Posted by: lovediaries | October 3, 2008

081002 M!Countdown Ranking

I really need to stop going on Youtube T___T People, start yelling at me and tell me to go study!

{credit: shineesubs @ youtube}

This is a sports thing now. They should’ve done this for their Olympics one instead of pretending to be in Beijing XD. Onew tells them to divide into teams and Key grabs Taemin’s hand. Jonghyun is so hurt lmao so he’s like “Then I want Minho”. Taemin & Key are the Love Team while Jonghyun and Minho are the Half Team. (Who scripts these? Honestly XD).

Onew tells them to ride that toy horse (which is like a gym ball with a head – its so cool) and Taemin is all “Oh no *chucks a tantrum*”. I love the way Onew smiles and says “You have to do it ^____^”

They do a relay where it’s Key vs Jonghyun then Taemin vs Minho. ITS SO FUNNY AHAHAHA.

The next game is called “Kiss Me Kiss Me” AND OMG BRAIN EXPLOSION. It’s the suck and blow game !!!!!!!!! Or, if that’s a bit crude, then the Card Kissing game SUJU once upon a time played. (First the horse game and now this? STOP CORRUPTING THE YOUNG ONES). I can’t watch this without thinking dirty DDD: But lmao I love how they use A4 paper XDDD. AND OMG MINHO WIGGLES HIS EYEBROWS OMG. mixen you need to gif that!!! PLEASE!!


  1. Are you sure you’re following your timetable?



  2. Go study!!!! I need to stop going on youtube too. I’ll refrain myself from watching this until I’m done with my work, but I lovvvve the card kissing game ;D.

  3. Yay! NO STUDY PARTY! YAAA~~~ I am the worst influence. <33 I was reading your blog entry about the discussion with God instead of my tutorial reading and omfg, that was about 100x more interesting. You should write philosophy (even though it was a political science one) so I can study it. I think you had some valid points.

    I fully did not understand what you meant by Minho eyebrow thing because I thought it was going to be short. LMFAO He looks so dorky. It is a look I can imagine by Dad doing while I shake my head. I just wish I could see him do that in person because it would be on of those “Oops I laughed so hard I peed my pants times” but in a less socially awkward way. =)

    I like how in the Kiss game Minho sucked in the paper so much so Jonghyun had to reach for it! :O No lie! Key’s was just a little, and Minho almost ate the paper!!

  4. GO STUDY ♥ I totally regret stopping here because there’s too much SHINee goodness T_T Lol. EP 10 omg omg omg *O*

    I’m in the school library now so I can’t watch it D: I’m so going home to do so :x

    STUDY CANDICE~! You have like, less than 2 weeks! *scares you* x) [it was supposed to motivate you… somehow :x]

  5. askdjflaksd suck and blow~ ;o; you know I’m gif that, Sexchu, no doubt. It’ll be made especially for you. <33 I NEED TO WATCH THIS IMMEDIATELY OMFG. Poor Jonghyun – sometimes Key umma just can’t be separated from his son. :’D

  6. LKJASD I was waiting until you posted this 8D

    I WAS SO HAPPY OMG 8DDDD When Onew introduced the suck and blow part, I was thinking “NO WAI. COULD IT BE 8O???” AND IT WAS YES LOL I knew they were going to this sooner or later. But darn it, they only used the A4. 8D *cough*

    LOLOLOLOLOL HOMG THE ~*BROWS*~ I totally wanted to gif it, but… I realized that I have no graphics skills. D:

    And don’t worry, you’re not the only dirty thinker ;D

  7. I wont bother telling you to study cuz heaps of ppl are telling you already and I dont think that will stop you haha. However, I will say that, whilst you were youtubing and watching the clip and writing this post up, your FRIEND will have finished chapters of notes and has probably gone WAY ahead of you, my dear. So study or not? =P

    PS. Also I prefer you spend your time having a threeway with me and PAS then doing this..We miss you =(

    PSS. I reversed into a rubbish bin today and now my car is fked up and sounds like a lawn mower. Not a good day I tell you =_=

  8. pas
    It’s okay, I have a plan now so it should be okay :)

    Why are you so well disciplined??? DD: I’m screwed. No one can save me .__.


    Lol see, procrastinating always results in the most interesting things ;D

    I did not expect Minho to do something as ridiculous as that. I bet the PDs got on their knees (possibly hands too) for him to agree to it ahahaha.

    Ah that may also have something to do with their height differences XD Jonghyun practically climbed onto Minho lmao.

    ITS BEEN SO LONG! And I’m totally failing on my hiatus ;____;

    And yes that did scare me :'(

    OH YES ILU <333 Though I’ll have to wait like a month for my gif-ing since I’m hiatus-ing for REAL now. I will miss you and our talk about can/dicesex XDD

    IS THAT NOT THE BEST GAME??? LOLOL. Omg, if they really used cards my entire body would explode XD

    You haven’t even been as strict as you promised you would be :'(

  9. Lol I’m really loving these boys when it comes to M!Countdown :D They’re total crack, they need more ^_^

    Haha go study! The sooner you finish the sooner you get to do a lot of the other stuff you want to do ex stalking Shinee or watching DBSK’s new performance etc.

  10. ^I know! I need my wkly dose :) And dw, I’m off for real. I’m giving my pw to beckery so I won’t be able to blog or even reply to comments after this.
    Feel special that you’re my last comment for a long time <3333

    … wait, you don’t know my mother.

    Bwahaha, the Card Kissing Game was so fan service … Already corrupting the poor kiddies, how dare they… xD
    [By the way, all of SHINee is older than me. I just call everybody kiddies. ^^;]

  12. Hahas th kiss me kiss me game is so funny, I think i’m gonna use it for my birthday party, my bday was ytd *unbelieviable*. Anyways, I can’t really read korean words so what’s th song title for number 16&11?

  13. Alex Ryom
    HELLO YOU. I’m done :DD

    Ooh you’re younger than all of them! Then you can totally perve on them without feeling guilty … but then YOURE TOO YOUNG TO PERVE! ;P

    Omg Happy Super Belated Birthday!!! I’m so sorry I couldn’t reply sooner OTL

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