Posted by: lovediaries | September 28, 2008

080926 SHINee on Sukira

::EDIT:: I know I’m on hiatus now but I didn’t want to leave comments unanswered for like a month .___. I found the audio rip of Onew’s Cracks of my Broken Heart off SHINee forums and I’ve reuploaded it here!/edit

Thank you nylenuol for the links <333

Love like Oxygen – It must be so hard for them to perform this song while staying still. I mean, even my leg twitches and steps about :PP I love how Taemin wears his headphones over his hat. He should take it off cause I’d love to see his hat hair ahahaha. And WHY DIDNT I HEAR KEY’S VOICE CRACK?? Nevermind :D It was at 1.54. It’s not as noticeable as Onew’s so you have to listen hard for it ;)

Cracks of my Broken Heart – Onew’s solo; I love the title already <3 It’s in HQ Audio thanks to misterkrabspatties!! OMG I LOVE ONEW AND HIS ENGLISH AND HIS VOICE <3333333 I need to find the audio rip for this song. I let my friend listen to “Forevermore” the other day and she admitted that if she didn’t know it was Onew, she would’ve thought the singer was non-Asian. Oh Onew <333 This was so beautiful *wipes happy tears*. I loved the other’s reaction XD Was it Teuk who went “YAAAAAAAAH” ??? AHAHAHA. Totally ruins the moment, but you know :P

I Will Forget – Onew and Jonghyun’s duet. Another song I need the rip for. Onew’s voice cracked in a much more obvious way than Key I won’t even need to put the time down for it LOL. Apart from that it was a very powerful performance <33333 They’re so good that I don’t even mind it’s always only them two LOL I mean, I could probably live with just hearing these two sing forever. Of course the others joining in every now and then would be like a bonus but you all know what I mean, right? ^^ Having said that, I hope Key gets a solo soon *dumdeedum*

misterkrabspatties: despite the onkeyhyun triangle . they definitely get along very well when it comes to duets xDDDD *goosebumps BRAVO ! lol

ROFLMAO!!!! Is that not the funniest thing?? AHAHAHAHA.

Sukira Ending – Teuk asks them to do a relay kiss and omg ♥____♥ it’s soo cute *mwa mwa*


  1. hieee! if you find the audio rip of the audio rips, could you upload it? :D thank you so much! lovelove SHINee.

  2. Lol I think Key’s voice crack was kind of insignificant…. compared to Onew’s puahaha 8D


    wait omg wtheck, i noticed you did the same heart smiley face right after i typed it lolllll~ we have *telepathy* 8’D

    BlingDubu fwee~ ♥

  3. I could probably live with just hearing these two sing forever. Of course the others joining in every now and then would be like a bonus but you all know what I mean, right?
    ROFL! Yes, I know exactly what you mean. Although it makes me wish Jonghyun and Key sang duets – their voices sound amazing together!
    Oh, if you’re still looking for the audio rip, someone posted it on the SHINee comm on LJ. Link:

  4. syasa
    Sure! I’ve uploaded it already ^__^


    Ahaa but yeah, I think no one’s cracks will beat Onew’s :PP

    Thanks for the link! I also found it off their forums so I’ve just uploaded that….even though I haven’t credited properly :S:S:S

    Agree! I loved Key + Jonghyun’s little duet in Romantic. It was so beautiful ^^

  5. omona. onew with another killer english song. my brain exploded from all that “engrish” greatness. lol. i love ‘forevermore’ and this one to death. i’m deeaaaddd. X_X

    onew tofu is way past the “voice-cracking” age of boys but why does it seem to happen to him often. poor dudu but he’s still adorable.

    and yess that was teukkie with his ever present YAAAHHHH!!! at the end of every performance. hahaha loves it!

  6. ahhh cracks of my broken heart was wonderful<3 lol cracks…it just reminds me the recollections of him cracking his voice. I guess he strains it too much? Idk but that live just killed me. It was just so beautiful. But forevermore was pretty too.

    I shall check out Jonghew duet perf after all my dbsk inkigayo youtube links load and I have a wonderful time going to DBSK heavenxD

  7. gelatin
    I love forevermore to death too <333 I love how he’s singing all these great english songs ^___^

    OMG I KNOW! He’s the oldest and he cracks the most AHAHA soo cute

    Omg I just remembered I had a dream last night: Onew was in his green suspenders outfit and he was sitting down at a piano and singing “Cracks of my broken heart” and I ran forward to try to record him but he only sung one verse & chorus and I was too late. Then he went up on stage with Taemin and I tried taking photos but it was too dark ;_________;

    And you have to watch the duet and laugh at Onew’s voice cracking XDDD I noticed the irony too LOLOL

  8. ^
    lmao I just noticed. I was like “lalaa~it sounds really…OMG WTH. ONEW T_T”
    lol yes oh the irony.

    awww next time, just do what minho did with the sheeps lol.
    Make him follow you haha.

  9. ^Lol every time I hear it, I crack up. LMAO but sometimes you can’t control your dreams .____. I certainly couldn’t that time :(

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