Posted by: beckery | October 3, 2008

Eric’s Enlistment [6 days to go]

Firstly, I must rant. OH EM GEE I REVERSED INTO A BIN! And then its wheels got stuck and it took me forever to pull it out. And now my car sounds like a freakin lawn mower. Conclusion? I think I shall be slaughtered by dad and might disappear from the face of this Earth even before Eric leaves for the army. No joke. I’m so going to be dead! Ciao peoples <3

 ♥ I for Incredible 

E for Eric, R for Ricsung, I for Incredible. Why did I choose the word “incredible”? Because Eric is incredible in so many ways. An incredibly selfless leader. An incredibly talented man. An incredibly gorgeous guy… An incredibly weird person! Hahaha. (Aw I should have done E for ET XD) Anyways, I could seriously sit here all day and list his traits but I’ll spare you the pain.  

Dongwan: Eric was offered several solo contracts from 2-3 places that were worth 4 times larger than the other members’. At that time, he was the most popular member and was given the highest deal but he refused it to continue to be part of Shinhwa. We knew that he was offered a very lucrative deal but we’re not in the position to stop him in taking it. Then during one of our gatherings, we all decided that we wanted to remain as a group.

Interviewer: You featured on Andy’s album for one pizza?
Eric: Between the members there are no financial motives for our participation in each other’s work. (But that will change starting with Andy)


Eric kissing: AndyDongwan | Minwoo | Junjin | Eric biting Hyesung Lol I’ve had the RicSung kiss clip in last post so I’ll put the biting one here XD I swear Eric is incredibly touchy-feely sometimes. He might even beat Siwon for the “King of Skinship” throne. He hugs, he kisses, he hugs, he touches. Haha is that suppose to be a leadership quality?

Eric featuring in other member’s songs: My Love (Dongwan) | Never Give Up (Andy) Lol theres like a million other Eric feat songs but I really cbs finding them XDDDD


  1. Haha I’m such an idiot. I accidentally deleted this post and just got it fixed. But comments were deleted so I’m going to repost your comments and I will reply to them tonight lol. I really do suck at technology XDD

    Eric is incredibly weird, but that’s why we love him :D. He doesn’t act like a leader on camera, but we all know that he’s a great leader =].

    Oh and I have to say this: ERIC YOU WHORE xDDD.

    He’s featured in so many songs, he should really release his own solo album. I kinda doubt that it’s gonna be released though, since time is tight =(.

    Haha bleaghh but your right. It’s true he doesn’t act like a leader on camera. I wish he’d release his album already :( why isn’t it coming out. Anyways thanks for the links hehe it’s always good to watch him especially before you go to sleep ^-^

    I am really sorry about your car! I hate driving, I have not even gotten my license yet and I am turning 19 = me being a lameo and relying on friends to drive me everywhere. Fail as anything. I hope your Dad understand a little though. One thing I have noticed is that I may think my parents are going to kill me but they understand because they went through similar things. I am kind of biased though because my Mom is one of the biggest fails with a car and my Dad got in an accident recently, his first, because he was playing with his ipod. But, if you need somewhere to hide you can always come by Canada for awhile. =) We have a free room. LMAO And I seriously am going to need someone here when I get the Mirotic album and photobok because no one will understand the fainting and other various boldly functions that will occur.

    Okay actually about the topic, I still am pretty not knowledge at all about Shinwa but I just feel in love with the song “Just One More Time” so I have been on a mini spazz lately! Eric seems like an really amazing guy. I need to wish more variety shows with him because that is how I feel in love with Andy and Minwoo. I really wish him the best of luck when he departs. <3

  2. bleaghh
    Im actually still hoping for the album *fingers cross* I know its probably unlikely since its so close to his enlistment and theres still no news on it, but he might do a surprise. Who knows? Eric is weird haha.

    I’m having a blast doing these posts. Because everytime I have to go search thru my picture folder and then go hunt down clips on youtube and its all very enjoyable. XDDD

    AWWW thats so sweet of you *hugs* As you can see, I’m still alive and plaguing this world with my awesomeness XDD I didnt get murdered, just my ears got killed haha. He was kinda concentrating on the car more than on lecturing me lol. Yea my mum’s not such a great driver either, so she totally understands and always tries to intervene. Dad on the other hand, has never gotten into an accident and thus, thinks everyone should be able to drive like him =_= But his human and fails in other stuff, which I love to point out. Feel the family love? LOL.

    Ohhh I love that song! Its actually their 10th anniversary song, cuz it was released on their 10th anniversary. So yea, it means alot to me. But even if it didnt have such a huge meaning behind it, its still a lovely song! <33 And yea Eric IS a great guy! XDD

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