Posted by: beckery | September 25, 2008

New DBSK Mirotic Photos [EDITED]

♥___♥ Anyone drooling yet?! Cuz I’m definitely about too. XDDDDD

Although, I’m kinda tempted to button up their shirts now. Save it for later boys! If you keep flaunting your sexy, naked chests at us:
1. we’ll go crazy cuz all our hormones are going wild haha or
2. we’ll get use to all the skin flashing and the whole sex appeal will lose its effect (though I hardly think this is possible, cuz we never say no to skin XD)

Oh and Jae is so darn hot here!!!! *chests molest* Scrape that, they ALL LOOK HOTTTTTT!!!! Even Yoochun’s hair isnt making me cringe haha


HAHA Sorry for being a pain, but I keep finding more pics and I couldnt resist. There is now 2 solo shots of each guy!

Credit: dnbn + dbsgLJ + DNBN + as tagged



  1. You know what I hate? That Jaejoong’s pecs are getting so formed they kinda look like moobs.
    But according to my friend, they don’t count as moobs since they don’t sag. xD

  2. This makes staying up late to study soooo worth it. This is now my screensaver. You know the picture one that keeps rotating through pictures? Well, maybe that will be too distracting…er…
    THANK YOU for sifting through the internet to bring such gaze-worthy images of boys who I may or may not ever meet ever.

  3. O_O I can’t stop staring at Jae.
    Micky’s hair actually looks fine in these pics. I just wish they didn’t cut Changmin’s hair :(

  4. yeah, micky’s hair isn’t looking half as bad now.. i think it actually went quite well with the whole Mirotic MV.

    Did Yunho lose weight or he is just even more muscular now?


  5. you know what? they do look hot and all, but i honestly prefer them more covered up. am i the only one? lol xP.

  6. ^ no me too! too much abs and skins makes me not cheering for it anymore,
    i feel like zipping jae’s shirt, what will i scream when they strip at the concert XD~~
    i hope their comeback is not what abs and skin, but voice and song
    sorry guys, me = party pooper ^^;

    Its kind of odd, seeing that man chest and then such a pretty face.. >.>
    He needs to button up his shirt.

    No more chest!
    Seriously…imagining things is the best part!!
    Like i’m sure people imagine them with their pants off *cough*
    but if we saw them with their pants off..would we really like it??
    They are looking good!
    They always look good..

    Before Min’s hair was my favorite, but they cut it..T_T
    Yunho’s hair is looking really good, i like the lightness of it!
    They are my desktop!

    (I bought both versions of the album..and i won’t get them for another week and 1/2, should i feel bad if i were to download it?…Hmm? Screw it, i’m downloading.)


  8. ahh yooochunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! sooo sexy! tooo sexy! <3333333333333333333333333333333333~! ;D ohhh my godd just had a heart attack! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I have to calm down!!!!! XD~

  9. Rofl, am I the only one who hates the new JJ’s “image”? Idk, that jacket makes him look so gangsta XDDD

    (And I think he has fake tan on….)

  10. Alex Ryom:
    LOL, THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT TOO! I bet he could fill a B cup.

    Lol, what are your family members/room mates going to think if they see that picture floating around your computer screen? XDD

    We love stalking them XD it’s fun for us to publish our stalker findings to share with other fangirls :P

    JJ looks orange…you reckon it’s the fake tan?

    I know! It actually looks quite put-together in these shots :D

    I reckon he lost weight..or maybe its the magic of photoshop :P


    Yea, if they do it too much then it won’t be exciting anymore XDD

    I’ll be a party-pooper with you; we can be the cool kids in the corner :P

    Yea, he looks like a bulked up barbie :P


    Hahahahah, well I know Candychu is waiting for her copy so she’s not downloading. But I’m gonna download it and buy the repackaged XDDD I’M NOT MADE OF MONEY, OKAY.

    Hahahahaha, you’re worse than ME XD.

  11. bleaghh i agree with you. dbsk is reli hot and theyve got awesome bodies but i think they shud cover up more. every where u go, if u c dbsk, at least 1 of dem is shirtless. it just seems so… i dunno the word. i just wish theyd stop showing so much skin and just be the sexy dbsk without showing that much skin.

  12. tropicalprincess
    I think we all think the amount of excessive skin flashing is enough now. The boys are hot and sexy with or without all that chest showing and I think they’ll realise that and cut down soon XD

  13. I am sorry…. I cant stand the hair
    its really bad

  14. but yunho looks good all the time

  15. wel.. they do look so hot!!!
    The song’s great too..!!
    i prefer changmin with long hair..
    owh… i miss them..

  16. haruko
    Hahaha its ok, no need to be sorry, cuz I didnt really like it at first too XD

  17. elinnahae
    The song is awesome. <3 and Im not really missing them cuz I’ve been bombarded with heaps of them atm hahaha XD

  18. aaaahhhhhh….!
    i love Junsu very much..!
    i love Jaejoong very much..!
    i love Changmin very much..!

  19. bia
    XDDDDDDDDD Haha, I love all of them very very much. <3

  20. They should have kept changmin’s hair….!!
    Luv their song though….
    still luv them although they have new images that i kinda like and not….

  21. god dang…they’re hot. 0_0
    some of their pictures…hahaha, i have to say this, their hair looks fake….or something. I dunno but it’s just weird.
    anyways, whooo! love the pictures and new images….thanks.

  22. who is the one at the very end or wherever- has the white stripes on the shoulders of the blazer?

    you really should note their names for us noobs that are drooling ;)

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