Posted by: pinkandsparkly | October 2, 2008

DBSK @ M Countdown

Video: Mickytoho @ Youtube

Interview | Mirotic | Love in the ice

I only watched Hey! and then decided to not watch the other ones, so that’s the one embedded.

Incredible support from the Cassiopeias, but omg, the Hey! performance was unbelievable, and not in a good way. HELLO MR CAMERAMAN, WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO THROW MY SHOE AT YOU. The camera work was so bad I thought it was a fancam. I kept seeing the back of people’s HEADS. I feel sooooo sorry for the boys; they’ve been working so hard and they don’t even get proper shots of them on tv :'((( AND YOU COULDN’T EVEN HEAR THEM. They might as well just played an mv or something.

HELLO, FANS, LEARN WHEN TO SHUT UP ok that was harsh, BUT I COULDN’T HEAR ANYTHING :(((( And it’s a pity cos I’m starting to like the song :( Maybe Mnet should invest in those big cards that they can hold up to tell the audience what to do, eg. “clap”, “sigh”, “scream loudly to mask the voices of singing pretty-boys”. Oh gosh i’m gonna be on the Cassiopeians hit-list now, aren’t I.


  1. Holy crap! I couldn’t hear anything besides the girls screaming. I’m all for cheering & all & I know Cassiopeias are extremely happy that the boys are back but isn’t the point of going to watch them is so you can hear them sing?

    Anyways didn’t watch the Interview yet but I love all their performance. I HATE a lot of the CAMERAMEN in Asia. Do they not know how to hold a camera or what? I know some want try to make the video more interesting but I don’t need to see the back of ppl’s heads they’re NOT interesting. Seriously I have a headache watching the Hey performance, which makes me sad cause it’s one of my faves from this album :(

  2. lol at your “card”, sometimes i wanna scream shut the hell up to those fans at some perf too. they act like crazy fangirl. this is why i prefer japanese music show, its boring but at least we get to hear something

  3. Oh wow, it really is like a fancam! I think the sound quality’s poor due to the location of the cameramen but since I know nothing about these things, I could be wrong. Maybe you should search for a fancam of the performances – that might be better.

  4. Please don’t blame the camera man, there’s different cameras positioned everywhere to get every shot, its the editor’s job to look through all of them and cut it to show on TV. As for the sound, well, blame the sound engineer/editor as well.

  5. Babiegel:
    I know, right? That’s why I prefer their Japanese performances. Yea, they’re not as exciting as the Korean ones, but at least you can watch the performance XD

    Korean cameramen are normally quite good, actually. No idea what went wrong this time =.=

    Hear hear :DD

    I know that they want to be supportive, but the screaming is ANNOYING.

    I think the sound normally comes through from the microphones actually XD You’re right, I should search for a fancam, at least it’ll be focused on the boys =.=

    The editor should take some of the blame, yes, but at the end of the day, if the editor was provided with decent shots, eg.not the back of people’s heads, maybe they would’ve had a better selection to choose from when they cut the clips.

    And as for sound, true, sound comes from the ear pieces and a sound engineer should be able to highlight the singing amidst the screaming, but even the best sound engineer wouldn’t be able to completely overlap a whole room of screaming fangirls (i’m guessing that there were more than 100+) with five voices.

    But yea, with all the money Mnet gets (well, I’m assuming they’re not broke) they should be able to afford better technicians; maybe I should apply for a job there? XDDDD

  6. Actually.. the performance was lip-synched anyway (I think), so it doesn’t really matter to me, haha. But I agree that the fans were way too loud =X.

    You should really watch Mirotic though, it was hot! And Live in the Ice was really good, as usual =).

  7. jhsflkushgfksudhglskdjglhfds yoochun! !!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh soo sexyyyy! god has created such a sexy human beinggggg!!!! love ya yoochunnnnieeee! <3

  8. They were hot.
    && The I actually thought it was a fancam.
    Cuz i was like WTF. Why are there heads >:/
    But aneways its not about the camera man.
    Its about the Performance:
    It was awesomee.
    People lets just forget the Camera crew & Editor Crew
    Thinnk about the awesome performance :D

  9. Bleaghh:
    Oooo, was it? K, I’ll go watch the other two performances now ^___^

    yup, he was <3

    Hahahahaha, yea, the whole time I was just sitting there thinking “you know, instead of seeing all these heads, I could be seeing JJ’s chest right now” XDDDD

    And you’re right, it should be all about the performance :)

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