Posted by: lovediaries | September 24, 2008

080918 GoNewsTV – SHINee Interview

{credit: shineesubs @ youtube}

Interview in my favourite clothes!!!!! Actually, all of their outfits are becoming my favourite clothes now XDD. I wish I was a boy so I could dress like them LOL. Or maybe I just want to dress in their clothes ROFL!!

I love how during their intro, Onew was holding the mic and when it gets to Minho, Jonghyun tries taking the mic subtlely XD. It’s not like we can’t already see the mic lol. And lol, I’m starting to get that feel of a broken record again. I guess that’s what happens when you promote an album – you’re given the same questions over and over again. Perhaps if they asked a different member they would get a slightly alternate answer? But at least Jonghyun doesn’t have an annoying voice. Coming to think of it, there aren’t too many people with annoying voices …

WOOT Key gets to talk in this interview!!! I’ve noticed that he rarely talks in interviews nowadays. He probably saves up all his energy for their reality show, eh?

It’s cute when Onew starts talking about the things they’ve learned e.g when they’re on stage and the music starts late, they’ll know how to act. ^____^ Right at the end when they’ve finished talking, Onew shoves in a “I love you, SHINee World” ♥


  1. Yay! I love flannel as long as it’s worn properly. No overalls please. Onew and Jonghyun need to work on their mic pass. It isn’t nearly as awkward when Key and Taemin do it.^^

  2. I wish other members like Taemin, Onew, Key, or Minho talk about how the album is like.

    They always ask Jonghyun and he mostly answers the questions, which makes the recent interviews REALLY repetitive.

    lol Minho is slowly climbing up my SHINee chart now.

  3. laflor501
    LOL OMG It would’ve been so funny if they all wore overalls in their latest ep of their Reality show since they were wearing the same clothes and wear on some farm XDD. Ahaha yeah Taemin and Key are wayyy more smooth ;)

    I agree! A different person answering would give at least a slightly different answer ^^

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