Posted by: lovediaries | September 23, 2008

We Got Married – New Couples

I’ve only ever seen random cuts of this show (mainly of the AnBi couple) so I don’t exactly follow it. But for those of you who do OR have been and for some reason stopped, just wanted to let you all know that the Chuseok special ep with the new couples have been up!

The new couples are:

Marco and Son Dambi
Hwanhee and Hwayobi
Choi Jin Young and Hyun Ji

I’m not familiar with any of them except for Hwanhee XD. Hang on, is Hyun Ji = Lee Hyun JI? As in the one Onew sang “Vanilla Love” with?? Okay yeah it is her. And omg the age gap between her and her “hubby” Choi Jin Young is 17 years O_O That’s the same age gap between my two sisters ROFL. Oh what they be an interesting couple XDD.

But anyway, Part 1 is here.

Btw I am aware today is the 23rd ie Key’s birthday but seeing as I only did an extremely short post, I put it up on my other blog ^^.


  1. I really love Hwan Hee in this. laughs. and YoBi is so cute ^^

  2. Haha Hwan Hee you kinda want Brian to just appear out of no where during the episode.
    He’s kinda mean to Hwayobi in here though … maybe it’s me? and the Choi Jin Young and Hyun Ji couple O_o that’s like father and daughter there haha. I say that cause in the episodes there’s wedding pictures in the back as well as family pics too.
    Anyways if I had to choose hope Hwan Hee and Hwayobi gets to be in there since Andy and Solbi are leaving :(

  3. potensvita
    Lol Hwanhee is so horrible to Yobi XDD

    Ahah yeah that was so cute ^__^ But no it’s not just you, he is horrible to Hwayobi =.=” It’s like a drama or something. LOL I KNOW. The age gap is MASSIVE.

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