Posted by: lovediaries | September 30, 2008

080925 Mnet Dr.Wide – SHINee Cut

this is moonynim’s fault. I’ve been waiting for this to be subbed for days because Key shows off his multi-lingual-ness <3333

| Part 1 | Part 2 |

“Out of the 3rd generation idols, SHINee is the best” !!!!!!!!!!! Key started off speaking and I’m so glad for it because even the female host acknowledged that Key speaks really well ^^v. Taemin is asked the good and bad about being the youngest and for bad, Jonghyun starts stroking/petting his head and he’s like “stuff like this” XD.

They play footage from when SHINee won #1 on Mnet Countdown. I wished the female host had asked why they cried so much; instead, she asks them to sing Love like Oxygen live and dance a part of their routine. They do the climbing wall one and the host asks them to use her back rofl but then she’s rejected.

The voiceover compliments SHINee on their “strong vocals and great live skills” and the part they showed from their performance of “Romantic” is my favourite part. Key looked sooo handsome (and sad ;___;) when he was singing his lines with Jonghyun ^^ The host asks them how they manage to sing so well and Jonghyun says that when one of them has a sore throat, they all try to take care of that member and tell them to not talk as much. Then he goes “I think Minho has a sore throat everyday” LOLOL!!!

The female host asks Jonghyun to sing “Brown Eyed Soul” and he agrees to it only cause of Key (Jongkey<333). And he’s so good he can’t stop until Onew tells him to XDD.

Another requirement for them being 3rd generation idols is to be multi-entertainers (man, that’s like the perfect phrase to describe Key them all). And they played Onew’s “Yah~” from School of Rock!!! Oh this interview loves me, they’re showing all my favourite cuts!! They talk about Minho’s acting and asks him to redo that “Damo” scene with his ~*charismatic*~ eyes. But then he cracks up AHAHAHA.

Then they talk about Taemin MCing and his cute charms. Jonghyun asks him to show off his “Eye flickering” ROFL. And since when did he gain the nickname “National Princess”???? Lmao at all the fanmade pics XD.

Final requirement is to speak fluently in other languages. Key has to speak in English, Japanese and Chinese!!! And omg he is so adorable ♥___♥ “Hi my name is Key and we are SHI- HEY!” LOL. He has really good English! I couldn’t hear an accent :PP AND HIS CHINESE WAS EVEN BETTER!!! It was so rehearsed lmao. He said everything so quickly and paused when it came to “my dream is to become…” He actually said it right but then Jonghyun said something and Key added something in front of “singer” but I couldn’t hear if he said famous or not XDD “Since it’s the global generation right now we have to get prepared.” Omg why is he so awesome???

They let Onew answer what Contemporary means but I wished they’d given him something else to do. He’s too cute to stand by the wall and do nothing.


  1. ILU CANDY!!!!! <3

    Now go study whilst I enjoy these videos. *grabs a bowl of popcorn* O.O

  2. ^*glares at you*

    though I’ll probably be back for the next ep of their reality show.

    why are they such a shiny distraction???

    bleh. might as well reply to my other comments too T___T

  3. Ahhh, Keyyyy<33333
    I love his multilingual-ness x33
    I melted when I heard his English and Japanese…
    But my sister’s like, ‘It’s not that extreme, you won’t be able to hold a conversation with him’
    Well, a girl can dream, right? :D

  4. Why oh why is Taemin so cute? D: I… can’t resist anything cute, gahhh.

    I’m trying so hard not to pick favorites but Key is being too awesome. flasdkjflkds!!!!! D< Lol I heard an accent in his English. Then again, I do spend time nitpicking pronunciations because it helps me with my language-learning. XD But wow, I didn’t know he even knew some Japanese. :o

  5. haha I think Key can speak Chinese more than English or Japanese.
    Even though I can’t speak Korean, I can at least say, “ahnyonghaseyo, choneun ____ inmida.”xD

    lol Jonghyun couldn’t stop singing. He has a good voice but everyone just focuses on his vocals more than the other members.

    XD Minho has a sore throat every day. I think his brain farts everyday insteadXD lol idk.

  6. Alex Ryom
    Of course a girl can dream! I’m almost positive I can hold a conversation with him in both English and Chinese :DDD/

    LOL SHHHHH. Clearly, love makes one deaf LOLOLOL. Well I think when he’s just talking, he’s better than rapping? Cause even though his rapping in “Graze” was good, it was a bit hard to understand :PP

    Yeah omg I was like WOAH HOW DO U KNOW SO MUCH? Cause I remember them asking Onew to speak in Chinese and he said “Hello I’m Onew.” But then again, his profile is the only one without “chinese” in hobbies/interests.

    His brain farts everday? LOL WTH XDD

  7. Thank you, candychu! Oh, how did I miss this interview?! One of these days, I’m just going to watch all of the videos on shineesubs. But what will I do after that…?

    Oh, why is Key so awesome?! You’re right in saying that multi-entertainer describes him best. It’s like he can do everything! He’s so perfect it’s almost sickening. Ah, it was nice to see him so talkative in this interview though, in the last one, he was pretty quiet.

    Poor Taemin though – at this rate, he’s going to get sick of being called cute! And Onew didn’t get to say enough in this interview – JongKey stole the spotlight (as usual). XD Ah, I’m glad they asked about the ‘contemporary’ label – I find it quite annoying actually. When I first heard of them, I was like wth is a ‘contemporary’ band?

  8. ^No problem ^____^ Really? You’ve never heard them talk about contemporary? Onew has actually explained it numerous times which is why I wished for him to have done more since it’s the only question he ever answers. Even the members were like “Leader sshi can answer this one” … CAUSE HE ALWAYS DOES XDDD

    Yeah one day (in like years’ time), Taemin’s gonna become like the biggest man and everyone will be like “how were you ever cute”. Actually, I can’t imagine him as a man yet LOLOL. He’s still too much of a boy :PP


  9. ^ changmin with a little kitten ring a bell.. he’s the epitome of growing up into this big hunky man!! rwar!!

    yah but i agree chu, can’t seem to imagine taemin as a man yet.. his too pure, not adulterated by age.. :D

    ahh, but i absolutely love key’s insanely straight and white teeth, his smile is to die for! but i love how he wigs out when no one wanted to do the “we’re ShinEEEE” in english ^^

  10. Nope, I’ve never heard the contemporary explanation before but that’s okay – once is good enough for me.

    Do not say such things! I want to think that Taemin will be cute forever. But that could just be because I can’t imagine him as an adult either – oh well, it’s no big, he won’t be one for a long time anyways…XD Oh, I realize I never use the word “man”, I always say ‘adult”…odd.

    Oh? I thought you were marrying Onew? (Btw, you don’t have to reply to this comment. I don’t want to distract you.)

  11. i think onew and minho whos talk more D:
    and minho being sick everyday LOL..well if he is i think he should get better so he can talk more 8D
    and key has pretty decent english..i wonder if he can actually hold up a conversation tho XDD

  12. Lol can I call Key’s multilingual-ness his multilinguality? It’s fun to say XD He’s so cute popping into the host’s cut at the beginning. lmao I love how they started playing Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls” and then cut it off right before “you’re way too beautiful girl” XD I am so going to learn that climbing up the wall dance someday. I so am. And JongKey is so perfect.

    You know what? I bet Taemin’s going to get really tired of being called cute, and then he’ll like…. man up or something and be all LOOK AT ME, I’M HOT NOW. I could hear an accent with Key’s English, but it was a cute accent XD I mean it seemed pretty good. Key is too good at Chinese. My third grade brain needs him to talk slower. But they should totally let Onew talk more than just answering the “contemporary” question.

  13. yonheet55
    You totally read my mind because I was thinking about Changmin :DDD See, at least the magnae of SuJu was always pretty “mature” so it’s not like his change has been dramatic. But Changmin,omg he’s seriously become sex on legs. Sex on long legs XPP

    Yeah Taemin is so pure and untainted (not that Changmin isn’t LOL but I mean, he’s already writing songs about love and I can’t see Taemin doing that anytime soon)

    OMG I KNOW. I like scrub at my teeth now cause Key’s smile is just so gorgeous XDD I wanna have a smile like his. Onew has incredibly straight + white teeth too. His front ones are just slightly bigger which makes him all the more adorable :PP

    Aw, you’re so considerate lol but I can’t resist replying cause you guys are all so awesome and I love chatting with you all ^____^

    Lol yeah I’m sure Taemin will be cute forever. He’s cutest when he’s not trying because he’s so young that everythnig he does is cute. When he does act cute, however, it usually turns out pretty faily XD

    I am marrying Onew and Changmin and Donghae and Kyuhyun and Henry; but Key’s my favourite ;) You should know what I’m like by now :PPP

    I’m sure Key knows enough phrases to hold a very very small convo ;PP Worse comes to worse, he can just rap his part in “Graze” ^^

    Omg what an awesome word. Multilinguality. Wow. It is fun to say :DD

    I…don’t like the song “Beautiful Girls”. And I think that was the song Donghae chose for that compilation CD =.=”

    Jongkey is perfect. In fact, they’re so perfect that my heart breaks for Onew.

    Haha yeah that’s exactly what yumimaki said ^^. Except we can’t imagine Taemin (at this stage) all man-ed up. Though I will look forward to it. Er, what the hell, “man-ed” doesn’t have a red underline. Does that mean the word exists? ROFL!!

    I hope Key shows off more of his multilinguality (Gosh, I love this word!!) in the future :DD

  14. ah~ it’s been a while.. multilinguality- i like this word too.. i think this is the second time that key spoke english, chinese and/or japanese? i dunno. lol my memory fails me.XD or maybe i was just hallucinating.. hehe

    ep 10.. i love their dorm.. and there were fun facts about them posted on soompi.. do you know key was a national representative of daegu for water skiing? haha and jonghyun plays guitar, base and piano well.. and maybe composed something when he was still in a band..

    ahh.. they are giving me all the more reasons to love them.. as if i don’t love them enough already..

  15. ^Oh man, how is my hiatus ever going to work ;______; but thanks for letting me know <333 I still youtube but I’ve stayed away from soompi for a wk now; aren’t you proud?

    Wow, I never knew Key was into water skiing. Omg HE IS SO COOL!!!!! I knew Jonghyun played instruments cause he was in his band ^___^ But wow, my heart might actually explode now, eh?

    I can’t wait for it to be subbed!!!

  16. haha.. i’m proud of you.. i can’t do that.. lol..
    and i was contemplating on telling you about it since i know you are preparing for your exams? if i’m not miskaken? haha.. but well, there’s episode 10 so i guess you would have to come out too.. hahaha.. it was really an interesting read.. i found out more about them.

    and i can’t wait for ep 10 to be subbed too!!

    also, onew condition is really becoming famous nowadays.. i need a daily dose of it.. XD

  17. ^Aw you’re so nice ^___^ Yeah I have 2 more weeks til my exams start and I’ve made a whole timetable and everything. let’s hope I stick by this one :PP

    Speaking of Onew Condition have you seen the video of him running on stage and missing the stairs then flailing about? It was so cute!!! It’s here in case you havent ^^

  18. hahaha.. thanks for the link.. when onew fails.. he fails miserably.. but that’s what’s endearing about him.. i just love that kid! XD

    i think episode 10 is one of their best episode. and i was told there will be another episode next week.. isn’t that good news? haha

    now, you don’t have to reply to this too.. just rest or continue with studying! XD

  19. damm jonghyun is fine! that boy is reallly sexy! hehehe! <3 love him +onew!

  20. nylenuol
    Lol you and yumimaki said the same thing; but how can I not reply to you guys <3333

    And another ep after the 10th one?? THATS WONDERFUL!! I hope it’s one especialyl for Onew to get picked XD. And hopefully no more after that so I can really focus on my studies XD

    Lol they’re all so fine haha I love them all ^____^

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