Posted by: beckery | September 26, 2008

080926 Wonder Girls Comeback on Music Bank

Credits to abc2226 @ youtube

I like how their seats have big glowing block letters on them haha! And wow, they look hot in black at the beginning. I wanted them to wear their sexy gold dresses though lol.

They started off  singing the ballad version of “Nobody”? and…it feels very different? haha I’ve been listening to the normal version so much, it feels weird listening to it soooooo slowwww and draggy.

But then they go back stage and come out in looking gorgeous in their red mini dresses and woot, normal version, lets go!!!! I like how they move between their mics, its interesting haha. And their ending was hot! Love the rap, “back to the days when we were so young, wild and free”….


  1. i was kinda disspointed :/ they were VVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY PITCHY!
    but omg they look effin hot!

  2. OMG!!!i love their ballad version of nobody…yeah,a lil bit pitchy but it sound smooth and very emotional!!!i love it…!!!

  3. powersome!
    i like the dress..
    but yeah, they sound a bit pitchy

  4. sab
    To be honest, I was sorta disappointed as well. Their performance wasnt exactly top notch but ohwell its their first performance, we’ll let them off the hook right? XD

    Haha I actually prefer the normal upbeat version cuz the chorus sounds more catchy there!

    Not the best performance, but gotta love all their mini dresses, so classy <3

  5. Very nice blog you have here! ^^ I’m trailing through the archives right now haha…

    In regards to this post, I agree with all of the above comments. I was a little disappointed by their comeback. But their Music Core comeback from tonight didn’t disappoint – it was much better!

  6. Coutura
    Thank you!!!! <333 We get really happy when we get comments like yours XDDD Do come and spazz more with us!

    I think the first comeback performance is always a bit off, because of nerves etc etc. The ones after that are always better!

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