Posted by: lovediaries | September 21, 2008

SJ-M @ QingDao Beer Festival

Video: xsingingxfaeriex @ Youtube

Part Two

I know, SJ-M + Beer???? But dw, I’m sure they didn’t drink any O_O

They performed “At Least There’s You”, “Me” and “Love you, Love you”. I had never seen a performance of “Me” before, and omg, THE CHOREOGRAPHY IS SO GAY (happy gay, that is). But how cute did Henry look! AND DONGHAE <333333 Kyuhyun’s eyes looked a bit funny, though :S

What happened to Siwon’s top? The bottom half of his top looked really weird. I think it’s the cutting. And did everyone see the “Siwon” sign? With the “W” as a crown? HOW CUTE.

Did anyone else hear two voices during Donghae’s part in “At Least There’s You”?


  1. At Least There’s You sounds awesome~ exactly like recording… O_o I heard two voices during Zhou Mi’s part too, though. o: I like Zhou Mi’s and Ryeowook’s haircuts, eeee. :D

    I can’t be the only who feels this way 8D;

    Lol yes Henry is cute :DDD

    And I think the last two performances have made me realize that Kyuhyun’s voice doesn’t really suit the cutesy-type songs. I think it’s better for ballads and those ~epic~ type songs. Lol idk. But yeah, that’s just my opinion. ^^

  2. Was At Least I Have You performed live? They had mics, but it sounded EXACTLY like the recording. The Me and and Love Song dances are SO CUTE!!!

  3. etherenia
    Hahaa it sounds like the recording cause…it’s not live? Lol. I love Henry’s haircut most hahah (biased much?). And really? I dont think any of them need another trim. In particular, Donghae should keep growing his hair *SARCASM* lol.

    Yeah no you’re not the only one who think that =.=”

    Lol it wasn’t live which was stupid cause they had like two mics each =.=” LOL ITS SO GHEI!!!!!

  4. Um, for me it seemed that Donghae was in bad voice that day, and when DH, SW, HG and Henry sing their parts other three always sing along to secure their voices, or smt?

  5. ^Ah that’s smart except considering the performance wasn’t live, I don’t know why they would’ve done that :S Haha I still think Donghae got a bit too into it and sang out loud :PP

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