Posted by: potensvita | September 20, 2008

Graceful four concert official clips. 0_0

I am going mad with insane update. Most probably I am not going to make sense either….




I swear tonight it seemed to be a really magically night! I am tearing in fact. Remember all the semi-depression posts I had on CSJH as they weren’t heavily promoted in Japan?

Remember all the angst?

The god must have heard all of that because ….



estelgrace in soompi had just posted official clips of their Graceful Four concert in japan. Yes, you didnt read wrongly, official clips. I wondered whether they are selling dvd for that concert? If they were, I am going to buy it.

Playlist one

Playlist two

credit : eternalshapley @ youtube

Now, most of you guys probably won’t like reading this but, I am willing to go to the girls’ concert if I had choose between DBSK or them. sign. The crowd is so small but warming. The girls brought out the best in them and they were always aiming for the highest. Expecially in the I will kiss you clip, they were crying. I am tearing up a bit too. It had never been easy for them, especially for Stephanie. sigh.

I just wish that they will be strong and healthy and happy. ^^


  1. once again i might be the only person spazzing about csjh with you xP
    Graceful Party was love <3 even though the venues were really small, i was so proud of the girls for getting their own concert!
    the poor unnies were crying =( the “kiss” gesture was soo cute!

    about the dbsk/csjh thing, it reminds me of the sm shanghai fan account translation that was posted on the soompi thread on p600!
    you seriously need to read’s an excerpt:
    “i’ll start by telling you about the concert. i originally thought i wanted to see kimjaejoong, but slowly, i realized the ones i wanted to see were the girls (CSJH).”
    so sweet and honest x.x

  2. omg. give me the link. laughs ^^

  3. I’ve never really listened to any of CSJH’s songs before, but I went to watch their “I’ll Kiss You” perf and it was really touching. Made me want to go listen to more of their songs ^.^ Their voices are really good! They do deserve much more attention :D

  4. you did? J? you did.


    you lucky person! I am glad you went and maybe you will listen to their songs more!

  5. Lol nono..! I went to watch the video. Haha. Sorry for the confusion. But I’m glad that I did click on the link though :D

  6. ahah the link to the fan account you mean?

  7. Those offcial clip come with Stand Up people single (DVD + CD version)…its only 10 mins but it was worth it..
    you guys should totally buy it !!!

    and im the same as you, if i need to choose with concert to go,
    i’ll go for CSJH…(sorry jaejoong >.<)
    maybe bcos its been one of my wish of listening to their voice (esp Lina) live and seeing them perform in front of me would be amazing…haha…

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