Posted by: pinkandsparkly | September 28, 2008

A Slice of Shindong ♥

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  1. I’ll take one Poo Hair and some Rap Skillz please. It’s my splurge for the month.^^ Yay! Happy Birthday Shindong! Don’t ever change.^.^

  2. Ill take all of them plzz. Happii Happii Bdayy Shindongg! Stay healthyy && alwayz be happii ^_^!!
    Shindongg Hwaitingg!

  3. GAH NO I’m not rich enough for the appreciation for food! XD

    Whee~ Happy Birthday Shindong oppa! :D (lots of sept. bdays, i noticed :o)

  4. LOL, I can’t even afford the Poohair! xDDD, I’m SO BROKE! *sniff sniff* Shin Dong, how bout’ you buy me? xDDDDD! Awwe, that’s so cute though!

  5. PS: HAPPY BDAY SHINDONG! Eat the cake they took away from you in the CF! xDD

  6. Haha, what I want – the sense of humour – is free! Aww, what a cute tribute. I didn’t realize ShinDong was so young. I hope he has a happy birthday!

  7. Oh this is so clever <3333. I love it. Happy birthday, Shindong!!

  8. La Flor:
    Haha, my splurge this month was a pair of Guess shorts XD

    All of them? You’re rich :P

    Yea, I’m not rich enough for that one either, don’t know why I charged such a high price for it XDDD’s.left:
    Hahahahahaha, you ARE broke XDDD

    Yea, I actually wrote “happy 25th birthday” but then checked and realised he’s only 23 XD

    Thanks <3333 I didn’t bother with a picspam cos I think I have a total of two shindong pictures in my suju folder XD *flails*

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