Posted by: beckery | September 28, 2008

280909 DBSK Comeback on Inki

Full Performance:

Credits to cosmicsorrow @ youtube

And heres the single performance clips:

Comeback Intro + Love in the Ice (Korean Version)
I LURVE THIS SONG!! Love their entrance! Haha they get so much stage preparation done for their comeback stage, compared to other bands XD I’m so glad they’re all covered up! Though Jae and Yoochun has really weird layers on haha. Overall, I think it was an awesome performance DFKJLSKJS <33

Hey! (Dont bring me down)
OMG they’re all wearing white wife beaters *_* But their pants are funny. I nearly had a heart attack cuz I thought they were wearing Harem Pants :S Still not the biggest fan of this song, though their dance definitely makes up for it! Look at all that attitude and aggressiveness ROAR! Especially Yunho, love his expression when they sing “Hey dont bring me down!” The pelvic thrusts and squiggles at the end make me nauseous lol only because its more than I can handle haha XDDDD

YAH for live performances :DD Lookie, they’re all sweaty,especially Changmin!! Gotta love hot sweaty boys! Lol, as always loved the part where Yunho raps!! And for those who’s wondering when Yunho unbottoned his shirt, it was at 1.13. No, I was not observative enough to realise it, but a fellow youtube user did lol..I’ve spazzed enough about this song, so yea you all know how awesome it is already but live performances are always worth watching so go go go!!


  1. Oh my, Changmin did sweat alot I guess, I’ve only watched their Mirotic performance, it was really great, clearer view of th choreo, makes me want to learn it, but I know it’s impossible for me :(

  2. adksfjalsdfl;akdf

    S-so hot. *.*

    Love in the Ice sounded a bit iffy in the beginning though. Not too clear, especially on Micky’s part. But dear God, when that bridge came up…-dies- Honestly though, I wanted to fix their clothes. Some of them were wearing the strangest things. >_<

    Hey! (Don’t Bring Me Down) is…wow. Just. Wow. They were wearing WIFE BEATERS. And they were dancing. And pelvic thrusting. And…and…my mind is a pile of goo right now while I watch everyone dance so fiercely. <3

    …Mirotic. I have been waiting for this performance ALL WEEK. One, I can finally learn that choreography and fail miserably while trying to dance like them. Two, I just wanted a HQ performance of this, and they gave it to me. Haaa, love. This was perfection.

    …Pfft. Their freestyle at 1:07 is so cute. XDDD

  3. Is it just me, or do Changmin, Yunho and Jaejoong have tails In Hey! (Don’t Bring Me Down)? Haha, and Yunho has little furry doughnut gloves! XD

    I really love the dance for Hey!, it’s so awesome.

    Poor JJ has the flu, and he accidentally spread it to the members. I hope they get better! <3

  4. The sad thing is, the airing was delayed an hour so I had to stay up even later.

    But Yunho ripped his pants during the Hey! perf.

  5. aww that was pretty fantastic!! the ‘love in the ice’ performance was great and i loved the interaction between the boys while they were singing… i loved it!!

    the ‘hey’ performance was good, but not as likable as the ‘mirotic’ performance. changmin does sweat alot, but it also looks like jae put some oil on his chest b/c it was delicious eye candy!! :D

  6. I never get tired of hearing Love in the Ice. Their voices sound so powerful as the song progresses, especially that part near the end with all the high notes. Comeback stages for DBSK are always awesome cause they’re like the crown jewels of the Korean music industry. Micky’s outfit for LITC looked really strange, but omg, they look so hot in wife beaters. Yunho’s dance in the beginning of Hey and the pelvic thrusts at the end were adfhkashdfkjhds. And Changmin’s scream in Mirotic…!!!!

  7. Well, I only watched the Mirotic perf. And…. I was dissapointed. I didn’t watch it fully truthfully, just…. the choreography was kinda boring, and… i just didn’t FEEL excited. I did love the vocals, though! ( I’m not an anti, btw. Just..yeah) Truthfully, (yeah, don’t cha love the truth xDD) I think Lee Hyori’s live comeback was a LOT more exciting! Although, I’m scared because they have the flu and I KNOW SM’s gonna overwork them ( Me = LSM hate) so I hope they boys are less sick and get me more hyped!

  8. First time commenting, though I’ve been stalking for a while. xD My name’s Demi. But anyways, I thought they did amazing, for all three performances, and they all looked amazing. Everything was perfect? Why? Because prior to the performance, all five were hooked up to IV’s because they’re were that sick. And yet they came onstage like they owned the place and totally blew everyone away. That’s the way God’s do it. xD <3 But yes, their pants were very unique, and I don’t get Jae’s random tail. xDD But anyways, it was all very lovely.

    PS. I love this site. 8D

  9. Nuragerl
    I think the choreo for Mirotic is so sensual and sexy XD I’m sure you’ll be able to learn it if you really want!! Trying never hurts <3

    I was lol-ing so hard at Yoochun and Jae’s outfits! Seriously, they looked like they were wrapped up in blankets hahahahhahahaha. I too was waiting for the Mirotic performance and was so so so glad it was live! Love the song. Ohh goodluck with learning the dance. I’ve always wanted to learn all these dances but I never put the effort in haha.

    Haha at your “tails” comment XDDDD Yea, I heard about them being sick. The poor bbs <3

    ROFLMAO DID HE?!?! Thats hilarious :DDDD

    Yea, I liked the Mirotic perf more than Hey, but thats just cuz I adore Mirotic too much <3 Hahaha, I actually wasnt ogling at Jae’s chest this time =P

    Your right, so much preparation was done for their comeback stage cuz ppl know how popular they are XD I really really liked Yunho’s solo dance at the beginning of Hey, except the flashing lights annoyed me and made me feel dizzy haha.’s.left
    Aww you didnt like the Mirotic performance? Its ok, I can name you a dozen performances I dont like of them but I’m still a fan haha. Though, I actually liked their choreography. I know its nothing exceptionally exciting and powerful, but the song isnt really THAT fast too start with, so the choreo fits it by leaning more towards the sexy, sensual side rather than bam bam fast dances.

    Hiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! XDDD Thanks for finally commenting! We, authors, love it when a silent reader comes out of hiding and comments us AND says they love the site *chucks chocolates at you*

    I did hear about them being sick, but wow, they were hooked up on IV’s? The poor babies =( But I agree, they did a wonderful job despite being so sick and thats why we love them. Such hard working boys <333

  10. may I say yoochun looked amazingggggg! amazingly deliciuos! omg! <33333 ahhhhhhhhh yoochun looks sooo hottt! god he’s tooo sexy!!!

  11. Yup, I read somewhere that they all had the severe flu, and that Jaejoong passed it onto them. And also, apparently in the prerecording of Hey, Yunho’s pants ripped at the thigh area. xDD

  12. everyone looks damn good in these performances, and plus they were sick too, i read from another blog. and you can see yunho’s tattoo, too. its rather sexy!

  13. amna
    Omg you should really marry him =P

    Alex Ryom
    HAHAHA HIS PANTS RIPPED!! XDDDDDDDDD I so didnt know that, thanks for telling me rofl.

    Yea it was a great performance if they were all really sick <3

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