Posted by: lovediaries | September 20, 2008

SHINee’s MV Dance Versions + Love like Oxygen Magic Dance

You guys, I did not know such a thing existed O_O

These are actually real MV’s (as in starring the boys and not random dancers/choreographers) where they film the entire dance with a front on view. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? The LLO one is even mirrored!!! Wow, I am totally inspired to actually learn their dances now instead of random steps XD Woot~!

| Replay | Love like Oxygen |

If anyone has HQ versions of these, feel free to direct me to them <33

Er, Alex Ryom gave me the link to Love like Oxygen with Mirotic playing and I found some more so I’ll shove them here :D I’d love to see more of these fanmade clips just to reinforce how awesome SHINee’s choreography are ^___^

| Mirotic | Gimme More | Eat You Up |

I’ll edit this post if more are ever released ;)


  1. I already have the Replay one. I was hoping there was an LLO one but I didn’t see it anywhere. I dl-ed Replay at the popsicalove community on LJ. It’s probably still up there, just use the SHINee tag.

  2. ^Ah okay, thank you bb♥

  3. lol..omgg i didn’t know they had a LLO one!!
    I always knew about the Replay and my friends always try following the dance moves at our Asian karaoke bar XDD but we fail terribly at it =P

  4. ^That’s okay, it was only uploaded recently…I think XD Well, I didn’t even know about the Replay one ROFL.

  5. I knew about the Replay one, and I just realized that there was a LLO one when I saw someone make a fanmade mv with it for Mirotic … OMG, the dance moves go so well~

  6. I love how they dance!!
    I will learn these dance steps! :]

  7. Alex Ryom
    LOL that’s interesting how you found out through watching that XD. But wow so now Replay isn’t the only “magic dance” :P

    Haha go for it ^^

  8. Homg. After seeing the Replay dance version, I had only been ~hoping~ that there would be one for You’re like Oxygen. But now there really is one!!!!11!11!1 :DDDDDDDDDD

    Lol I’m not even done learning Replay. :c The chorus is easy, but when it comes to the solos I can’t decide which member to focus on. XD


  9. ^Haha yeah hurray :DDD Lol the only part of Replay I know is the “Ah ah ah~” bit ahahahaha. SHINee dances are so fun ^___^

    No problem <333

  10. LOL because i can, heres Replay with U-Go-Girl.
    It fits too. O_O

    “the magical dance of shinee”
    So true!!


    man i’d love to see their sunbaes (dbsk and/or SJ) do that. so far only practice recordings are full-frontal. this is so cool of SM to do.

  12. Oh and there are no HQs yet, so if you really want it to be a bit better quality, just add &fmt=18 to the end people. ^^

  13. ImJustKeed’In
    I saw that Replay one; I’ve actually done a post on it ^__^ But I’ve edited this post with more LLO fanmade videos :DD

    I know eh! I hope they do this for every MV now. I mean they film it anyway so it’s not like it costs extra or anything :PP

  14. After watching You’re Like Oxygen with them in their shineey skinny jeans.. D: I just noticed how skinny Taemin’s legs really are. Lol just wow. XD The others’ legs are more umm.. normal? so that’s good :D lol i like their thighs homg D:

  15. Yay!!! Now I can learn Love Like Oxygen. =] Ah, you didn’t know about the dance versions? =O =O I totally spent way too much time this summer learning Replay. xD God, I’m so dorky. T_T

  16. OMG, my name’s in a post. I feel so speeshal :D

  17. ^

  18. etherenia
    Taemin and Minho both have long and lanky legs. Maybe because Minho’s are even longer, he looks even more like a stick. I’m always staring at their legs when it’s just them two up the front and omg they look like they can snap.

    CAUSE NO ONE TOLD ME ;________;

    Alex Ryom
    LOL you’re so cute ^___^

  19. AWW I’M SORRY. I would’ve told you if I knew you didn’t know. =O =O

    <3 <3

  20. ^ITS OK. I FORGIVE YOU <33

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