Posted by: beckery | September 22, 2008

Dongwan’s Solo Concerts

 Pictures credit to Yoenin/Lover, Shinhwabiz, Soompi, As tagged

(I love this pic cuz he looks all sweaty (yummm <3) and cuz he looks like his about to cry. I think I just heard my heart break into a million pieces. Oh ILU dongwan ♥♥♥♥)

I think everyone’s realised that Dongwan is practically my air. Which meant that the weekend was pretty bitter sweet for me with the whole DBSK comeback and Dongwan’s last concert and event before the army. I’m going to shut up, before I go all emo on you guys because I’m saving that for when he actually leaves. So, I’ll just do this post and crawl to my corner and drown Australia with my tears.

Anyways, the concerts were held on the 20th and 21st. It was his first ever solo concert and from what I’ve seen/read, it was a mighty success. From what I’ve gathered so far, guests included Sweet Sorrow, Joo, Lee Bul and Hyesung for the 1st night and Minwoo and Junjin for the 2nd night. Im happy some members turned up, but what happened to that news article saying all 6 would be on the same stage one last time? T_T

More (or should i say a million) gorgeous pictures under the cut. Be sure to check out the Minwoo perving on Dongwan pics *____* Oh and I just read his interviews and just had to, had to post these two questions up (credit: translation:

 ** Within Shinhwa what is Kim Dong Wan’s charm?
-I think my charm is that my image is one of a familiar older brother. Then at other times I have charms of a wild beast. ha ha ha (laughter)…[[That wild beast part is giving me imaginations unsuitable for under 18s LOL]]

**What would you like to say to fans lastly?

-Please don’t lose the feelings you have for Shinhwa. Rather, don’t forget us. It’s because Shinhwa is kind of “jjang”! (laughter) [[Ohhh bb, how could I forget you guys]]

Press Conference

Concert Pics




  1. Leave the country before you start mourning, will you?


    Aw, I like that first pic too. I like sweaty boys and when I first told my friends they all said the same thing to me (which was weird but you know) “EWWW So you like a really fat man chasing after a bus and is drenched in sweat?”


    And, aw that sucks. Why not all 6? Maybe they’ll have another little thing again?

    *pats little bec on the head*

  2. Oppa!!! TT_TT..why i’m not there??!!

  3. C
    FINE! I’ll leave and go to Korea and kill everybody, even Changmin and Key and Donghae. Dont blame me if you become a widow, cuz you asked for it =P

    Ewww your friends description totally killed it for me. My definition of sweaty is hot/pretty boys dancing and singing their asses off and getting all hot and wet..yummmyyyyy haha <3

    Nope, I’m pretty sure this was it. Nothing else. No Shinhwa together before they enlist. ='(((((

    I’m not there either. Cant believe he forgot to invite his wife (me) to his concert…Jeez =(

  4. I love that pic you choose. He looks yummy yet vulnerable at the same time. Yay some of the members came to watch him :D

    O_o Minwoo can you pull it up more & ask Dongwan to face the camera pls!!! ;P

  5. babiegel
    I love the pic I chose too XD I actually got teary the first time I saw the photo, cuz his eyes looked like an endless pool of water and so shiny with tears (oh im so poetic lol). Just the whole photo gave off a really heartbreaking feeling. Like he doesnt want to leave his fans =(((( Or I’m just being melodramatic.

    LOL, I know right. I dont only want the side view, I want full front on view. Oh and Minwoo, can you pull your top up too please?

  6. nah your not being melodramatic the picture does say that … well to me it does … :( don’t want him to leave so soon after Eric

    haha I was thinking the same thing :D Minwoo why aren’t you showing those abs of yours too ^_~

  7. Hello Beccy BB~~ (And Changdice, cos I know you stalk comments :P)

    I’d just like to say that I got up at 7:10 today. Yup.

    It’s freaking cold in Melbourne.


  8. babiegel
    I dont want him to leave at all. Eric too! I would kidnap both of them if i could lol..I think Minbong is waiting to show off his abs at his concerts haha.

    OMG 7.10 poor poor thing! In cold weather too. I would crawl back in bed haha.

    But what are you doing on net? Lol dont tell me you got up at 7.10 to go on imop =PPP Go and buy the shops out for me!! go go go

    P.S Glad you didnt get shipped off to Africa instead haha.

  9. ^^ROFLMAO. FYI, I do not stalk comments. I just happened to be approving one and yours was right underneath. I can’t believe you would suggest that I have nothing better to do in my time than to read what other people say on Bec’s posts. GOSH. But anyway, glad to know you’re in Melbourne but spending your time on the net XD.

  10. Dongwan’s muscles xD. I was hoping for one last stage together too =(.

  11. bleaghh
    lol *_* Yea, i was hoping for a live performance of “My Love” with eric =_=

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