Posted by: beckery | October 1, 2008

The Countdown begins [8 days to go]

♥ E for ERIC ♥

I’ve mentioned before that Eric is enlisting on the 9th of this month. So I’ve been thinking about doing a countdown thing and I figured that I might as well go ahead with it and abuse my “eric mun” tag as much as possible, since I wont be able to use it after he goes XD

Each post will include a little pic spam, a quote from Eric himself and a few of my fav. youtube clips of him. I guess its kinda my way of sharing some Eric love and saying goodbye to him, for now. I love you bb and always will ♥♥

Eric: I, Eric, promise to love each and every one in Shinhwa Changjo forever. My heart is always with you.

Actor Eric:
*Banjun Drama – Sweet Dream Part 1, Part 2* He stars alongside Chae Rim (one of my fav Korean actress) and they do a great job. Eric really suits the rich, suave character.  Like other Banjun Drama, the ending took me by surprise XD

Rapper Eric:
*Freestyle #1 and Run* From their 9th Album. Freestyle #1 is the rap track that Eric composed, wrote lyrics for and rapped himself. It pretty much reflects his feelings about their 10th anniversary.

Singer Eric:
“A Story I Cant Tell” at Winter Story Concert. Lol yes! Eric does sing and yes, I think he should stick with rapping XD Haha. Nah its actually not that bad. A bit shaky, a bit off tune but it gets better and he was obviously really nervous. This guy NEVER sings, practically like how Hyesung never raps, so I think it went pretty well and its just interesting to see him finally sing~~ haha. Btw I love this song. The original version was sung by Wheesung.


  1. You’re so awesome for doing this. ♥ It saddens me that he’s leaving so soon though =(.

    I love that Banjun Drama; Eric is sooo suave in it! I haven’t seen that video of Eric singing before; my impression of him singing LIVE was only of Junjin and him lip-synching to Doll, where they purposely went out-of-tune xDD. He actually did okay, imo xP.

    When I first heard Freestyle #1 I thought that it’s pretty.. cocky, lol xD.


    The countdown to popstar widowhood begins. T_____________T

  3. bleaghh
    Aww thanks for appreciating this. I sometimes feel that there isnt enough Shinhwa love around here and it makes me very touched when other people appreciate my efforts for stuff such as these *hugs you* Though I’m doing this for myself aswell cuz I want to appreciate Eric whilst his still here *tear*

    LOL I know! Freestyle #1 IS COCKY! But then you think about it and I guess, the boys deserve to be kinda cocky. It is their 10th anniversary, no easy feat in this industry. Plus they’ve always been ridiculously modest, so cocky Eric is hot <33 hahaha

    Awww dont worry, my heart is breaking as much as yours is. We Eric lovers shall stick together ok? *hugs you too*

  4. ILU!!! I’m so sad that Eric’s leaving us soon :*(
    I love the Banjun Drama and I’m re watching some of Eric’s dramas, though I should start watching his latest one since I haven’t seen it yet.

  5. Oooh are you talking about Chil Woo? Cuz I need to watch it too. I just dont have time atm to start a drama. But yea I’ve seen most of his other dramas..I really like the Banjun Drama. Its sad that all his other Banjun Dramas arent subbed =(

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