Posted by: beckery | October 2, 2008

290908 DBSK on Sukira

The abuse of heart is necessary cuz I LOVE DONG BANG JUNIOR INTERACTIONS anywhere anytime anyplace (anyhow? lol)!! And I still remember how fun it it was when DBSK (minus Yunho) were on Sukira last time. HYUKSU BICKERING FTW!! I admit, they’re my ultimate DBJ couple EVER lol ♥ But hey, other couples make me deliriously happy too ^___^

I will edit the post when there’s sub vids of the show, cuz I prefer to know what they’re saying =PP haha. And with fans being so efficient these days, I’m sure some dear angel will sub these *fingers crossed* But meanwhile, lets satisfy our cravings with piccies and gifs XDDD

::EDIT:: I told you fans were fast haha! A huge thank you to Ginaya aka Gina for subbing these ♥. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

Why I chose this pic? LOOK AT JAE’s POUT AKFJLDJDLFJLSKFJSF *_* Oh and of course, the Hyuksu <3

AWWW!!! Look at the HyukJae (HAHAHA OMG THEY’RE MEANT TO BE XDDD) Hug!!!

Haha Yunho is totally hug deprived!

Lol at the leadershis. Whats Yunho doing? *wink*

Aish, look at that; my fav part XD

Credits to soompi;[SP13]”อึนเหรอ!? @siamzone


  1. wheeeee~~~finallly get to see DBSK+ SJ interaction!!
    the last picture of yunho made me LOL; it’s my sister’s favourite actually
    she likes it when he does that XD

  2. Love all the dong bang junior ^-^
    Hope Jaesu get better soon.

  3. Hahaha. When I saw that picture yesterday (the first one) I just started spazzing when I saw Jae’s adorable face. I hope there was lots of HyukSu on the show. Yunho looks so hyper and really happy to be on the show ^.^. They’re so adorable!!!

    First part only for now.

    I <3 ginaya.

  5. Subs! Ginaya is really fast.


  7. Nurulnunu
    I love it when he does that too! Except it looks better when his face is serious haha.

    I hope they get better too, but with their schedule, it looks like they wont be able to get any rest =_=

    LOL You should have seen PAS when she saw that picture. She went batshit crazy and started talking like the most insane fangirl ever. I was freaked out I tell you. haha. And thanks for the link. I already saw it this morning but I didnt post it up cuz I’m patiently waiting for her to sub the rest lol.


  8. I love love love hyuksu bickering XD
    Hyuk: since your sick you shouldn’t talk
    junsu: you didn’t call me
    hyuk: sorry roaming fees

  9. lllaaa
    I DO TOO!!! How funny is it seeing them diss eachother out, when deep down we know how much they truly love eachother..aww. XD I havent had time to actually watch the whole thing but so much bickering in Part 1 already! lol. Junsu getting all pissy cuz Hyuk didnt call is so funny and then he keeps going off at Hyukjae cuz he didnt prepare anything. haha

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