Posted by: beckery | September 24, 2008

Suju M & Fino in Thailand

No idea whats happening and where these are from but the boys look cool, sorta. Lol I dont know, I still see the words “dork” written everywhere even though they’re in these ugly motorbike gear with helmets and all. They kinda look like they’re about to go skating not motorbike riding? Hahaha Anyways, they look they’re having fun and I really wouldnt mind sitting behind one of them molesting holding onto them. XDDDDD

Credits to SIAMZONE.COM and Soompi

Guess who has the pink scooter/motorbike????? (Answers under the cut)

Its Ryeowook! LOL I want one too XD


  1. ooh wookie *pinch* he look so petite in his jacket and helmet ^^
    so they get like their own CF now beside suju-mike-golf? the bike is so cool and retro, must be expensive

  2. lmao, i get what you mean when you say they still look like dorks. i mean its a scooter after all not those big-ass motorbikes. but gah they look like thier just cruising around the neighborhood with a ridiculous amount of safety gear lmao oh well. safety gear not meant to be cool.just safe.kkk.

    i saw some pics pf the press con with the rest of suju (except, and im guessing but im prolly right, kanchulbum?) they all just look waaah i missed most of suju together *bawls*

    and i guessed wookie correctly! at first i tried to look for clues, i.e. the pants but both siwon and wookie wore white ones (btw who the hell wears white pants on a scooter lmfao) but i just thought wookie would be more likely to use a pink one since somebody had to represent, in lieu of the absence of sungmin and heechul lmao

    oh for the day when suju are all together again no wonder heechul misses hangeng so.

  3. Pwahahahaha~ When I first saw the pic I thought “Ooh the boys are gonna go motocrossing….” NOT.

    Querubin is right. Ridiculous amount of safety gear!!!! It’s like riding a bike in training wheels….when you were 6! O.O

    But I totally understand. God forbid something happen to China’s best import… even if it’s just a scooter. XD!


    They need to get them to endorse something that’s more masculine, like…….idk, mens skincare range?

  5. ultranguik
    ooh wookie *pinch* he look so petite in his jacket and helmet ^^
    so they get like their own CF now beside suju-mike-golf? the bike is so cool and retro, must be expensive

    HAHAHA I know! I’m surprised they agreed to wear sooo much safety gear. It would be a hit to their manly ego XDDD Lol I actually didnt know it was Wook, until I read someones comment so good on you. *hands you a lolly* XDDD

    Haha they’re trying to protect their lovely faces and body with the excessive amount of gear. HAHA I loved your comparison with the bike and training wheels!! ^^

  6. PAS
    woops forgot about you =P Hahaha mens skincare product? Thats hardly manly. I want them to endorse drums and guitars. That would be HOT!

  7. I love suju I really do I collect their 12+ stuff but why in the sweet green grass do the have pads on but I guess they need to protect their very pretty butts and what nice butts they are!!! LOL gotta love the suju boys no matter what they do!!! I’d still ride the pink one with Ryeowook and the pads!! LOL we can be pretty dorks together!! LOL

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