Posted by: beckery | September 29, 2008

DBSK – Mirotic MV Japanese Version

Credits to joongiefiedportia33 @ youtube

To be honest, I havent exactly watched the Korean Version enough to memorise everything that goes on in the MV. Thus, I have absolutely no inkling on what the difference between the two versions are haha. But, I think Yunho does more “omona” faces in this one, which always makes me go like this -> XDDDDDD cuz that expression pawns all lol.

I still think I prefer the Korean version, cuz Yunho and Yoochun’s rap in the Japanese version sounds….weird? I dunno, maybe its just me. Anyways, tell us what you think!


  1. Of course with any lang. switch it sounds like it doesn’t rhyme at first, but give it a few tries. The audio and musical quality hasn’t suffered, so I say it’s great except for the rap. Why must Yunho use the nasally voice in Japan? It’s even kind of nasal in the Korean version.-.- I want deep voiced Yunho!

    Lol I always wondered why there was an “omona!” in there. Seems out of place.;D

  2. Meh, in my opinion the Japanese words are too short. xD I feel they should be longer, but they can’t make them longer because it has to fit with the beat… I like the Korean version better. Though, I don’t get why they have to make both versions … I was half-expecting a Korean version of Doushite too. ^^;

    But I love Yunho’s ‘omona’ expression, I always imitate that part of the dance and the rap because those are the only parts I know. :D

  3. lol i think they just pasted together the parts so probably the uncloseups are from the Korean version?

    I wanted it to be a similar meaning to the actual translation T___T
    And lol i sometimes don’t know WTH they are saying in that song.
    esp. Junsu and yoochun lol.
    Idk if its the accent or its just my ears failing.

    I like the Korean version better. It sounds much more natural.
    The rap too…Yunho and Yoochun just sounds much more better rapping in Korean.

  4. I think i love both B’cuz that’s the way of DBSK/Tohoshinki represent to. Both version have their own specialities (It difference becuz of languages) the meaning is still the same.

  5. this version isnt bad, but it may be that i’m just so into the korean version and know the lyrics already that the japanese version is just weird. but come on, who doesnt love some dbsk?

  6. Lol. Yes, I agree, Yunho and Micky’s rap sound odd in Japanese.. maybe its because we’re used to hearing it in Korean..

    I prefer Love In The Ice in Japanese, I guess Purple Line is the only one that sounds nice in both versions?

    Oh well.. they’re still the boys WE LOVE.

  7. laflor501
    I actually dont think the song is very different and I like the Jap.version and all. Just the rap kinda bugs me. I agree with what you said with the nasal thing *coughYunhocough* XDDD

    Alex Ryom
    I think they make to versions to target the two different countries? I have no idea, probably some scheme SM came up with. Though, I wouldnt mind if they had made a new MV haha. Cuz then all the hype is lost since the version are so similiar.

    Oooh you know japanese???? Thats awesome. Well I dont know an ounce of either Japanese or Korean so I wouldnt know haha. But yea, the rapping in the Korean version was better. Well I liked it more XD

    I say I like the Korean more but its not that I hate the other version. Both versions are great of course, cuz the song itself is extremely awesome.

    I really like both versions just hte Korean one more cuz I cant seem to get into the rapping part. And I’m so use to the korean version so yea.

    Hahah I’m glad you understand how I feel XD TRUE, I thought both version of Purple Line was awesome <3

  8. i always preffer the original…… same with LOVE IN THE ICE … cant get used to the korean version…. i keep singing along in japanese ^_^U
    so yeah… the korean version is better bc its the 1st i heard i guess…..
    cant vote for this one…..


  9. Pao
    Yea the original always leaves a deeper impression on you. I totally understand what you mean XD

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