Posted by: potensvita | September 20, 2008

I just LOVE her so much

I really just love her so much. so much.

Who do I love? Of course YounHa. To those who doesn’t know, she is a fantastic singer which had just came out with the second Korean album and needless to say, all her songs were FANTASTIC. I can just die listening to it. This album is really really an autumn wind blowing the fallen leaves on the path, leaving a refreshing vibe to it.

Because, frankly, I am sick and tired of electronics and the Lies-by-Big-Bang type of music. Don’t get me wrong, I like Lies but I think every song after Lies was somewhat like Lies version-insert-number-here.

And today, I was stopping by at her soompi thread and someone was kindly posted up clips of her singing some of her other songs except Memory and Telepathy on youtube. It was LIVE


Ah…. She is so so cute!

Clips on youtube curtesy of supper at soompi. <3

The clips above are all 2ubD’s hardwork. thank you. ^^

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