Posted by: pinkandsparkly | October 1, 2008

JJ Lin and Charlene’s “Little Dimples” MV

Video: loveade112 @ Youtube

I don’t know if I’ve said this here, but I absolutely ADORE JJ Lin. I think I may even love his voice more than DBSK’s, THAT’S how high he is on my list.

Anyway, I read this news article about him releasing a new album later this month, so I went on youtube to see if any tracks had been leaked (i’m a great fan, yes) and I found this. It’s a duet that he did with Charlene from Twins. I’m not too familiar with Charlene, but her dog is really cute :D (lol, how random xD).

The mv’s cute, though I’m not too sure what it’s about and JJ’s pants are weird. We don’t normally post cpop stuff here, but hey, it’s always good to broaden your horizons, yeah? Beccery and I are working on our Leehom-ism post, and Spazzes and I will write part two of our cpop pimp post later this month (or early next month) so soon you’ll all be bombarded with cpop bwwwwaaaahahahahahahaha XDDD

I’ll reply to comments later tonight, need to go get some studying done :'((


  1. hehe don’t hesitate to post more cpop, the song’s pretty good :D
    the only cpop i’ve ever listened to was probably jay chou..=.=


    Meeting Jordan, Epik High MV, and this. :D

    Good day was good.

  3. Savageshrink:
    Oooo, I must start pimping more cpop artists then! I loooooooove Cpop, I think I have more Cpop than I have kpop and jpop combined XD

    YAYYYY, someone else liked it :D!!!!! How CUTE is he, omg *____*

    Good days are great :D

  4. ooo this is cute :D I love JJ Lin I want his album to come out now! I’m glad I back tracked cause then I wouldn’t have seen this and wouldn’t have known he made a duet with Charlene. Thanks!

  5. Yay, he has a new album coming out. I actually got into his music after your awesome cpop pimp post. I’ve been waiting for part 2 for a while haha.

    They both fit this MV so well. He has dimples and she’s really cute.

  6. jus curious..
    anybody took notice of the blue bear in the mv?
    any idea where to get it?
    or where can i find bear of similar type..\
    pls advise..
    thanz.. XieXie..

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