Posted by: lovediaries | September 24, 2008

Confirmed Rumour: Jaejoong to star in a drama

Seoulbeats is considered a reliable source, right?

I wonder how Jae is going to juggle promotional activities for “Mirotic” and starring as lead role in a drama. Reading about that just reminded me about “Dating on Earth”. So um, is that going to come out as part of a later released version of “Mirotic” or what? How long has it been, lol? Jae even had his black hair then, so it’s been like 2+ yrs?

This project sounds like a bigger deal than “Dating on Earth” though, doesn’t it? Maybe that should suggest that after filming, it’ll definitely be released XD.

::EDIT:: Found this just before.

Translated by: Sparkskey @ LJ

this cyworld entry is by his 8th sister
I went to see Jaejoong yesterday
But he looked really tired and lost a lot of weight and he seemed sick
I was really sad T_T
Yet Jaejoong kept smiling for us nunas (me, minkyung) until the very end
As expected, our Jaejoong’s the best!
May the 4th album sell well ~!!
Great success (for the 4th album)~!!!!!!

Jae, get well soon; especially before taking on the role of lead male in this drama!!!!!


  1. no not reliable but definately entertaining source.

  2. It’s reliable news. I heard it was aired on TV, the announcement. For video, go here No subs though.

  3. it better be reliable or else!
    I’ve never been so excited in my life! I wasn’t event his excited when I heard they were going to release their 4th album.
    hm, if that really is true, what drama would it be?
    maybe… just maybe… the korean version of hana yori?

  4. T_________T
    I’m so sad to hear what his sister had to say about Jae’s condition. GRR. SM works them way too hard. I need to kidnap them, now.

  5. sigh. I’m so heartless. =(
    I just remembered with all the promotional activities with their new album, will he be able to even sleep?

  6. Changdice!

    I can’t believe you guys didn’t tell me about this! JJ-acting noob being cast in a drama = IMOP EMERGENCY

  7. lllaaa
    Yes, definitely entertaining ^___^

    Oh wow, thanks for the link. But yeah, I have no idea what they’re saying XD

    Haha lol yeah I hardly watch K dramas but I’ll probably watch this one with Jae in it :PP Nah, it said in the article the title of the drama and it didn’t sound like HYD.

    Yeah I know :( And they’re going to be sooo busy over the next few months

    Er, maybe if Changmin was the male lead, it would be an imop emergency….LOL JKS. IM SORRY!!!!

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