Posted by: beckery | September 26, 2008

080925 Minwoo’s Comeback on MCountdown

Credits to crystalis @ youtube

I’ve been waiting all night for this. Its actually 1.40am here, which means I’m a bit brain dead so excuse the noncoherent rants XD

Minwoo starts off with “I’M’U” (its alright, but not really my favourite song from the album). LOL AT HIS OUTFIT! It is so un-Minwoo. He kinda looks like a really big white teddy bear, sooooooo darn adorable!! I’m a bit surprised at his dance too. It seems like his been asking baby Andy, for a tip or two lol. All those cute actions and heart arm movements haha. I have no idea what I’M’U means but he looks AKFJKDFJKLD cute saying/singing it, so whatever! Though, vocal wise, he sounds a bit puffed O_O I blame his hyperness haha.  

Then of course its “Dont Trust Men”..Been waiting for the live of this! Love the fan’s chants! And this is much more like my sexy, charismatic Minwoo. I love the cute M, but sexy M is irresitible! Though the red pants can go haha…The dance is totally hot. Especially when he puts on his beanie *_* But, why do I have a feeling this is lipsynched? Maybe its just me, anyways, nice comeback Minbong!



  1. doesn’t “I M U” means “i miss you”?

  2. aw..^_^

    Hahahaha true that! Gosh I feel stupid XD

    haha <3

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