Posted by: beckery | October 2, 2008

Eric’s Enlistment [7 days to go]

♥ R for RicSung

Possibly one of my most favourite couples in the whole wide world. Their love-hate, oil-water relationship is just pure crack. The way Eric pines for Hyesung’s love and the way Hyesung rejects and avoids him is sooo adorable. But deep down, we all know Hyesung loves Eric right?

Eric: Eric only loves Hyesung when Hyesung doesnt like Eric…

Q: If you could all live together in a dormitory again, who would you want to share your room with?
Eric: This… what…Hyesungie’s opinion is also very important.. Ahem.

Q: If the members were to go on a 2-days/1-night trip together, what will it be?
Eric: To Hyesung’s place. I’m very curious about his daily life, and if he eats well.

*RicSung’s Banana Song* This clip never gets old. I still laugh like crazy whenever I watch it XDD “I never fall in love with banana again” HAHAHAHA Ohhh Eric, why are you so adorable? Then Hyesung actually joins in and does a ballad version of it rofl. DORKS

*Eric Kissing Hyesung* ROFLMAO! Shinhwa are playing that “pass the paper along using only your mouth” game. Its all fine until its Hyesung and Eric’s turn. Its so funny, Eric fully grabs Hyesung’s shoulder and Sungie freaks out and slaps him HAHA. Hyesung impersonates Eric’s expression and oh my gosh, he really does love Hyesung XDDDDDDD

*Eric and Hyesung Dibidib* Its a hitting game, where they smash hit eachother with the big toy hammers. Hyesung totally gets owned here, but gotta love all the abuse haha

More gifs under the cut



  1. I know everyone is saying that they’re “oil and water” but deep down those two are just <33333333!

    Waaaaahhh~ SHINHWA! Don’t leave me!!!!

  2. AWWW, RICSUNG <33333333333333333333

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, that snowman gif is PURE GENIUS

  3. moonynim
    They are! Poor Hyesung is going to be soooooooooooo bored when Eric leaves. No one bugging him and clinging onto him. </3

    Lol, what if I told you I made it???…..haha yea ok, that sounds ridiculous cuz I’m a computer fail. But I love that gif and I like to show it off as much as possible, even though I didnt do it haha.

  4. :( my fave couple won’t be together for 2 years. Lol these two make me crack up so much I end up tearing up from laughing at them.

    ROFL I remember watching the Dibidib video for the first time with my sister and we were laughing so hard I fell of my chair and she started laughing even more after that. Love the gifs!

  5. i absolutely LOVE this post because it’s ricsung. i’m pretty sure as much as we’d miss them too, they’d probably miss each other more (at least eric will hahaha) ^_~

  6. LOLOL that Ricsung gif is one of my favourite ever xDD. Ricsung is one of my favourite couples too (with Woodong), they always crack me up real bad lmao.

    That kissing game was so funny! But the Banana song is even funnier, ROFL. What the heck were they doing, singing about banana? xPP That dibidib game made me laugh so much! Eric was taking revenge ‘cos Hyesung said that he likes Eric the least among the members, haha. But the abuse is sooo hilarious, omg. Hyesung’s face when he got to hit Eric! xDDD

  7. babiegel
    HAHAHA I’m laughing at you too. You fell off your chair!! hehehe XDDD This couple pawns all. I swear they’re doing it for fanservice, and they’re doing it all right cuz the fans definitely love it all. <333

    Awww a Ricsung lover too!!!! *hugs you* cuz I’m in depression and need as much love as possible haha. Eric will definitely be missing Hyesung like crazy. I wonder if Hyesung will come and send Eric off!

    That gif is soooo awesome hey! Its definitely my favourite too. It exactly describes their relationship. Eric doing the whinging and following and Hyesung running away hahahaha. Ohh I love Woodong too! And RicDy! And everything else hahaha.

    I loved Eric’s face when Hyesung finally got revenge. Hahaha and then I think they got both annoyed or something. Oh boys. But abusing means they love eachother so more abuse please XDDD Btw I’m glad you like the clips <3

  8. I like how hilarious the guys / shows always try to pair them up so that they’ll be more akward. Have you watched the interview where Hyesung said that he called Eric, only for him to hang up on him and Eric text him back to ask Why does he call him for?

  9. jaayx
    Lol I totally agree with you. Which is why sometimes, i think its for fanservice. The MC’s love to ask about their relationship and it makes me laugh every single time. Oh i’ll miss these two <33

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