Posted by: pinkandsparkly | October 2, 2008

“Rokugo” Japanese Version

Video: tvxqmaxchangmin @ Youtube

It’s not the official mv, the uploader just used the original Korean mv when she uploaded the song.

SJ-T will be releasing “Rokuko” in Japan in November this year, so…does that mean Heechul will come back and Yesung will be kicked out? Why can’t they just move SJ-H to Japan instead?

And I think SJ-H songs would suit the Jpop market better too, cos idk, Jpop just seems really happy XDDD Like the new NEWs song (see, that’s happy).

You might have noticed that there’s a new voice/s in the song, it belongs to Moeyan, a Japanese comedy duo who are helping the boys break into the Japanese market ^^


  1. It’s kind of weird hearing the Japanese version when I’ve become so attuned to the Korean version, just like it was with Mirotic. Is there a female voice in this song? o_O

  2. Idk if that “duo” is male or female, wiki didn’t tell me anything XD

    But I only heard one voice, so I’m not sure where wiki got the “duo” from :S

  3. Moeyan are girls. And TROT is super big in JAPAN. Or so I was told by my Jap friends. I believe they call it ‘enka’.

    And yes. They loooooove SuJu T. =.=”

  4. They’re girls??? Lol XDDD

    I’ve never heard J-trot……

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