I kinda got sidetracked, so I just had the music playing haha. Gosh I fail XD

  7. omo i only click on this song because i saw ERIC featuring then the MV didnt feature him so i was disappointed

    Aww sorry, I should of made it clearer. I know, I was disappointed when I realised he only featured in the song and not the MV. I need more Eric :(

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