Posted by: beckery | October 3, 2008

DBSK visiting Ye Eun

Credits to mickytoho @ youtube

Its subbed! Yah! XD Jaejoong kinda narrates the whole thing, which was a bit weird if you ask me haha. But Ye Eun (♥) and the boys are all really cute here! I want a baby too with any of them!!

Ye Eun is so cute pretending to ignore them when they first came. I bet you she’s probably the only girl who’s ever ignored the boys! Haha. Jae and Changmin (who looks like a daddy with his glasses lol) then start cooking cuz she said she’s hungry whilst the others make rice cakes from playdough and feed Yoochun with it lol. Look at all the Yoosu action!

But then Junsu has absolutely no confidence in their cooking so he orders chicken XD haha. Its sooooooo cute how they play with her and feed her *melts into a puddle of goo* And look at the way Yunho blew the food cuz she said it was hot..awww….Is your brain exploding from all the cuteness? Cuz mine is!! ♥♥♥♥

Before they leave, they tell her to touch their faces to remember them. I WANT TO TOUCH THEIR FACES TOO!!!! *strokes* All the clips of them hugging and kissing her are sooo cute, it makes my heart swell..I bet you, they’ll all be wonderful fathers one day <3


  1. OMG this is just cuteness overload. Haha Ye Eun pretending to ignore them, that must have been a first for them.

    aww Changmin’s appa now lol I was kinda hoping that it was Yunho who was gonna cook with Jae but him playing with Ye Eun is so much more adorable.

    Haha Yoochun had to eat the rice cake and Junsu not having any confidence in Jae’s cooking lol. YooSu moment :D ROFL at them standing up and sitting down whenever she said to.

    I’m with you I’d like to have a baby with any of them lol but then we’d have to fight off 799,998 girls before we can do that :P my brain’s turning into mush just watching this.

  2. omg… so cute. *restrains for total spastic actions*

    their english has improved soooo much. and of course jj’s voice <33333333333333333 (and him cooking is just so darned cute)

  3. AHHHHHHH! THIS IS TOO CUTE. It was adorable to see Jae and Changmin cooking. Who doesn’t love a guy who can cook ;D. I love how Junsu was like, let’s order chicken, and Jaejoong’s like WHAT? We’re cooking here and you’re ordering chicken?!? Yunho, would make such a good daddy (as I’ve said a million times already xD). He put his hand under her mouth so food wouldn’t fall and he blew on the food when she said it was too hot. Gah. I can’t even describe how cute this is and how much I love seeing them with the little girl. I can tell they really cared about her and meeting her was a memorable experience for them. Wouldn’t it just be lovely if one of them could be the father of my babies? I’d have the perfect husband and my kids will have the perfect father :D. I think my vocabulary had been diminished to two words: adorable and cute.

    About the Raise Me Up performance, Junsu’s voice is absolute love. Changmin’s voice was really powerful too :).

  4. awww!!!

    Micky and Yunho look so fatherly!!


    I love Micky’s voice when he sang You Raise Me Up!

    And they’re pronunciation is so much better!!


  5. babiegel
    Haha I’m sure we’ll be fighting more than 799 998 girls. Theres heaps of unofficial Cass around and imagine all the competition *sighs*. Their future wives are sure lucky people.

    Yea the song was beautiful. And I’m so proud that their english wasnt that bad <333

    I think they would all make great daddies and hubbies!!! But Yunho is definitely one of the top candidates. He’s sooooo sweet and gahh makes my brain explode. Yea the performance was awesome <3

    They all look fatherly!! hahaha. Yea their english is sounding pretty good. I love the song aswell and Ye Eun is sooo cute!

  6. awwwwwwww the little girl is sooo cute! >< she is blind and yet she plays the piano soo welll! :D I love yoochun he is sooo sweett!!!!! Ye Eun kissed him on the cheeck! so cuteeee! <3

  7. amna
    She is very cute and talented <333

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