Posted by: beckery | October 2, 2008

Big Bang – Number 1

Listen to it *HERE*

Damn you Big Bang, you make me go insane!!

The first time I listened to this, I was a bit disappointed cuz it didnt make me go “OMG” like their other top hits. But then I had it on repeat on the background whilst doing other stuff and now I’ve got it stuck in my head =_= I wouldnt really classify it as a great, memorable song, but its definitely a catchy one. I can see it being a hit cuz it is pretty sick yo! Hahaha. Plus its in english so we can sing along, which I’m doing already lol XD

Their english has improved heaps, but Seungri and Daesung needs more part =( I hear heaps of TaeYang, but definitely not enough of the other two. Love GD’s rap especially the part:

I need a girl who is in it for me.
Not for the money, not for the fame,
Not for the glory, not for the name.
It ain’t easy as long as you’re sayin’ this…

P.S Who hears TOP say “Krispy Kreme” at 0.12 cuz I do HAHAHA.


  1. Whoa, I would never have found this if it wasn’t for you! Thanks!

    I heard the Krispy Kreme too – it’s one of the first things he says and I agree – that part of GD”s rap is really cool. Ha, the beat’s sick and the raps are hot but I’m not sold on the singing parts yet. Mainly cause I can’t always understand what TY’s saying. Their English isn’t bad though – although TOP’s accent is a little funny.

  2. Forget what I said – I love it already and I’ve only listened to it like five times.

    Oh, in the comments, someone said he’s saying “crisp and clean”. That’s probably more likely to be it. :D

  3. Omg, I heard Krispy Kreme, too!

    Now I want one :(

  4. hahaha i’m not the only one who heard KRISPY KREMES!! ROFLMAO.
    top loves donuts and i guess he was thinking of one while recording.

    i’m excited for the MV for this. i bet it’s equally hot as this song.

  5. haha. it’s such a catchy song. *already hooked and I didn’t even get to the Krispy Kreme part*

    (long time lurker finally putting up some comments)

    edit: apparently I missed the Krispy Kreme… no, I heard it as crisp and clean. maybe i’ve been listening too much to fobby accents.

  6. LOL
    Crisp and clean

  7. yumika
    You are very welcome my dear XDD

    Hahahaha your exactly like me! At first I was like “meh” at it, but then after having it on repeat for like 20 minutes, its gone to “wow” haha. The beat and everything is very catchy! The thing about Taeyang’s part is it sounds like its not his voice? I dont know, it just sounds weird to me at first, but then I got use to it lol. Yea, I read the lyrics somewhere and it is “crisp and clean”. I swear I heard “Krispy Kreme though” XDDD

    You’ve had some for the past few weeks!! So stop whinging, *I* want some!

    Haha. Nope you’re definitely not going dilusional cuz heaps of people heard Krsipy Kreme too. Its actually “crisp and clean” lol! Yea, I cant wait for the MV!

    Ohh hi there!! Weeee we have a new commenter XDDD Haha, I’m glad at least one of us heard the right thing! I think maybe he just said it a tad fast and maybe we’re all craving Krispy Kremes lol. Cuz “crisp and clean” definitely suits with the lyrics more =P

    Hahahaha. Yea I read the lyrics and realised it was “crisp and clean” XDD

  8. Haha my sis who’s a big BB fan got me to listen to this, mind you I just got up from my nap *when I heard it* cause I had to work last night and I was like ummm it’s not that great, but then I listened to it again *well as I’m typing this cause I can’t fall asleep, suns to bright* and I’m actually liking the song now.

    I agree I don’t hear Daesung and Seungri as much as the others :( but Tae’s voice makes up for it. Their English has improved which is good … America debut soon?? ^_~

  9. lol “krispy creme” are they sending out subliminal messages, im joking, i heard crisp and clean. I’ve never actually gone and ate at krispy creme, i should go some day.

  10. Yeah, I’m used to Taeyang’s part now too. I think it’s just that he’s supposed to be singing what the girls would say so his singing is really high-pitched and that’s why it sounds weird. I do like it now though – and I’m really excited for their Japanese (and Korean) albums. I hope we get more songs like this!

  11. babiegel
    The song grows on you doesnt it? Its really nothing magnificent but its definitely winning in the catchy factor. I hope they dont go to America =_= I want them in Korea or at least Japan. Their engrish isnt exactly top notch lol.

    YOU SHOULD!!! OMG they’re so so so so nice. And fatty. But so nice lol.

    YES! He’s singing is really odd, higher than his normal voice O_O lol. I’m excited for the Japanese album, cuz that means more english songs, which means songs I actually understand and can sing along with XDDD weeeeeee

  12. its not bad ^^
    But we have heard better…and I think they know that too..
    I guess it is hard to think of what type of songs you would want for a Japanese release
    nevertheless lets inspire them to make songs that grow better each time…
    and I agree with the english songs part..
    I am glad that there are english songs… from our boys who can sing english well not bad eh…
    and because I love big bang simply well its that something from them their modesty … maybe its cause they are not scared to go out there and just be themselves besides the critizism.. ive never seen a band enjoy stage performance more then them.
    BIG BANG fighting~

  13. Awwww…your such a nice fan XDDDD

    I agree. The song is definitely catchy, but I’ve heard better from them. But they’re awesome for trying new things, starting new trends etc <33

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