Posted by: lovediaries | September 26, 2008

080925 M!Countdown Ranking

I GRADUATED (from high school) TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I said I would reply to comments but I just got home after a looooooooooooong day and I’m wayy too exhausted (especially after 3 hours of Karaoke where I danced non stop XD). I saw this up on youtube though and couldn’t resist watching & posting.

{credit: shineesubs @ youtube}

This was a Harry Potter parody LOL I LOVED IT! Their ideas really do get better and better each time! :DD I love their accents for shouting out all the spells AHAHAHA. Remember Jonghyun and his “wingardium leviosa” on one of those BTS clips? This is like 100x better!! The spells they use don’t even make sense. Why the hell are they disarming a snow globe? GOSH THEYRE SO FUNNY XDD Minho is breaking out and that makes me happy because it shows he is a normal teenage boy TEEHEE :D

AND ONEW IS THE VILLAIN ROFLMAO. Is that not the best part??? AHAHAHA. AND I LOVE MINHO’S HAIR! Though not really a fan of his engrish.

I’ll watch the latest ep of their Reality Show tmr morning and reply to comments (PROMISE!) then I’m off on my one month hiatus :| It’ll last this time lol. I mean, I’ve even gone as far as to ignore DBSK & their comeback so you know how serious I am about these final exams ;)

OK so I’m off to sleep now, before I cough out another lung ~! ^^


  1. OH EM GEE HAHAHAHAHHA ROFLMAO!! I think I just busted a lung from laughing….

    I think if they ever became wizards they’d kill eachother by saying wrong curses. MInho’s “Expelliarmus” sounded like “Expelmus” ROFL gosh this so….lame ROFL…

  2. P.S. Love the ending. Its soo true, his “Flaming charisma” kinda kills me all the time =_=


  4. congratulations on your graduation! <3

    haha.. they keep getting better and better!
    although it’s a teensy bit cheesy it’s ok coz it’s SHINee..
    and the reality show.. hahahahahaha.. omg..

    and they were on sukira last night..!!
    onew sang another english song.. cracks of my broken heart!!
    it’s so beautiful!!

    onew and jonghyun duet: Soulstar – Iljeullae
    although onew’s voice cracked.. hehehe

    and doing the kiss eunteuk does at the end of the show..

  5. DUDE OMG I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU 8DDDDD <333333 :D:D:D!!! XD Dang, 3 hours of karaoke… sounds fun! Where do you live, btw? School’s just started over here for me. XD Bahhh, go rest~~!

    I’ll be commenting on the video later. It sounds awesome. xD

  6. OMG CONGRATS ON YOUR GRADUATION!! 3 hours of karaoke sounds really really fun because school just started for where I am right now.
    DD: You… you… you… LUCKY. I watched this hours ago before I did homework without subs and was waiting ALL NIGHT FOR IT.
    But other than that SHINee totally kills me XDD I don’t know much about Harry Potter (I’ve never read it and never will) but I’m PRETTY SURE that if you say the wrong thing for the spell it’s not supposed to work XD
    ONEW BAD GUY LEADER-SSHI IS ASLDFKJALSKDFJ. I mean does he even LOOK like a bad guy? I don’t think so. But my favorite favorite part (probably because I understood it without subs) was when Onew went all “FLAMING… CHARISMA” and collapsed/died. I mean how cool is that? Minho killed Onew with FLAMING CHARISMA.

  7. @ beckery
    Hahaha, he really was leaving out the “iar” in Expelliarmus, because even the Korean subs said “expellamus” -_____- lol

    LOL OMG XD I freaking laughed throughout the whole thing. They used Expecto Patronum and Expelliarmus like they were the two only spells in the entire world. XD I like Key’s English… and Minho’s voice puahaha.

    VOLDEONEW!!!!!!! 8D 8D 8D 8D lol /lame

  8. Congrats on graduating & enjoying dancing in th karaoke, th Harry Potter Parody made me laugh alot! Seriously, they’re trying to make th globe like a crystal ball, and th way they chant th spells, pretty sure they’re better than me though :D Charismatic Flame Minho, hahas cute powers, Onew died although I didn’t see any effect got on him? Weird, but hilarious!

  9. LOLL! That was SOOOO funny! I love how at the end, everyone just comes around like ” Yeah! Get your butt out of here!” He died…by flaming charisma! xDDDDDD LOL! LOL, “fire light!” that confused me! LOL, I love how Min Ho’s the Flaming Charisma, yet he sounds so manly and serious when he says he the Flaming Charisma!

  10. CONGRATULATIONS! It’s totally okay to ignore internet stuff when you’ve got such big things happening in real life. Aww, I’m really sad you’re going on hiatus but I’m sure a month will fly by. Good luck in your exams! Do your best!

    Anyway…I nearly died watching this week’s M!Countdown. The nonsense spells…evil!(believable!) Onew…their questionable English pronounciations (although I suppose it’s really latin…)….and MinHo defeating the bad guy with his Flaming Charisma – it was priceless. SHINee has to do these countdowns forever now. XD Oh, you’ll love this week’s episode. It’s super funny!

  11. bec
    Lol feel sorry for me!! I had coughing fits throughout the whole thing. It was funny in such a lame sort of way XD I love evil!Onew even though it made no sense since he would be the worse villain EVER.

    Thank you bb♥♥♥!!!

    IT WAS HELL CHEESY LOL. But also very SHINee ;) Thank you <3333

    AWW THANK YOU SO MUCH♥♥ I’m in Australia lol so our school year starts in Feb (March if you’re in uni) ^^

    And that was it lol! They all left out the “iar”. If only Jonghyun used “wingardium leviosa” XDD.

    THANK U BB <3333 Yeah, we went out after grad and it’s now hols for us but I’ll be studying the entire time (hopefully). Harry Potter is one of those things where you either think it’s lame or you love it and become extremely obsessed. Or in my case, you love it and LOL hard @ parodies of it ;) I love how Onew died. It was such a Onew type of death XDD

    Thank you ^____^ Lol this clip was so awesome. I DEMAND MORE PARODIES!!!’s.left
    Aw, your username is so bittersweet – I like. Yeah lol I thought Key was wearing gloves but he was actually using his cloak as a mitten XD.

    Haha I don’t want this month to fly by cause then I’ll have to take exams. IM SO SCARED LOL. But thank you!!!!!!

    Ahaha yes their pronounciations (yeah, suppose it really is Latin :P) really were questionable but thats okay because they make good vampires wizards :PP



  14. Oh, don’t be scared – I’m sure you’ll do amazing! You know I don’t see the vampire thing – I just think they all look really, amusingly silly. And you’re welcome.

  15. ^Eeek, I hope so :S
    Haha well it’s just the black cloak I guess. Since HP is more of a robe thing, them in black cloaks look more like vampires ? XD

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