Posted by: beckery | September 22, 2008

DBSK Mirotic MV [Full]

Video: Thank youuuu Imjustkeeding ^____^ and Sumberlosy @ Youtube for uploading

[It says that the author is Beckery but it’s actually PAS here. I’m just posting under her name cos then she can reply to comments xDDDD (cos I’ll be absent for a week)]


I’ll briefly summarise the plot for those who can’t watch it:

So the DBSK boys walk into this big hallway, and suddenly they’re all yanked out of the hallway into some alternate universe, and you see this lady in a red dress laughing like a man (what, she has a man-voice). And then you see the DBSK boys dancing all sexily like they don’t care that some weird gender-confused lady with stubby fingers has them trapped in strange places. The rest of the MV is just them trying to escape from each of their traps, and more hot dancing *_________* At the end they get out of their traps and they hunt down the lady who blends into the wall and disappear. I know, I didn’t really get it either XDDD

But omg, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this song! The beat is INCREDIBLY catchy, and the dance AAAAHHHHH. YUNHO’S RAP PART IS SO COOOOOOOOOOOOL. I’m not sure why him and JJ even bother with those jackets, they might as well just take them off XD. But like I said yesterday, that leg stretching move still makes me LOL XD IT’S LIKE THEY’RE TRYING TO SAY “LOOK AT MY SHINY SHOES” OK XDDD.

But now I’m sad, cos Changmin’s hair looked so good in the MV :'(((((((((

::EDIT:: candychu: Watch the subbed version here. Junsu sings a lot of english ROFLMAO. And I had no idea until I was actually reading it XD. ITS ALSO A WHOLE LOT BETTER THAN “I REALLY WANNA TOUCH MYSELF” !!!!


    goshh i swear they get better and better looking every year!
    max is finally all grown up (:
    junsu= i love his dancing
    yunho= well i love him lOl
    hero= his muscles were, dayum
    micky= lOl i really like his hair cut for some reason


    I saw the fancam for the MV and was like “OMG MUST SEE OFFICIAL MV NOWW”
    I’m happy. :] Though the girl in the red kinda creeps me out. O__o’ It’s like a fangirl … only creepy. Err…
    Love the choreography. Must learn dance now. @___@

  3. lmao the woMAN scares me.

    Its hot and sexy, I like the song, but the half topless part bothers me for some reason.
    lol I should be turned on, but instead I get turned off and stare awayXDD

    I think Yoochun looks better in action more than pictures lol.
    Changmin looks great because he got the right clothes and such.

    ahh Jae<3 poor him lol.

  4. AWWW MAN! I’m stuck in the office and wont be able to watch it once I get home which is…9 more hours to go. Bleeggh. My company actually block youtube >.<”

    See, now you’re making me laugh in front of the com with your description. LOL. Especially the part about the gender-confused woman.

  5. yoochun was sooooo sexy! <33333333 love that boy! hate that girl in the video! bitch! love ya yoochunnnnie~

  6. yoochun! love that boy! he is sooo sexy! <33333333 hate that girl in the video, she’s a bitch! :( haha love ya yoochunie!

  7. It was so hot when they all escaped from whatever was trapping them (I don’t know if that’s the right way to describe it haha). Like when Jae keeps pulling at the ropes binding him to the wall. Gosh, that was so sexy. And when Changmin emerges from the water looking very very hot. And Yoochun breaking out of that glass case. That woman was scary though. She was like some evil spirit. Did anyone else find funny the part where Changmin sort of splashes water? Maybe it’s just me xD.

  8. YESSS why did they cut Changmin’s hair?! I really thought his hair was hot in the MV and SMTown, until they snipped it away T.T His hair now reminds me of Micky’s in Choosey Lover. I’m loving Yunho, Jae and Junsu’s hair though :D Micky’s take some time to get used to, but it’s growing on me.

    I’ve managed to watch it like a bajillion times by now but still couldn’t resist spazzing on ur blog lol
    That was unbelievable. When Hero’s tied up and they do a shot of his arm, then his neck i like, gasped. There were so many “holy crap, remember to breathe moments!” Ok must ban myself from youtube before I spend all night with this video on replay lol

  10. LOLOL.


    Otherwise, this is my favourite mv, even if not favourite song. ^^

  11. …wow, I just saw the MV with subs (second time seeing it) and I didn’t really know where else to talk about it so I came here…anyway, all I have to say is DBSK is verrrrry smart releasing that as their comeback song (given the meaning, I mean). Hehe, it describes all of their fangirls very well (except for the kiss part). Anyway, I didn’t like the MV on first watch *hides from fangirls* (OMG! Don’t kill me!) but watching it with subs makes me like it more. I’d link you to the subbed version but I dl-ed it. Sorry!

  12. @abc123zyx: no you’re not the only one; I definitely LOL. He was just doing the most childish thing and then staring intensely XD Oh, the contrast.

    BUT OMG IM COVERED IN GOOSEBUMPS NOW CAUSE THAT WAS SO HOT. OMG DBSK YOU’RE RUINING MY LIFE. I think the end was a bit lame though. Like from when they broke free they should’ve stopped. When they started walking down teh hall and the woman was backing up and then disapparated lol that was just weird.

    Omg I want their album now. I WANT IT. And their showcase too cause I don’t want to watch fancams.

    And because this is a must:


  13. eunhyukie
    IT WAS VERY VERY HOT! Go and wipe your drool =PPP haha. Its alright, I’m drooling too XD. I think they do get hotter, but I still cant say I love their hairstyles =_=

    Alex Ryom
    I actually didnt watch the fancam of the MV, cuz I didnt want it to ruin it for me lol..That girl was really scary. Though I bet we’re all dying to be her haha.

    sHE (haha) is freakyyyyyyyy…Aww your so cute! I dont really mind the topless stuff haha. I just dont want them to overdo it, cuz then it kinda loses its effect after awhile..Yoochun looks better in action, cuz you dont really notice his hair T_T Yes, I dont like the hair, can you tell? lol

    AWWW POOR YOU!!! OMG your company sucks! I would be dying of curiosity if I was you lol. PAS, the loser, did do a good job with her description right? I was cracking up too.

    yoochun’s wifeyyy aka amna
    Lol a major yoochun lover ey =P I dont even know who the girl is, but she’s quite creepy in the MV.

    OMG JAE’S MUSCLES WERE SO HOT! When he was pulling the ropes! I was totally ogling at it lol. The MV was just sexy! I love all the traps they were stuck in! I was hoping someone would be tied to the bed though HAHAHA as you can see, the concept makes us fangirls have very vivid imaginations rofl.

    Changmin’s hair isnt that bad……..ok yea, when compared to the MV, its quite tragic. The straight, short fringe at the beginning makes me cringe a bit. I really like most of their hair in the MV (except Yoochun, but its not his fault…grr at the stylists), but cant really say the same for the Showcase. *gets bricked by fans*

    Lol a bajillion times already? I’ve watched it like 5 times and I consider that alot. You must be breaking records =PPP lol And thats what we’re here for! For ppl to come and spaz with us. I really think Jae’s trap was the hottest cuz you see alot of aggressiveness and bulging muslces and veins. That is sooooo darn hot XD

    ROFLMAO!!! Well I was thinking that all the hotness and sexiness made her melt into a puddle of cement into the wall. But yours is pretty good too XDD lol

    Aww you thought of us when you wanted someone to spazz to! How sweet of you *hands you a lolly* XDDD Yea, I read the english translation of it a few days ago and lol, it is very smart right? Kinda how they did the whole SHINee and noona fan stuff. Makes the fangirls go crazy! Aww your so cute! No one will kill you if you dont like the MV. Everyone has different taste. But I’m glad your liking it more, cuz I loved it! XD

    ROFL For some reason when I read your comment, I thought about you sitting under a tree by yourself with leaves in your hair and bees buzzing around you, whilst I was sitting at home ogling over the MV =PP Haha I’m so mean…but you know ILU yea yea <333

    Lol I didnt get goosebumps, but I was fully staring at the screen. I probably forgot to breathe for a few seconds here and there, but all good. I’m still alive or else its DBSK’s fault if i die. Though, I would probably die if they keep doing the awesome stuff they’re doing and distracting me from school work. Failing uni is guaranteed death =_=

  14. yes I agree beckery! let’s kill her! lol :P

  15. oh my gawd! i’m desperately seeking the mp3 dl link, and its depriving me of my homework

  16. So, I find it interesting that’s everyone in traps while Junsu gets to rave. XDDD


    And I’m glad that Changmin showed no chest during this. He can’t take after his hyungs, not at all. He’s too young…despite the fact that, by that age, all his hyungs had probably went shirtless for the public at least once. -.-

    Anyone know if the dance mv for this came out yet? I MUST SEE IT RAWR.

  17. OH my gosh that video was the hottest thing in the planet.

    *happy sigh*

    I didn’t really know too much about DBSK until today and OH MY GAH…

    This music video was just hot. HOT HOT HOT HOT. Then lyrics were just sizzling. They’re like talking about seducing a girl into their wonderfully wicked charms. Reminds me of vampires actually.

    But if there is anything I need to comment on is Yunho. OH MY GOSH. Everytime the mv comes to rap part I just shiver. It has to do something with the hand holding head thing plus the rocking back and forth movement. It just sexy. He is just sexy. Like his facial expressions also during the rap part and the chorus are just turn ons. I need to find some screencaps like FOREAL

  18. amna
    Hahaha. No need to Kill her. She already vanished into the wall =P

    Awww you poor girl. Go and do your hw!! DBSK can wait XD

    HAHAHAHA Thats what I thought cuz how cool is it when he was dancing with all those light rays? But then I think the rays are like dangerous and he’s suppose to “move” (aka dance) around and not touch them…

    I think I saw the HQ download floating around somewhere in the DBSK soompi thread. Have you tried there?

    I dont think I can take it if all 5 boys start showing heaps of naked chests. My heart can only take this much. Plus the whole sex appeal stuff loses its effect after it gets overused, so the boys shouldnt overdo it too much.

  19. true but still she can come back for them! :P haha

  20. aeriefaerie
    OMG You should start to get to know them then! They’re an absolutely amazing and talent bunch. I bet you’ll fall head over heels for them soon haha.

    I LOVE THE RAP! I think everyone has gathered that from my numerous times saying that, but seriously its sooooooo HOT! Yes yes yes, the whole gestures and the facial expressions and everything makes it so darn sexy!

    Lol your funny! XD

  21. Yay, candy! Ha, I’m glad there’s nothing to fear – everyone else seemed to like it so much I didn’t want to disagree. Actually you wouldn’t believe that the SHINee/noona thing is exactly what came to mind when I was thinking about how clever the song choice was too. Great minds think alike, eh? ^^

  22. yumimaki
    Lol *hi5*, great minds do think alike!! We’re too awesome thats why. Yea, sometimes theres songs I dont like but everyone around me thinks that its the best. I just say “its not really my type”. Yea everyone has different taste, so its alright. We all understand XD

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