Posted by: lovediaries | September 21, 2008

080920 Music Assembly Henry Violin Solo

{credit: Symbelmyns @ youtube}


Henry has a new song. I don’t know if I like the “Storm” Performance or this one more. This one was definitely refreshing. And the way he whipped out his bow was like magic (even though it was just standing there XD). Then he was just doing really amazing moves and being all sorts of awesome and win. He’s just so cool and hot and everything mushed into one boy ALKJDALKSJLALKASKDJALSJD.

I don’t really have any other words except that I LOVE HENRY LAU.

I really need to learn how to play my violin lol. Why is he so cool?? For those of you who don’t read my other blog, my friends bought me an electric violin for my birthday which I only recently received. Right now, it’s sitting downstairs with my speakers and every now and then I’ll go downstairs, turn on everything and pluck a few strings. That’s about all I can do.

What I would give to have Henry teach me the violin…cause then he’d hold my hand ^____^


  1. i’ve watched the fancam a long time ago but this is so much better coz it’s clear and there are no deafening screams from fangirls!! lol.. henry’s sooo adorable and talented!

    yes, you need to learn your violin.. and play as cool as henry! haha! plus the breakdance? :P

  2. ^I can’t stand fans screaming =.=” No matter how awesome the performance :PP Lol I tried being cool and copying his Don’t Don thing but I couldn’t coordinate myself well enough to dance and think of how to play the violin LOLOL

  3. omg hes so cool! ldSHDBGSHDGbshdbgs!! <333!!!

  4. ^YES I KNOW! *spazzes with you*

  5. oy I’ve seen this fancam too many times ^^ it never gets old for me :P Henry is hot :D

  6. ^I know, his performances are always so enjoyable to watch :)

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