Posted by: pinkandsparkly | September 21, 2008

Pictures from DBSK’s mini-concert press conference

Pictures: ne_bicha @ LJ DBSG Comm.

What did Changmin do to offend their hairdresser so badly?

Rest of the pictures after the cut

click here for more pictures :D

I LOVE that solo picture of Micky. His smile is so gorgeous that it distracts you from the bad hair :P

And Changmin is sooo tall. He looks like a pretty tree :D.

candychu: I love Yoochun’s earring. ITS THE EIFFEL TOWER!!! Jae’s top is really ugly, sorry, lol. Even a yummy chest isn’t enough to distract me from that balloon-ish hem XD or wahtever the heck that is.

I don’t know why they had to go and change Changmin’s hair when it was perfectly hot before.

Maybe since they’re all wearing deep V’s now, they’ll cover up tonight? I don’t want them to over expose themselves and for me to not be there XDD


  1. Why are their shoes always ugly?
    Well not always..but..still..they’re just..not good?
    Although i love Yunho’s shoes! So bright!

    In the one where they’re sitting, i could swear Jae was a girl.
    Hes so pretty, i mean, i already no this, but sometimes..its like “Woah!”

    Their clothes are bit too..flowy for my taste..and daaaammmmnnn Changmins legs are super long!!
    Why did they have to cut his hair???..i really don’t like it so much, but at least its pretty even.

    &Yunho’s hair reminds me of Teuks.


  2. I AGREE! I loved his hair that he still had like three days ago. Why cut it?!?! But Jae and Yunho are gorgeous, and Micky looks like an adorable little boy when he smiles like that :).

  3. oMG!
    How tall is changmin now?!! Jaejoong’s height only reach changmin’s eyebrows!

    cm’s height
    jj’s height

  4. omg they look so wierd T_T
    well actually yunho and jae look pretty good but their all clothes are …different O_o.
    and changmins a fking giant <3 LOL

  5. it looks like his grew, changmin that is…. drool~~ his hair isn’t that bad… micky’s hair distracts me from everyone else’s… what’s up with the asymmetrical look…??

  6. ImJustKeed’In:
    I’m jealous of JJ’s prettiness too! LET’S GO ABDUCT HIM.

    His smile is gorgeous; I wish he had normal-people hair :(


    Lol, I had to stare at your comment for awhile to figure out what you meant XD But yea, Changmin looks like a tree next to JJ XD

    I hate Changmin’s hat. It’s weird.

    And darling, he’s not a giant, he’s a pretty treeeeee :D

    Asymmetrical, lmao XDDDD

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