Posted by: pinkandsparkly | September 21, 2008

Epik High “Love Scream” Trailer

Video: Jesterjest @ Youtube

Thanks Alex for linking us :D

Er….I don’t think I’m qualified enough to write an Epik High post, cos I’m not reaaally a fan (I prefer rock over rap) *hides* but I know lots of our readers like them, and Alex was so nice to share this with us so I had to post it :D It’s not really a “teaser”, cos you can’t hear much XD But I like Tablo’s voice at the end :DD

Anyway, Epik High are releasing a mini-album on the 30th. Here’s the playlist:

1. Butterfly effect
2. Fallin’
3. Harajuku days
4. 습관
5. 쉿
6. 1분 1초
7. 1825 (Paper cranes)

I er….can’t read Korean XD But I wonder what Butterfly Effect is going to sound like ^^ I absolutely HATED the movie (only movie I’ve ever walked out on) but I still like the name XDDD

All songs were composed+produced+arranged by the Epik High boys (men?) ^^


  1. I was gonna post this but I forgot about it :'( I watched it when spazzes had it up but … nothing happens in the trailer XDD

    I think I prefer rap over rock. Well depends what type of rap. If it’s Epik High rap then *thumbs up*

    Anyway YAY IM EXCITED!!! Except why mini album and not full length album? And why not Pieces Part 2? *flails about*

  2. thanks for the info! hahaha i thought it was the 3rd preview but i think this is the 1st one? there is a 2nd one out as well.

    but tracklist! omg! when is the preorder for this thing been waiting for it O.o

  3. Whee, I feel special again. :D
    Anyways, I found another one. It’s basically the same thing with the painting and Tablo’s voice… Why so mysterious? [-fail-]

    The third one has a part of a song in it though. And a jellyfish like thing.

    And I agree with candychu. Why not Part 2? xD And you’d think an album would last them at least a year … I guess not. So we should probably be happy with a mini album after four months. [=

  4. butterfly effect = chaos theory

  5. Candychu:
    Lol, you should’ve done it, my knowledge of epik high rivals your knowledge of Leehomism XDD

    Lol I have no idea, I’m not an epik high fangirl XD

    Thanks :DD!!!

    I don’t know Epik High very well, but I really like Tablo~~~

    Ooo, cool, thanks~

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