Posted by: beckery | September 30, 2008

Shinhwa 10th Anniv. Concert DVD clips

The Shinhwa 10th Anniversary Concert DVD Japanese Version was released a few days ago at the crazy price of AUD$115.74. I think they’ve never heard of the saying “money doesn’t grow out of trees” T_T So I’m still waiting patiently for the Korean version to be released, hopefully with english subtitles XD

Watch a few short clips *HERE* at baidu. I cant find it on youtube yet, but it should work fine. Btw, this is a MUST watch for Shinhwa fans, so bleaghh, babiegel, moonynim, potensvita (and of course any other Shinhwa fan out there) I’m expecting you guys to watch this haha =P

Its just clips from the Specials on the DVD which includes press conference, interviews and behind the scenes of the concert and MV etc. And it has subtitles, which I found weird cuz the Japanese version isnt suppose to have English subtitles on it. So maybe some dear fan subbed it?

The clips I recommend are the 4th clip on post 5 (its the part of the concert where they bought out the cake and Hyesung was talking and they were all crying. Makes me sad every single time I watch it!), and the ones titled “VCR 2 – Saving the Eric” and “VCR 3 – A monologue of Eric”. These are from the extended version of the RUN MV which includes heaps more action, comedy from the boys and of course Eric’s touching monolgue:

10 years have passed.
It may be a long time, but to me, it seems short.
I can still remember our first performance clearly.
I thought my heart was going to burst.
What’s this? Am I sweating?
I never thought I would be nervous
No, I will be nervous if I am all alone.
I can smile because of you.
I can exist because of all of you.
Yes, we make each other complete
Don’t be hurt, Hyesung.
Don’t be ill, Minwoo.
Take your time, I am okay.
I want to make jokes with you, Junjin.
Andy, I love you shirt.
Dongwan, I like your hairstyle.
Thanks, guys.
Whatever they say, we will be Shinhwa forever.
Until we die, and even after we die.
The miracle will start now.
Can you pass me my gun?

No wonder I love the guy so much. So sweet and touching <3


  1. I think I’ll wait for the repackaged one cause you know it’ll eventually come out just like when their album came out though I did get one of the limited versions I still end up wanting the other one too @_@
    Lol thanks for the link, will watch later when I get home my phone sucks at playing videos.

  2. The thing is I dont think I can wait that long *pouts* I’m sooo tempted to just get the Japanese version, but man the price is crazy high! And do watch it when you have time XD

  3. I saw my name, LOL xD. I’m REALLY tempted to watch the clips, but I think I’ll wait for the Korean version to come out, ‘cos I want to watch the whole DVD in its HQ glory xDD. Thanks for the link, though. ♥

  4. Thanks so much for the linking the clips!!!! Imma go see it later ‘coz I don’t want to be all teary eyed at the start of the day. o.o

  5. bleaghh
    Yes! Because your very special <33 hahaha. I really should have waited too but I couldnt resist XD

    Ohh I hope you’ll enjoy it. I surely did. Made me get a bit sad though :(

  6. Ok I’ve watched the videos :D I’m liking it … hmmm to wait or not wait is my dilemma now. I’m guessing one of the loyal Shinhwa fans got it already and subbed it for us .. so I’ll just thank her or him!! :D OMG I loved Eric’s monologue .. this is why he’s the ultimate leader well in my eyes anyways.

    haha I just realized while I was typing this that the side bar has all my green eye icon … lol sorry!

  7. YAH!!! You’ve watched it! Someone to spazz with me XDDD

    I love Eric, which is kinda obvious haha. He really is a great leader. Sometimes he doesnt say much but when he opens his mouth to say touching stuff, it makes me melt <333

    Lol. no need to be sorry. I was happy that you commented in heaps of posts!

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