Posted by: lovediaries | September 21, 2008

080921 SHINee wins Mutizen

Since this is on SBS, I’m not sure if anyone will be uploading on youtube so watch it HERE. It’s HQ, too!!!

::EDIT:: Thanks to nylenuol for the clip! You can watch them receiving their award HERE on youtube.

Okay so


SHINee !!!!!

I really should use sparkly font more often, eh? ;)

Omg this is like two awards within one week. IM SO HAPPY FOR THEM!

It’s also the second time I’ve watched them perform in their sexy suspender/vest outfits AND IM ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT.

I downloaded their HQ videos from MCountdown today so my net is really slow atm and I’m yet to watch their reactions ;___; Jongkey apparently cried more buckets so get out your tissues, everyone ;)

AHAHAHA Okay, I love these boys but omg their reaction this time was HILARIOUS. Firstly, they received the award in the same outfits *O* (thank you wardrobe coordinator person)!!!! As soon as they announced the winner Jonghyun looked liike he was having a heart attack. He just bit down on his lip and clutched the trophy to his chest. It looks really funny XDD Key’s face was like “We did it!” and Minho was like “Please, hyung, don’t cry again.” xP Nah, Minho is a really loving dongsaeng and holds Jonghyun protectively. Onew was a lot more controlled this time and didn’t cry. Taemin was all smiley like last time. GAH IM SO PROUD OF THEM *sheds happy tears*

p.s U-Kiss are standing behind SHINee and they bow at each other. SO CUTE!!!!



    Oh thats so sweet, Minho..the way he kind of patted Taemin’s head.
    Hes so manly..and his hair like that is HOT.
    I think hes my favorite..ANYWAY.

    Its so sweet JongKey..they hug in the background.
    They are such crybabys!

    I happy for them, they deserve it. ^^

  2. ^I love Minho’s hair like that too :DD WHY SO HOT??? XDD
    Lol I can’t wait for when they start doing personal interviews like “Who cries the most?” and stuff like that because even though the answer is obvious I still wanna know more!!! XD

  3. haha.. omg god.. i just got back home from work and this was such a nice welcome!! ah.. i’m so happy.. i don’t know what to say.. although i know it would be tough for the upcoming weeks for them to win again coz of the gods comeback but they still have another week i guess.. lol!! go my babies!!! i guess their suspenders outfit is their lucky charm! they performed twice and won twice wearing it! lol!

  4. and i forgot here’s a yt link of them receiving the award.. haha.. for the love of SHINee.. i dunno about the whole perf.. hehe.. haven’t found it yet.

  5. Congrats SHINee, by the looks of Onew’s face, I think he was trying to hold on to his tears, & I think I saw him signalling to Taemin to continue the sentences for him? I don’t know, JongKey hugged, aww so sweet, Minho was like the dad & consoling them to calm down, Jonghyun’s face when he received the award made me laugh, it was cute of him!

  6. nylenuol
    WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME? Lol thank you for the link <3 I’ll edit that in ASAP ^^

    Ooh that must be it. From now on, I demand they only wear their suspenders outfits ;)

    Yeah, I’m glad they’re being recognised before the Gods come back. Come late September and Cass will explode !!!!

    Haha yeah Minho was so sweet, patting everyone <33 They’re all such adorable awards. And lol yeh Jonghyun officially has the best reactions XDD

  7. aw congratz~
    minho was wayy cute in this one i have to say <3
    but now that i think about it i think FTIsland should of won the first one and then SHINee had this one =x..idk. like both of them are really good and it was so close the first time T_T..but in the end SHINee got both..well congratz either way~..but dont get me wrong..i love both groups 8D

  8. Oh yay, another award in such a short time span! Congrats, boys! Lol, I didn’t expect tears this time but JongKey proved me wrong. Still they were a lot more controlled compared to last time and Onew managed to keep his tears inside so that’s good – but I noticed Taemin standing next to him and looking very teary…Aww, it’s sweet to see them like this. They must be so happy!

    Hmm, I lol’ed at Jonghyun taking the award though – he always clutches at it like it’s his and his alone. And he was so emotional he couldn’t even sing properly during the encore. Oh, this boy!

  9. Shinee is simply the best!:)

  10. Rika
    I know! Minho so looked like he was going to cry but I think he felt he had to “keep his image” and so he didn’t :( I loved the way he patted Taemin on the head though. SO CUTE <3

    LOL omg that’s what was so funny. like it’s his and his alone and no one else got to touch it or hold it XDDD Oh Jonghyun, you’re hilarious. Lol yeah he just turned around before he finished singing ROFL. I was proud of Onew for finishing his speech and omg the way he just smiled and IT WAS SO FULL OF CUTE.

    Agree ^^

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