Posted by: lovediaries | September 22, 2008

Mnet Dr.Wide – SHINee’s shyness cut

{credit: shineesubs @ youtube}

Yes, even admidst the DBSK fandom explosion, I still have time for SHINee :D

Onew’s face (and the noise made) at 0.26 scared the hell out of me. What on earth was he doing? XDD.

They start off talking about Love Like Oxygen being more manly than Replay and then someone asks Taemin about the change in his hair and whether or not he misses his bowlcut. Then Taemin just goes “It’s actually still the same. I’m just wearing a hat.” ROFL.

AND OMG YOU GUYS! Minho helped write the lyrics to SHINee World!!!! It was just the rap lyrics though. I love his eye smile at 2.14. My heart kinda melted ^___^ But then he rapped his part and I don’t know why but I just started LOLing REALLY HARD. Someone else tell me they found his rap ridiculously funny XD I think it was more his facial expressions than what he was actually saying.

Then they showed footage from Minho’s date in the first episode of their Reality Show. The awkward/shy times are long gone, aren’t they? AHAHA and then they had all these photos of Minho and it looked kinda creepy XD. They were all the same photo, weren’t they? And they showed my favourite part of them karaoke-ing where Minho gets up and dances to “Girls Generation” ^^ I love when they play it in slow motion – watch Onew’s face!!

Lol the best is yet to come. They show all of Minho’s microphone rejections and so Jonghyun had to answer. His answers were so stupid as well. Actually the questions were stupid XD. AND MINHO HAVING A “FALSE PERSONALITY”??? WHAT IS THIS?? DD: But Jonghyun and Onew clarify that Minho is indeed very quiet all the time and doesn’t put it on in front of the camera ^^

It’s then individual talent time. Onew imitates Donald Duck ROFL soo that’s what he was doing. “Onew Duck” LOLOL. Taemin does a “cute dance” and it feels so weird. “What is this atmosphere?” LOL. It was more a bad attempt of a sexy dance than anything else. Omg, poor Taemin; it looked (and felt) so awkward afterwards.

I liked the way Onew said “Shinee World” – “Shiny World-u” hehehe. And the voiceover is absolutely right. SHINee are like Oxygen, moreso than SHINee World ^__^

Btw, I was reading about Tolstoy on wiki and I don’t understand how Minho could read whichever book he was reading. They all sounded really deep and religious and historical and not what 16 yr old boys usually have an interest in reading?


  1. ROFL I couldn’t stop after watching this, especially when Minho started rapping. I think it’s cause of his facial expressions while rapping IDK. Omg those photos of Minho was kinda creepy, it’s like they were to lazy to look for other photos of him and just copied one a million times. Lol I remember seeing that episode haha Minho is adorable when he started dancing.

    Haha Onew’s Donald Duck, lol it would have been funny if he was actually able to do one when Donald Duck has a cold. I wish I could have seen some of the others too like Key’s and Jonghyun’s shyness caught on camera.

  2. hahaha.. omg!! same here! still have lotsa time for my babies.. although my brain exploded coz of DBSK but seeing SHINee, i’m back to my normal-pedo self. LOL

    oh how i love them.. i’m actually re-watching SHINee videos at the moment! ROFL. and onew and jonghyun were at a show today which maybe talks about law or something! lol.. and because of that.. onew ranked fourth at real-time search! hahahah!

    Minho, my minho! lol.. i found his rap part a little awkward! hehe.. but he’s so ajslkhkAF;KLL;!! and if i’m not mistaken.. i read before that minho also participated in writing the rap for LLO.. i’m not sure though coz my memory fails!! hahah! and i will not be surprised if he also wrote the other raps for their other songs!! lol i hope so!! shows my minho bias!! hahaha and i read Tolstoy on wiki too and i couldn’t finish whatever was written about him.. my nose bleeds! lol but he sure is an interesting kid! that minho <3

    ah~~ yes SHINee is like oxygen!!

  3. “My name is minho!” – the SHINee World rap makes me laugh every time.

    Okay….that was just about one of the weirdest interviews I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure I want to watch it again – the Minho parts were kind of odd and yeah, that really was the same picture copied a million times. They should ask sheaux – I’m sure she could give them quite a few Minho shots with different expressions.

    Tolstoy? How do you know that that’s what Minho was reading? I’ve actually been planning to read one of his books – War and Peace probably – but they’re all really long and serious and I’m not sure when I would finish.

  4. LOLOL at Taemin’s fail attempt at smexy dancing and Minho’s rap XD!

    And yes that’s what I’m trying to say about Tolstoy!!! I was inspired by Minho, so yesterday I decided to read (again) my copy of Ana Karenina which is tres depressing and I fell asleep after 2 pages!!! *PHAIL* I don’t know how Minho can read that book everyday. At his age. Maybe he’s really older than 16. And LSM is just hiding that glorious fact from us. *_______*

  5. Ahh Tolstoy, whatever that book is..I think I’ll never want to read it on my own.
    I admire Minho for his profound ways lol.

    I was really wondering why Minho had, “My name is Minho.” Now that I know, it makes sense lol.

    XD Onew’s donald duck attempts. Its sooo cute<3
    I still really wonder whos actually the oldest lol.

    But Minho’s shyness is Minho’s trademark and it makes him unique in his own way so it’ll be nice if he talks more but I guess its finexD

  6. Puahaha, I just automatically saw his ~cute eye smile, and they I realized afterwards that you mentioned it. XD

    HAHA OMG I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE XDD I actually laugh almost every time he raps (except for that one in that radio show!!! from um… here :D!). He always makes those facial expressions that I think are supposed to be “charismatic.” 8D And finally I find out what they’re saying in between the lines of Minho’s rap. I thought it was some weird Korean or English, but it was just “dwi bi di bi dip.” Lol wtheck. And lol @ Key~ he was doing the pelvic-thrusty move when his name comes up. 8DDD

    Minho’s starting to talk more. :D Yes. I like his voice. :D

    Lollll microphone rejections!!! XD

    Aww. It was so corny when they revealed who was the “Oxygen.” XD ♥

    But ew, I don’t think I want to know how Onew does that Donald Duck sound… I mean, if it he has to cover his mouth rofl.


    I like Taemin’s notfailsexy dance. D8 I really like the part where he raises his arms and… claps? 8D? And … yeah. Lol I feel so wrong for thinking a 15-year-old boy is hot/sexy. Eeeew. XD Please stop me before I become totally pervy here. XDD

    D’aww, I like intelligent!boys. :)

  7. OMG!! This video is so awesome XD~
    The first time I saw SHINee and the first time they performed I always thought that Minho is the most quiet member but I just find this sooo cute how he for instance rejected the mic! hahahah XD~ (he doesn’t need to talk that much.. that’s JongKey’s job XD he just have to smile <33 That would be enough to kill me ^^)

    And Taemin’s attempt to dance cute/sexy however XD You FAIL! hahah XD But omo~ so adorable how he tried to act like nothing’s happened *drop*

    How I loooveee Ondubu imitating Donald Duck xD~ He should audition for a dubber ^^’ (if they’d need dubbers he would definitely get the job XD )

  8. honestly shinee world is never my fave track, even though they perform the song i just skip it, not interested. but now after watching this news XDD i dig up my file collection to find that awkward rap, lol! “my name is minho”? omg! fail *dies* its so cheesy but i adore the kid,
    can you tell me which member of shinee whose not adorable? they’re all so cuuuuuuute in their own way, *pinch their cheek*

  9. babiegel
    Lol, it’s definitely the facial expressions XD. And I know! I’m sure there’s more than one photo of Minho floating on the net =.=” I know! I wanted Donald Duck with a cold but of course he does what Key asks :P

    It’s good to go back and watch SHINee videos and see how much they have changed (or maybe not in Minho’s case XD).

    HAHAA Yeah I know what you mean about it being the weirdest interviews. I…didn’t really get it XD Rofl sheaux over at LJ is SO FUNNY. She’s a total perve XDD Lol Minho was reading Tolstoy and gave his book to his Noona, remember?

    AHAHAHA LOL You do fail :PPP But it’s okay cause I still love you. I wouldn’t be surprised if Minho was like 20 like Changmin cause he’s about as mature xP

    AHAHA I know what you mean! I think in every group, the oldest is usually most immature XD. And I agree about Minho’s shyness being his trademark. It basically makes him, him!

    *hi5* Great minds think alike ;) Aw I liked his rap on that radio show. He does the most sexy things sometimes :P Ahaha yeah “dibi dibi dip” lol they did that on their reality show and Jonghyun felt so embarrassed afterwards XD

    I loved his mic rejections!!!!! He just completely ignores it ahaha And yes, Jongkey are loud enough for all 5 of them anyway :P

    I still haven’t heard the full track of SHINee World, actually XD I STILL NEED TO BUY THEIR CD ;____;
    And no, I can’t tell you which member isn’t adorable…CAUSE THEY ALL ARE!!

  10. uhhhhhh. candychu knows who i am? who is candychu?

    *runs away*

  11. ^ROFL How can I not know who you are XDDD You’re obsessed with Minho!!! candychu is I :D

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