Posted by: lovediaries | September 22, 2008

DBSK Showcase Pictures [Edited]

{credit: as tagged} Image Hosting by

There aren’t that many yet so we’ll edit when we find more ^^

They’re all looking so fine. I always think that dancing in suits is awfully uncomfortable but they all look so snazzy *O* Yunho’s hair looks really light but that’s probably just the lighting O.o

Image Hosting by Image Hosting by Image Hosting by

Also, according to baidu:

TVXQ showcase for today would be broadcast on the 1st October 12.30PM(Korean time) on SBS

Yay! That means we can watch it online :DDD Hahaha ~!!! PAS here, just wanted to attract everyone’s attention to this picture. AHAHAHAHAHAHA.


Beckery: Ok I just edited the post with more pictures I found and will be back tomorrow when theres more. Theres like a million on Soompi (600 users atm O_O), baidu and DNBN already, so I’m just going to post a few single ones. Pictures and Gifs credits to Baidu, soompi and as tagged.






Cutteeeee Gifs


  1. OMG ILU!!!


    Suits. are. hot.
    Literally and well, you get it.

    I will be looking forward to more, and i’ll probably be giving you all links and what not.

    Ah..they are so hot!!

    There all..there watching them and i’m here eating pancakes..its so horrible!!
    Oh well..

  2. LOL
    Also, that pic where they are pointing up..idk.
    It just really makes me laugh.

  3. Why do i always feel like i spam your blog???
    I saved a bunch of pictures i found and uploaded them to this album, there will be more, once i find them.

    If there are repeats i’m sorry.. TT

  4. OMG. When I went on soompi just now, there were 550 people on, and it jumped over 10 pages in 8 hours. I can’t believe we have to wait NINE days for this!

  5. Ah! Changmin on that huge screen! And omg, lots of chest exposure from YunJae. I feel like I’m spamming with these pointless comments >.<

  6. Can you tell i love spamming your bored?

    LITI. Fancam.

    Full MV Fancam.

    I don’t want to but then..ahh, i saw a glimpse seems pretty clear.

    Mirotic Live Fancam, also..pretty clear.

    넌 나의 노래 fancam

    Ahh theres like almost 600 right now.. XD

  7. Board* T_T

  8. great pics! moar prz ♥

    jejung abs!!!!

  9. ImJustKeed’In
    Lol no thank you for the spam haha. Thanks for all the great clips <33

    Ahaha that’s why I’m scared of soompi XDD. You refresh the page and you’re behind 10 pgs XD.

    rofl I’m still afraid to go on soompi :PP

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