Posted by: lovediaries | September 27, 2008

SHINee Reality Show Ep9

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

This noona is a fan ;____; Lol that always makes me jealous. I rather they all be people who have no idea who SHINee are because that way, I can sit back and think “Haha you don’t know who SHINee are” XDDD. At least she’s cute and doesn’t seem arrogant lol.

SHINee catch a bus to the airport. They all get excited about going overseas and Key interviews Onew on where he wants to go. Poor Onew doesn’t even get a chance to respond and Jongkey are playing around and imitating him XD. They’re the biggest clowns of the group when put together.

The Noona then comes in and omg she’s SO EVIL! She wants to take them overseas so they can’t return and will have to live with her forever. That sounds like such a good plan XD. She gets on the bus and sits between Jonghyun and Key (</3) and gets all shy. I love Key’s “Are you a fan? I haven’t seen you at our fansigns” LOL. It’s so cute when she turns to Taemin and says “Whenever you talk flowers come out.” Uh oh, I have a bad feeling about this…she seems to really like Taemin. But it’s supposed to be Onew’s turn!!!!

Minho is looking out the window and spots another noona! Taemin gets worried they’ll start to fight ahahaha. I can’t believe they’re actually giving them two noonas…

Anyway Key takes out some music and Onew decides to imitate Jonghyun. AND LMAO AHAHAHAHAHA. Jonghyun must have been so offended because they kinda did sound the same XDD. He does get pissed lol and stares out the window AHAHAHAA.

Then they play that game where you shove a thing into that barrel and the thing at the top might pop out. The thing they play all the time, yes? Yeah, that thing XD. When it’s Taemin’s turn Noona#1 tells him to be careful. I’m seriously sensing some biased-ness here ;P Jonghyun, who thinks he’s all lucky, starts bragging about how it won’t pop up and IT DID LOL. Then when Key does it and it pops up, Onew is all “It’s because he’s Almighty Key :D” He pines for Key’s love. It’s so obvious XD.

They get to some place and have to sell their CDs I think. I love how Jonghyun piggy back rides Taemin out of the coach ^^. And um, Minho just stays in the coach by himself O.o Jonghyun and Taemin manage to sell a CD for a lot more than it’s worth I think. That old man was very kind :)

Back on the coach Onew does more imitations. Was that Donald Duck again? I have no idea. He sounded more like a chipmunk, I think XD. Minho does his rap while the rest “dibi dibi dip” LOLOL It’s so cute ahahaa. Then Onew does something stupid again and the atmosphere is just so freaking awkward omg. Even the noonas are like “…” Whatever he does it’s Onew condition~

For some reason, they go to the survival land Noona#2 wanted to go to. I can’t believe they seriously have two noonas this time and the second one gets to pick where they go. Doesn’t she have a plane to catch or something? XD

So the two teams are Noona#1, Onew, Taemin, Writer and Noona#2, Jonghyun, Minho, Key. Onew comes up with a plan that each player kills one particular player on the other team. The other team’s tactic is do run out in a fan shape. They were all playing pretty well and then Onew collapsed on the floor =.=” “Eventually mother and son shot each other” ROFLMAO. Sounds like some drama AHAHAHA. In the end Noona#1 wins!!!!! (I like her more than the other noona LOL).

The losing team has to piggy back ride the other team. Key carries Taemin bridal style ^^, Onew gets on Minho and Noona on Jonghyun. ONEW IS SO CUTE.

Then they’re in “Switzerland”!!! Which was where Noona#1 wanted to go ^^ They have to round up sheep and the winning team will shear the sheep while the losing team go find potatoes and have to kiss the sheep. Taemin, Onew and Noona#1 go first and they were doing pretty well but then the sheep started running away =.=” When it’s the 2nd team’s turn, they bring in props; which is a bit unfair lol since they didn’t say the first team could use any. Noona#2 tempts the sheep with food and then Minho takes the tub and runs forward. SO CLEVER! But then they started running out again AHAHAHA. And did Key bark at them? XDD. AND MINHO IS SO FUNNY. “The lambs were following me. It felt good. I wanted to get closer to the lambs.” LMAO.

Jonghyun announces the winner as “Key’s team” and steps forward to give him a hug. HES SO BIASED LOL. Onew’s reaction “How can I kiss a lamb” was so funny. Well Taemin kissed a dog before lol. When Onew does kiss the sheep what song was playing? Was it Brown Eyed Girls? Because the song sounds hell familiar and I watched their MV the other day…

Anyway, the winning team go and shear the sheep and it’s so gross. I think it was nice of Jonghyun to join the losing team ^___^ I think I would’ve preferred to dig up potatoes :P They then cook the potatoes and gather round the fire with pieces of paper where they have to write down things to each person. The noonas then have to pick a member. IM SO NERVOUS FOR ONEW. He’s not going to get picked is he…?

Noona #2 picks Jonghyun. Noona #1 picks Taemin. I knew it. It was obvious from the start when she called out “Taemin come to me.” OMG ONEW :'((((((((((( *cries for him* If I was on the show, I would pick Onew a thousand times just to make it up to him. Aw, my heart is seriously breaking for him. He did his best and still no one was interested. So he says he’s going to slack off from now on. POOR ONEW </3333 It seems he doesn’t really attract the Noonas…

ARE THEY INSIDE SHINee’S DORM NEXT WEEK? OMG I WANT TO WATCH IT DDDD: It’s another noona right? She’s kinda creepy…she kissed SHINee’s poster and Jonghyun’s hand…Onew isn’t gonna get picked by her either, is he? Obviously not by the way she was hanging off Jonghyun’s arm. I feel sorry for Jonghyun lol she seems extremely clingy. But seriously, Onew, come to Australia and I will date you :)

Actually, I had this convo with an LJ friend and out of everyone, Onew is on the top of my “To Date list”. As much as everyone is adorable, I find Onew’s personality the most comfortable to be around. While Key is all sorts of awesome, I would find him very intimidating because he is too awesome lol. And even though Jonghyun is really sweet to his dates, I don’t like the way he lets the girl have her way all the time. A man needs to be in control at times and he seems to give in too much. I can’t date someone as quiet as Minho no matter how charismatic he is lol and going out with Taemin would not really be a date cause that would just be weird XD

In conclusion, Onew should come to Australia and we can get married straight away.


  1. I would probably choose Jonghyun, because I’m selfish and spoiled like that and the thought of having someone like him giving me whatever I want is like azskjdf. But omfg, seriously, wth. Poor Onew. ;___; He’ll get picked eventually, and it’ll probably be the cutest moment ever because his smile will be like “:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD” and so yes. Just wait for it. ^^

    I approve of Jonghyun’s Key bias. JongKey = ♥

    Next week’s noona creeps me out. She seriously kissed Jonghyun’s face on that SHINee poster. I mean. what.

  2. ^OMG HELLO!!!! I didn’t know you read LAEC :DDDDDD *smiles like Onew would when he finally gets picked*

    LOL Well it would be nice to be pampered every now and then but if it happened all the time, I would think the guy is cheating on me or something XDDD I’m weird like that.

    I know, when I saw that I thought about whether or not I kiss my posters. And I don’t recall a time when I have done that…

  3. i would pick Onew too although TaeMin is downright adorable, Key is 24/7 crack-tastic and JongHyun seems like the kind who would pay 100% attention to the girl (only if he likes them). oh, MinHo is too quiet for me too. maybe if he starts to consistently spew out sentences of more than 15 words, i would change my mind :)

    Onew seems like the most normal and just.. naturally kind. ahhhhhhhhhh nooooooo if he one day heads to Australia, please ship him over to Malaysia too, thank you! :)

  4. Ahh, I agree with you that Onew seems to have the most comfortable personality. ^^ Key is quite intimidating.. I think it’s because he’s really confident. You’d need to have the same confident personality to be able to keep up with him. And lol yes, Jonghyun gives in too much. It’s different with Minho for me, though – I think I said before that I have a similar personality, so I kind of ‘get’ him. XD And Taemin…. I’m pretty close to his age, so I don’t think it would be weird. But I would give him a few years, because he still has that childish personality. Not in a bad way, I just mean that he’s so innocent.

    BUT OMG XD I’m really starting to feel bad for Onew. XD

    Oh dear, the next nuna kind of scares me. I’m really quite obsessive too, but I still haven’t reached that stage of poster-kissing… hm….. I doubt Onew’s gonna get picked by this nuna. :'(

  5. Hmm… That was such a cute episode! LOL, if I had to choose who to date, I’d choose… NO ONE! Why? Because they’re all too old for me! xDD Even Tae Min’s older than me!

  6. i wanna go paintballing again T_T..i havent done that in such a long time
    and I LOVE U ONEW! even tho im not noona ILL PICK U!! <333 XDDD
    hes so silly..maybe thats not attractive in korea? O_o? lol
    and i saw that jongkey XDDD
    if u go to Australia then u gotta stop here in Canada too~~

  7. This episode made me realize that MinHo should have been a farmer. Lol, he was so good at all of their tasks, especially sheepherding, lol.
    As I watched the episode, all I could think was ‘OMG! Noona #1 is acting the exact same way I would if I was there.’ Lol, except for her overwhelming confidence (whoa! She could lend me some of that) and her oh-so-obvious Taemin bias. ^^
    I heard the next noona is a Jonghyun stalker or something. I also heard she’s a comedian so I’m hoping she’s just pretending to be obsessed and isn’t really because that would be creeepy. I can’t wait to see their dorm though! Anyway, I seriously doubt Onew’s getting picked this time either. And you know ten’s the last episode, right? That means, Onew won’t ever get picked. *crying for him as well* Poor leader-sshi, if I could, I’d definitely send him a plane ticket so you two could meet – just invite me to the wedding, okay?
    If I could date one of them, I think it’d be between Jonghyun, Onew and Key. Actually forget Key – he’s prettier and more interesting than me so I doubt I’d hold his interest for too long. I actually agree about Onew being the most comfortable one to be around – also, I’d really like to get to know him and see what he’s like when he’s not being his usual faily leader self (even though I love that side of him too.)

  8. inquinn
    Ahahaa I think Minho’s ~*charismatic*~ face would be just as intimidating as Key’s personality. I can see myself just blushing if Minho stared at me LOL I’m such a loser XD. Lol okay I’ll tell him to drop by Malaysia ;)

    Yeah! I have nothing against confident people but only after I’ve built my own confidence around new people, if you get what I mean ^^ Ah, yes I think you did mention before! For me, I’d probably be louder around Minho since he’s so quiet but if he didn’t respond, I would be put off xP And yeah, Taemin’s childish personality would make me immature and I would probably embarrass myself xD

    Even *I* still haven’t reached poster-kissing stage and that’s got to mean something XD’s.left
    OMG RLY? You’re so young lol!

    I’ve never been paintballing xD It looks too painful hahahha. See, we all love Onew!! Put one of us on the show so that he knows he’s loved!! Poor thing. Ahaha okay we’ll come Canada too ;)

    ROFL!!!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA. I can so see him as a farmer now. I mean, he’s so quiet maybe he really isn’t suited to city life and more life on the farm with sheep and cows XDD

    Yeah like when she gave her heart to Taemin and he accepted and she squealed like crazy!! I was thinking THAT IS SO ME!

    Oh I actually read about her being someone famous but I wasn’t too sure. Are you serious?? It’s the last episode??? Woah so that means Jonghyun would’ve gotten picked THREE TIMES O__________________o

    I hope the writers let Onew just go on a one on one date with someone cause otherwise he’s never going to know how to date girls XD

    Omg you’re so nice! Of course you’d be invited to the wedding :DD

  9. Heh, I’d pick Jonghyun or Key, but I kinda feel sorry for Onew too. It’s like … If I had no other choice, I’d date him? xDD

    OMG, I fear for Jonghyun in the next episode. The noona’s so scary… I mean, even I don’t do that to his pictures… [or do I? xDD]
    Not fair~ He gets married or whatever in my favorite clothes of his. You know, the loose collared shirt with the tie? How saddening T-T

  10. ^Omg, I know. The whole time I was just staring at his collar and thinking how sexy it was…then seeing the noona hang off of his arm ;______;

    AWWW lol I would pick Onew even if I had a choice xPP

  11. lol I preffered the second noona. Just because I’m not a big fan of girls who are like Seo In Young and are possessive of certain types of boys.
    lol and well I did feel bad when Minho dissed her in a way saying she should go by herself after the shooting if she wants to go to switzerlandXD

    I was fairly amused when Onew was like “I was following what the dog did but I realized I was human.” OHH HOW MUCH PHAIL, LEEDA<3

    haha yah I feel bad for Onew. Its most likely because the noonas want “Young” guys, but Onew is older than the rest, which makes him in a way, eliminated from their choices.
    I think he’s popular with younger girls. He seems to have this leading but dorky personality that probably will attract young girls<3
    That includes ME ahahaha. I’m younger than him by a year so -_-;;

    oh yah the next noona scares me with her obsession towards Jonghyun. The only real attraction I ever had with Jonghyun is his singing ability so it feels real weird…lol.

    But I loove Onew too<3 I chose him the most. He’s down to earth, cute, a wonderful smile, a nice voice, and charismatic in his own way.
    Jonghyun will become that guy in sassy girl lol. Minho, I adore a lot but I think he makes more of a good friend. Taemin’s a bit too babyish and cute to consider and key, is VERY confident lol. He’s amusing but not my type haha.

    But yes marry onew and please bring him to california disneyland so I can stalk you guys haha.

  12. ^Yay, I love long comments :DD

    Yeah a lot of people were saying the first one was like SIY. I think I liked her better cause I could relate to her more??? LOL. I wonder if they’ll be showing the double date next week instead of that creepy noona first cause otherwise it’d be a waste of two noonas, eh? Minho’s comment was the best XDD

    And yeah, I think noonas don’t really get attracted to Onew either. I mean a lot will comment on say Jonghyun was sweet and Key was funny even if they don’t get picked but I don’t remember a single nice comment directed at Onew. Except for maybe the noona who chose Minho since she was torn between the two :S ONEW <3333333333333

    I’m younger than Onew by 1.5 yrs and I love him :DD So our theory must be correct ^_____^ I love how everyone gives me permission to marry Onew XDDD lol; you guys are the best \:D/

  13. Ha, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who would have acted like that noona. I think she repped for all us fans. ^^

    Oh, I don’t think we should automatically assume the next noona will pick Jonghyun (although it certainly seems that way…), I mean we could be surprised, you never know…

    Well, about ten being the last episode, that’s what I heard on Soompi. I can’t remember all of the evidence for it but I think part of it was that there are no more episodes on their official schedule which I suppose is a pretty big sign. I’m still hoping for more though. I personally think they should do an international special where they fly me and the boys over to like Saudi Arabia or some halfway point like that and then, I’ll be the last noona. I’ll even pick Onew. I’ve never been on a date either so it’d be good practice for both of us.

  14. ^Wow if the next noona doesn’t end up picking Jonghyun (though honestly, highly unlikely XD) and instead chooses Onew, that would seriously be the biggest Miracle! life couldn’t get better…

    Hmm maybe they’ll be taking a hiatus? Because they know that otherwise, I can’t keep away from youtube. Damn, since when were SHINee harder to resist than DBSK? This is my pedo-ness violently kicking in DD:

  15. They are all funny.but eventhough someone are more handsome than taemin still can’t take my heart from taemin(my prettycuteboy)forever.(kelcy)(*_^)

  16. I love this writing because it’s so funny.if noonas is me.that’s great. And if i leave a million response still taemin don’t know who i am.i tried to leave my response all website for i try to learn korea languages for become a singer like him.but i’m a girl not boy.i have to create my team that have 5 members teenager like and taemin this year we have 16 years old.this is my response in my mind.i hope you read my response taemin.i can’t forget u forever.u are my prince in my heart(miss u everytime)even we never meet each other but i hope u know me.from:a girl that alway love u.kelcy(*_*)

  17. ^Lmao reading back on these posts, I realised I wrote essays for them XD.

    Learning languages is fun lol so good luck with whatever you want to do with learning Korean ^^

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