Posted by: beckery | September 29, 2008

Hyesung’s Antismoking – No no no Song

Credits to furara @ youtube

Man, Hyesung never fails to surprise me! How can he make such a simple and short (why is it shorter than the other campaign song T_T) song sound sooooo beautiful *___* MARRY ME NAO!! Hahaha. Love his “Everybody say NOO” at the end XDD

After all these years, I’ve lost track of which Shinhwa member smokes and which ones dont. Though, being the health freak he is, I’m sure Dongwan has quit. I hope Hyesung has aswell cuz that beautiful voice can not be ruined!! <3


  1. He sounds really good! ♥ The background of the first scene reminds me of Epik High’s “Pieces, Part One” album though, somehow xP.

    Dongwan has quit smoking (after a few tries, I think), but I think he’s the only one that has done so. And I SO agree that Hyesung should totally quit smoking; his voice is too beautiful to be ruined with cigarettes D:. Uhm, does Andy smoke?

  2. Ooh, it sounds nice. [Sorry, I’ve never listened to Shinhwa. o__o’]
    But it’s funny that it’s before Son Dam Bi’s performance … because Eric raps. =D

  3. bleaghh
    Yea, I thought Dongwan would have stopped by now but wasnt too sure. Not sure about Andy either, though why do I have a feeling he does =(

    Alex Ryom
    Haha no need to be sorry. Though, you should try Shinhwa out. They have some excellent songs. But hey, I’m completely biased haha.

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