Posted by: lovediaries | September 24, 2008

080922 SBS Soloman Onew & JH Cut

I have never ever heard of this show in my life lol.I think it’s law related? It actually reminds me of this HK Variety show where they had scenarios and Celebrities (and 100 HK people) had to guess whether something was illegal or not.

Watch their cut here.

I can see why it’s only Onew and Jonghyun on the show because everyone else is kinda old? XD. They look even more like boys compared to the other people LOL. I love how at the start they stand to bow; theyre so cute. They also sing “Love like Oxygen” for one of the noonas.

Because I have never seen this show before, I don’t understand how anything works. Everything also jumps from one scene to another so I am extremely confused. I just stared at Onew and Jonghyun the whole time (obviously) and I love the way Onew laughs. And he is so smart! He never did tutoring (hey me too!) and he came 2nd in his whole school. I’m not coming 2nd in my school but at least I go to a “Special” (smart) School! :DDD

I love when the MC (sorry, I don’t know his name but he’s from Line Up too, right?) asked Jonghyun if he did well in his studies and he replied with “I did my best ^____^” LOL. I guess he focused more on Music and his band, eh? ;)

Also, I’ll be replying to comments at the end of the week. I’m kinda busy atm with preparing for my Graduation (I graduate on Friday!!!) as well as upcoming exams (they never seem to stop, do they?).


  1. Ahhh! It’s Onew and Jonghyun! Omg, Onew never got a tutor and studied himself and was still able to get second in school? He can tutor me! :D I need one even with all my studying lol. I love how Jonghyun answered his question so quickly. “I did my best,” and starts looking a bit embarrassed xD. Onew has a really special laugh/smile. I think that’s his best feature, his smile :]. Everything’s jumping around cause they’re just all the cuts focusing on the SHINee members compiled into one video.

    You’re graduating? Congrats! :DDD And good luck with exams.

  2. Onew’s so cute <;; But then he gives the most beautiful smile after.

    Ahhh you’re GRADUATING?? LOL exams are evil. Good luck!!

  3. Ahh my comment got cut off……. FINE. A quick summary:
    Onew’s so cute, he starts getting embarrassed when Jonghyun says that he got 2nd in his school. And then it’s Jonghyun’s turn to get embarrassed when he has to say “I did my best” XDD
    IDK WHY, I thought that at 0:59 when Onew looks up at the ceiling while singing was really amusing =_= But then he smiles so prettily after.

    Ahhh you’re GRADUATING?? LOL exams are evil. Good luck!!

  4. Good luck in your exams – and congrats on the graduation! I don’t think I’m gonna watch this one because I’ll probably be just as confused as you but I’m glad for the recap. I was so happy to hear that Onew did so well at school! And all on his own – that’s wonderful! I mean I took tons of extra lessons but at least, I did fairly well.

  5. I never would have expected Shinee members to be on a show like this. Onew even said he didn’t get what the old(er) guests were talking about sometimes.o_o; They didn’t look bored or anything so it couldn’t have been that bad. Lol I know Onew is smarter than he acts, it’s just supercuteLeader humility.

    Good luck on the exams! Make sure you eat breakfast and wear bunny slippers to be comfy.^^ Graduation already? Either things work different there or you’re older than I thought. O.o

  6. abc123zyx
    Lol you sound so hardworking! But yes, us people with no tuition need to work even harder since we only have ourselves XD But yeah, Jonghyun was sooo adorable. I think Onew’s best feature is also his smile (and voice). I’m loving him so much these days ^____^

    I know, exams take away precious SHINee time ;___; Thank you <3

    Thank you <33 Yeah, don’t bother watching lol. I’ve mentioned just about everything that’s important hahaha ^^

    I’m sure it was an interesting experience for them ^___^
    And thank you! Lol well I’m graduating from High School so I’m probably not as old as I may have implied. How old do you think I am? lol

  7. ^Well I thought you had just turned 17. I graduated a month before my 18th birthday and that was considered young.O.o I had several classmates who were 19 already and like you it was a “smart” (Lol) school so they probably didn’t fail any grades. Just curious.^^

  8. ^Yeah you’re right, I’m a ’91er ^____^ And I’m not even the youngest in my grade lol. But wow 19 is kinda late, isn’t it? But I guess the schooling year starts different over where you live? So things might not be the same XD?
    It’s okay to be curious :D

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