Posted by: lovediaries | September 19, 2008

Super Junior 1st Concert DVD


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Ever since my friends got me the CD for my bday, I’ve been wanting to see the Concert even more. The performances I’m looking forward to most would be Kyuhyun’s “처음 느낌 그대로”, Teuk & Yesung’s “인형”, YMCA and Marry U. Of course I’m looking forward to the entire concert but in particular the above songs because a) they were my favourite tracks on the album b) they sounded fun and c) I MIGHT SEE SUJU CRY???

It’s released on October 1st but I won’t be preordering cause I need subs XD. Taiwan version, maybe?

ILU SM. Thank you for releasing a version with traditional chinese subs :DDD (check YA link ^^)

p.s I’m going to reply to comments now and fill up the side widget with my purple keys :DD/ …which look like retarded Mickey Mouse heads T_T


  1. Hahahahahah, I thought it was already out XDDDDDD

  2. ^Why am I not surprised you thought that :PP

  3. hope to have the dvd with eng sub..huhu

  4. ^That would be perfect :D

  5. You know..i could of sworn it was out too. T_T

    I want to see them cry!!
    I cry so easily, like..its not even funny.
    I start bawling watching The Lion King, Pokemon The First Movie & Tarzen..
    lots of disney movies and what not.
    You should of seen me watching a Millionaire’s first love..

    Marry U, was so sweet.
    I bet YMCA is going to be hilarious, wasn’t Heechul dressed as Jack Sparrow??
    I didn’t really see the fancams, i don’t really like to watch them..
    Esp. when i know a DVD will be out.

    But you know what i’m going to love the most???
    …all of them together. ♥


  6. do the DVD has an english subbed??? or only Korean??

  7. It will come with Japanese, Korean, and Chinese subtitles. ^^

  8. i have to swear in my own langauge bec this news is all sorts of awesme

    PUTANGINA FINALLY!!!!!! ^____________________________________^

    OHMYGOD I was just discussing with my friends about when the hell they are coming out with this OMGEFFINGOD IM SO EFFING HAPPY IM PREORDING THIS BABY RIGHT EFFING NAO


  9. ImJustKeed’In
    OMG I’ve cried in every single one of the movies you mentioned. I don’t even know why I cried in Pokemon but I know I did.

    Yes and Kangin was a clown AHAHAHA

    Concerts released by SM usually arent subbed in english :(


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