Posted by: beckery | September 23, 2008

Minwoo (ft Big Tone) ~ Don’t Trust Men MV

Credits to crystalis @ youtube

WEEEEEEEEE M IS BACK!!!!!! <3333333

ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LURRRVVEEE THE SONG!! Ok, maybe theres a bit of biasedness, but really, the song is truly awesome. Especially the chorus. Maybe cuz I’ve been listening hard out to Chris Brown and Neyo lately, but Minwoo’s song kinda reminded me of their style. The whole RnB vibe it gives off and all the dance bits. Especially the last part where he dances in water with a car in the background. But hey, its very nicely done!

Minwoo never disappoints me when it comes to dancing. The dance moves are sexy. Not powerful moves, but very fluidy, soft, smooth, sensual moves hahaha XD Love his white wife beater. Love his Audi with the “M” number plate. Love his phone. Love all those man to man hand claps and shoulder bumping things lol. And finally, LOVE THE MAN HIMSELF! WELCOME BACK BB!!! <333


  1. I really like this song!
    Its really smooth and sweet, even though..the title its “Don’t Trust Men”
    It makes me want a boyfriend..^^

    I LOVE the part where hes on his knees and his jacket kind of goes a bit off his shoulders..Yes.. What a tease.. T_T

    I love songs like this, wheres its kind of soft and smooth and theres a rap.
    Very nice.

    This reminds me everytime i go on YesAsia, i see the Vol.4 Minwoo M Rising album, i’m always really tempted to get it..i almost did.
    &I think i will, its like..always there..& it isn’t that much.. ^^
    [I haven’t met anyone else whos going to get it either.. T_T]

  2. OMG I’m loving this!
    I’m loving the part where he’s at the dance studio in his wife beater. Your right his dance moves are fluid, smooth and sensual all in one go. I’m glad he’s back. Hehe he’s the BEST medicine (haha) if you need to be away (if it’s just a few hours) from all the DBSK that we’re gonna go through now that they’re back. I LOVE his car … lol cause it’s my dream car *someday*

    Time to go to YA and start ordering CD’s again :( looks like I’m gonna go broke by the end of the month oh well he’s definitely worth it.

  3. i really like this song too (:
    i never really listened to him,
    but i REALLY like this song.
    i love the clothing style.
    & like you said, i absolutely LOVE the dancing style.
    fluid. smooth. suavish/sexy (;
    hahahah anywayss this makes me think that tae yang of big bang is following in his steps? iono they just seem similar, height and body wise?? lOl iono maybe it’s just mee
    but for suuure this is a lot softer than his usual popping and hard cut popping and dancing.
    thanx for sharing!!!

  4. ImJustKeed’In
    Lol. I know right. Despite it being called “Dont trust Men”, I still wouldnt care and ask him to marry me if it was Minwoo hahaha..

    I love the everything in the MV. Its not like his usual dance MVs with the whole powerful dancing, furs and tight pants and ab showing moments. I guess i can say it shows a more mature side of him. Especially when he was working hard at the studio. So hot <3 Even the clothes are more casual!

    Haha I still have like a gazillion stuff in my shopping trolley at YesAsia. Im so broke, I dont know when I’m going to actually even buy the stuff. Plus, new season means new clothes…so yea these arent really my top priorities yet I’m such a bad fan haha. Plus, I need to listen to his album before I decide whether I should buy it or not lol. Ohhh and maybe you should wait for repackaged?

    I love it when Minwoo wears wife beaters. Actually, I love it when guys wear them. They’re so casual, but still so sexy and kinda gives you the intimate feeling. hahaha. I love everything about his new style. The song, the MV, the dance choreo, the clothes, everything just seems more mature and laidback. Umm..not to sure if I’m going to get the album, but if i do, I’ll probably wait for repackaged, like always XD

    Actually, being the big Shinhwa fan I am, I dont exactly like all of Minwoo’s solo songs *gets bricked by M fans*..Sometimes they’re too sexy and dance-y for me. I prefer ballads and rnb lol. But I absolutely LOVE this song!!! Its really nice,especially the chorus. And everything about his new style screams out HOT!

    TaeYang does remind me of Minwoo!!! They should do a special stage. How awesome would that be? XD

  5. i love this song! and the english subbed mv is out at worldvidz. ^^

  6. I like it a lot, the tone and his voice just blend very nice, makes me want to hear and see again and again even now I’m currently listening to the song ^^

  7. bleaghh
    XDD I love it too!

    I know! The song is soo nice. Even the MV was hot and fitted the song very well!

  8. i love this song..its very good…loved it the first time i heard it…LOL…

  9. dOrKy_GuRL03
    Haha same here. I still like it heaps even after a week XD

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