Posted by: lovediaries | September 20, 2008

SHINee Reality Show Ep8

Thank you everyone for telling me it’s been uploaded ^___^

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | If the links I’ve given aren’t in HQ, be sure to change it to HQ because it’s soo much better, thanks to shineesubs of course! :)

The boys arrive at a gym and there’s this equipment lying there. Jonghyun’s “I want to hula hoop. I need to get rid of my belly fat.” made me =.=” I can hula hoop :) When I was little I did it straight for about 42 minutes and won this competition :DD I should hula hoop again cause I need to lose my belly fat XD Taemin can’t play badminton. BUT I CAN. So I should teach him hehehe. Then the noona appears and even though I like her, I’ll have to say she did a pretty bad job of impressing the boys last week XD But this time she appears with her ribbon and starts prancing about and when she does her split leap everyone is like “Waaaah.” They ask her to show off some more while playing “My Heart Will Go On” in the background *____*

Then the funniest thing happened XD They have to pick between a ball or a hoop but there are only 3 balls. When Onew gets up to take the last ball Minho quickly kicks it (I don’t know the term for his technique XD) to himself and Onew is left there with “!!!!!!!” on his head while Minho walks away all smug XDD. Omg Onew totally fails with the hoop. Who can’t do all the tricks he was asked to do? XD Lol this really wants me to get my hoop out but I have no one to show off to :( Okay, I take that back. The noona invents this move which she can’t do (Key does not look impressed :P) and Onew goes and tries it AND HE GOT THROUGH THE HOOP!!! “I’m a lion ROAR” LOL!

The noona decides for a performance and she’ll pick the one who was most hard working. Since Key already got picked twice he really doesn’t have to try this week XD BUT ONEW, GET UP!! And wow, every time I think the boys have just been playing around but they actually manage to produce something. I loved the part where Onew jumps through the hoop into the center and they all start pegging balls at him XD.

Omg. Omg. I am so sad. Not only was Onew not chosen but in rankings, he actually came 5th. Do you know how heartbroken I was when he walked to stand next to Key? Oh Onew :( But that just made me love him even more because it’s like he took my advice! He’s gotten over the competitive nature of the game and just went spastic today for the sake of having fun. “It didn’t hurt my pride. Because I’m Onew.” I LOVE THIS BOY SO MUCH!!!♥♥ And of course, congratulations to Minho on finally being chosen!!! See, the noonas can see your heart ^___^ But um did Taemin step all over the Korean flag? If a flag falls to the ground it has to be burned and he walked over it…omg =.=”””

They get to the soccer field and decorate t-shirts for their uniform. THEYRE SO MEAN TO MINHO! Key snatched his marker and then Jonghyun wouldn’t lend his to Minho :( The game finally starts and OnKey are the commentators :D/ I loved Key’s shirt but what the hell happened to Onew’s? It looked like pen vomited onto it ROFL! Anyway Minho is playing very well so Jonghyun starts feeling a bit bitter. Boys will be boys, eh? Taemin has a turn of shooting and he kicked it at the noona DD: Why is he always injuring the noonas???

Jonghyun and Taemin decide to add the writer of the show onto their team. Omg if only I wrote the show XD. Obviously the Couple team wins but the other two run off with the food. Minho is all sweaty *___* Mmm…sweaty boys ;PP

And now, it’s the real date! Aw, I actually really like this noona! She’s really cute but she’s mainly genuine. She doesn’t strive to get their attention and she’s just really natural! ^^ Minho takes her to ride the cable cars and poor thing is really scared of them (imagine Key up there XD). But omg MINHO PLS TALK MORE LOL His voice was so soothing and he held onto the noona’s armhand. Then they go climb up some stairs and play scissors paper rock. Minho is so full of ideas ^^ The voiceover says “Is there a couple who still does this?” Well ahem but *I* would very much like to do this when I go on a date hehee. And they play “Perhaps Love” in the bg *___* “I thought Noona would be embarrassed so I pretended she wasn’t heavy.” MINHO STOP STEALING MY HEART FROM KEY.

They go up to this tower and OMG I WANNA GO THERE WHEN I VISIT KOREA! ITS SO PRETTY! They get their portrait or photo taken or something and Minho is so awkward XD THe losers come (I love how they’re the comic relief – whoever the losers are) and interrupt their date and omg AAHAHA Jongkey are SO LOUD. I love when Minho tries to signal to them to leave and you can hear burning noises. They go outside and you know that thing in ISWAK2 (I haven’t actually seen it though) where Ariel & Joe go on their honeymoon and they like clip these locks on this gate at some place? Well they do this here. The four losers connect their locks to each other with a special message. Its soo sweet. I LOVED JONGHYUN’S “I love you, SHINee. You jerks.” LOLOL.

Minho and Noona are talking when Minho suddenly says he needs to go to the bathroom. He runs out to their car where the other 4 are and asks for his book “Troll Story” (!?!?!!) “Tolstoy” (thank you J) and a pen. Then he writes the noona a letter. His writing is so nice ^__^ And he runs around preparing cakes for the noona omg IM SO JEALOUS. Like the noona said, he really is considerate; and very thoughful, too! And omg the Noona actually started crying! NOOO NOW IM CRYING CAUSE IM TOUCHED TOO ;_____;

Next week THEY GO TO A FARM AHAHAHA. And they’re in the clothes they wore on FM Inki; the ones I love :D And Key shears a sheep O_O Hey, I’m a sheep ;) Well, born in the year of the sheep, anyway.

Wow I actually wrote over a thousand words on this post. Aw this show just keeps getting better and better <3


  1. You know I dont normally watch the SHINee show right? But Omg I watched this one because MINHO GOT PICKED! And I really wanted to see what he’s like when he’s on a date and JKAJLKFJLFDJKJ MARRY ME!! Ewww that did not sound right. *gets smacked in the head with a text book by PAS* hahaha

    But he is so darn cute when he got the medal. He was BITING HIS MEDAL! WTF? HAHAHAHA..and what kind of national anthem was that T_T Anyways, I’ve decided Im going to send a batch of medals for his bday and maybe he’ll be so touched he’ll propose to me XDD lol

    Minho really needs to talk more, I love his voice <3 LOL at his subtle movement to tell the other boys to get lost!

    OMG the surprise event is sooooo sweet!!! I’ve always wanted a book with a message written on the cover too. Omg Minho~~~~~

  2. I think that JH and Taemin vandalized Onew’s shirt actually because there’s a part where you see someone other than him ‘decorating’ it. They were so mean to MinHo (and the noona) during that too – and MinHo even called Jong-hyun ‘hyung’. I was slightly distressed – I don’t like to see them behaving badly.

    I thought the same thing about ‘Troll Story’. Lol, seriously what is that about?! Minho’s writing is lovely – I’ve never seen bad Korean writing but his was so neat and pretty. I O.o’ed in awe at it.

    Oh, Minho’s slowly stealing me from Jong-hyun now! I seriously did not expect him to be so sweet! The letter and the book and the cake – it was all so thoughtful. I didn’t expect the noona to start crying either – she was obviously really touched. Great episode, definitely worth the wait!

  3. OMG, Minho’s so romantic~ It’s really unexpected for me … Well, more like it’s more shocking when he actually does it. I’d be moved to tears. ^^ And they shouldn’t have shown where they put the locks … fangirlss. xD
    LOL @ the next episode. SHEEP! [Baby, I need cow. xD]

  4. I never had a thing for minho (I tried so hard because his…brows lol, idk why) but his special surprise was SO sweet. And how he looked at the noona when he was listening was just…killing my heart.

    I think it means more because hes sooo quiet but hes actually thinking about people’s feelings. Like if the other members did the same thing, its touching but not the same feeling.

    But his look that he gave to the members was so hilarious. I loved it.

    This episode had a lot of Onew condition lol. I loved his it didn’t hurt my pride, cause I’m Onew *thumbs up*<3 ahh soo cute.

  5. I absolutely LOVE Minho <3 but I wish he’d talk more.
    I love that he’s so shy ’cause it brings my attention to him.
    aigoo ~ he’s SOOO romantic :D
    I love the SHINee boys <3
    민호 오빠 ~
    사랑해 ~ !

  6. Hahaha, I was browsing through LJ when one of my friends posted a screencap of the episode… if you watch the soccer part when Minho and the nuna high-five, you’ll see the back of his shirt saying Henry. I know there’s a soccer player by that name, but lol I thought of SJM!Henry when I saw it. XD

    ROFL I love the burning noises when Minho was trying to get the losers to leave 8D;

    His date was so… lasjdks. Idk. D: Romantic~ but quiet XD? I keep wondering what it would be like if he went on a date with someone like me :P Because I’m kind of like Minho in the way that I’m not very talkative the majority of the time. Think of all the silence haahahaha! XD Lol jk ;D

  7. bec
    Omg, you watched it. I CANT BELIEVE U WATCHED IT. Well now that you’ve watched one episode, you really should go and watch the other ones :P They’re so cute!

    I also really liked Jonghyun and Taemin’s shirts. The boys are quite talented ;) Lol I know eh, “Troll Story” doesn’t sound like a very good book to me ahahaha. I always knew Minho had it in him. He seems like a very calm, poetic sort of person ^___^

    Alex Ryom
    Haha really? But didn’t you watch the first ep? The way he serenaded the noona with, em, the poem on the tree XD
    ROFL I hope Jonghyun plays with cows :P

    LOL what’s wrong with his eyebrows? Do you like the Keybrows? They’re so sexy ahahaha. And yes, Onew is so adorable ^___^

    I’m so clever, that said Minho oppa, saranghae :DD I hope he talks more in upcoming eps though that’ll mean the others will be in serious trouble hahaha

    Yeah, I saw people discussing about that too. Coincidentally the number is 14 too but yeah, it was another soccer player XD

    Hmm maybe that’s why their date was so short? cause they were quiet a lot of the time? Lol idk, I’m looking fwd to BTS stuff but that;s usually of them in groups XP

  8. Lol it’s actually Tolstoy, not Troll story XD That’s what I read when I watched the Chinese subbed vid.

  9. ^Oh rly? What’s Tolstoy? *googles it* OOOOH…em, I still don’t know what it is but I’ll change it :D
    Thank you <3

  10. Tolstoy is the author of this really famous book “War and Peace”. It’s such a surprise Minho will read that. Tolstoy writes really profound books and really nothing that I would like to read at his age! x) (gosh I make myself sound so old, even though I’m born in the same year as him, but I’m still older). Lol such a well-read boy <3

  11. Wow, I completely missed the fact that he was reading Tolstoy lol! I thought it was just a regular book XD. That’s super impressive that he’s reading it though … I had a hard time getting through that book as a senior in college :((((( lmao.

    Great recap <33 I love these boys so much ;___;

    I, too, will laugh for the rest of my life if Onew doesn’t get chosen next week. I WILL MAKE FUN OF HIM FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE AND HE WILL NEVER EVER LIVE THIS DOWN EVER XDDDDDDDDDD.

  12. I was re-watching the part where ondubu talked about how his pride wasn’t hurt and I couldn’t help but look at his Adam’s apple. It’s seems to be very…prominent? Am I weird/pervy or what?!

    Anyway, I absolutely heart ondubu. That adorkable klutz who keeps falling down. I definitely wouldn’t mind if he falls for me! XP (dream on ^.^) I still hope he gets picked though, so I can see how he’s like in a date, even if it’s in a farm, rofl.

  13. J
    Ah wow. It’s nice to know he still has time to read books though.
    AND OMG U ARE NOT WEIRD. I’m happy to invite you into my club of “people with adam’s apple fetishes”. There are currently three of us I think lol but I have spazzed numerous times about his adam’s apple *____* It is indeed very prominent and extremely sexy ;)

    I totally suck. I’m older than Minho and he’s reading a book I have never even hard of .___.


  14. i would actually kill to be in that noona’s place or just to have a date with minho! lol!

    adam’s apple i like too!! donghae and onew *_*

  15. ^Yes, another member to join out club :DD I would kill to be on the show to have a date with anyone of them *___*

  16. Did anyone else notice Minho’s shirt in the soccer match? Almost couldn’t believe my eyes but in the last part where they’re recapping Minho and the noona spending time together you see the back of his shirt and I’m sure it says Henry 14. Does this mean Minho is pro suju-14? If so, I will worship the ground that boy walks on!

  17. ^Lol it does say Henry 14 but that’s actually a soccer player. I’m not sure of the full name but coincidentally he’s #14 too lol

    I don’t think Minho would put something “controversial” like that on his shirt but I’m sure he’s friends with Henry ^____^

  18. MINHO READS TOLSTOY!!!! jhdfioweryhohfkrhfowirpwjf!!!!!! Boys and Books HOMG I think I’m gonna die. XD (btw, ‘Troll Story’ ROFL!!!)

    But like what spazzes said….who reads f—in Tolstoy when they’re 16???? It’s so depressing…and EPIC long. I once asked a teacher if maybe we could skip Tolstoy and he was all, “Of course we can’t skip Tolstoy!! This a Russian Lit class for crissakes!!” O.O

    Anyhoot, coz of this epi, I now get this feeling that Minho is like Rui from the Hanadan series. *______*

    Ah~ I love love this episode!! SHINee is pawning my soul… and dragging it to hell.

  19. ^Hey, I’m surprised there’s no complaining from you this time LOL. Usually you have something to say about something I’ve said ROFL. LOL I thought “Troll Story” was pretty ridiculous too XDD

    Oh wow now I really wanna read this book now. EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT IT ;____;

    AHAHA It’s okay, we can be noona fans together :DD *skips around ghei-ly*

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