Posted by: beckery | September 22, 2008

Wonder Girls ~ Nobody MV

Credits to nwa1998 @ youtube

I realise that most people are still suffering from the overload of goodness due to the DBSK fandom explosion over night, but I think other fandom just kinda exploded too (lol i love using the word “explode”, sounds so extreme XD). Apparently, Wonder Girl’s Nobody was leaked and now their MV is released!

I LOVE THE SONG!! The chorus is sooooo catchy. I like the song heaps more than “Tell Me” and “So Hot”. The “I want nobody nobody but chu” has been going on repeat in my head for the last 15 minutes! It is a bit repetitve though and no offence, but most their songs are pretty repetitive lol.

I also like their styles. The girls really seem to suit the hairstyles and clothes in this era. All of them look so hot. So Hee doesnt look her age either. That gold mini dress they wear during the performance is hawt! I want one! lol

JYP does a cameo in the clip. Its hiliarious when he gets stuck in the toilet and couldnt come out to perform, thus, the girls had to perform instead. HAHAAHAHAH I couldnt stop laughing at his facial expressions, what a funny guy!


  1. taking a break from DBSK before my brain explodes *__*

    LOL at JYP! he looked so happy on that toilet XD

    the girls looked gorgeous! and the song is soo catchy. hopefully their lives will be good ^^

  2. JYP is something else! Could you imagine LSM doing somethng like this? Lol
    The song is okay, but a little too repetitive for my taste. I love Yoobin’s english for some reason. Hooray for comebacks!

  3. the mv was awesome!! i have so much more respect for jyp now lol
    he’s a very cool guy for being able to make fun of himself like that ^^

  4. Uemura
    LOL, aww I hope your brain doesnt explode. You still need to be here when they release their album! =P YP is so funny! I never thought he had this humour in him. And he is definitely talented. One catchy hit song after another!

    ROFL I was actually thinking the same thing. I really cant imagine Father SM doing this sorta stuff for DBSK or Suju or one of his other bands haha. Yea, the song is quite repetitive, but I guess thats the trick to getting the song stuck in your head =_= Especially that one english sentence they keep repeating “I want nobody, nobody but chu”. I’ve got it stuck in my head for the whole day!

    Lol I always pretty respected JYP’s talent as a producer. Just look at WG’s and you’ll see how great he is. One hit track after another!

  5. I like this version better than the slower version from the preview that I saw. The girls look gorgeous in here … Haha JYP had to be in there somehow didn’t he. Yoobin’s rap is a lil shorter than usual or is it just me?

  6. babiegel
    This version is catchier I think and yea, the girls look divine. I was telling Pinkandsparkly how their mini dresses are sooooo classy. Dont you think? I really want one haha. Yea the rap was a bit short. But her english is great!

  7. JYP is so..funny. LOL
    & I love the beginning.
    Right when i saw it, i knew i was going to love the MV.

    Its stuck in my head..much i like the other songs that had MV’s..>.>
    They look really pretty, its different.

    &in the beginning where guys are talking, the girls in the background are doing the tell me movies…LOL
    The best.

  8. ImJustKeed’In
    I had the song stuck in my head the whole day after watching the MV…”I want nobody nobody but chu” hahahahah..I think I was going to go crazy from listening to it so much. The girls are gorgeous, JYP cracks me up like crazy and I WANT THOSE DRESSES haha

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