Posted by: lovediaries | October 3, 2008

Kangin and Shindong’s Tattoos

I’m still suffering from a minor heart attack but THIS NEEDS TO BE POSTED. Before you see the pics I’d just like to say that I have nothing against tattoos (I love JaeChun’s !!!) but I’m really not liking theirs :S Maybe I’m still shocked at the fact that THEY ACTUALLY GOT TATTOOs lol

I could see Kangin getting a tattoo but not really Shindong.

Anyway, Kangin’s says “Actions are more Prection than words”. Whatever that means. Someone enlighten me, please? And Shindong’s one is big and scary D: I can’t make out what it says but I see the word “Friend” and “need” and “indeed”. [Beckery: I think it says “A friend in need is a friend indeed”] There’s also a 4 on his tattoo (top left) and that may or may not have something to do with him and 3 close friends which he apparently always posts about on his cyworld. They all have a similar tattoo too.

{credit: jungsoo @ super junior lj comm}

Image Hosting by Image Hosting by Image Hosting by Image Hosting by

And you can see Shindong’s peeking out of his sleeve in this pic

Image Hosting by

So…what are your thoughts?
Honestly, I never imagined a Super Junior member getting a tattoo. I don’t know why but maybe cause they’re all “grown up”? Lol I have no idea. I’m still finding it weird.

Omg, guys, imagine if Ryeowook secretly had a tattoo on his back or something? LOLOLOL.


  1. I don’t like them. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t really match with their personalities? Like we almost all expected YC and JJ to get some tattoo with a that type of print… but Kangin’s seems too fancy and swirly (and also bad engrish… really no excuse) and Shindong’s is just too… complicated? It makes him look like a biker. >.<

    And if Wookie had one on his back, I’m sure it’d be so cute. Like a teddy bear or something.

  2. I totally think Kangin’s is a typo..I think it was supposed to say “actions are more PRECIOUS than words” because “prection” is definitely not a word…btw I love your site =D

  3. AHAHAHAHA, i’m trying to imagine Ryeowook with a huge SKULL tattoo on his back XDDDDDDDDD

    Shindong’s is gross. I don’t like it. I prefer GD’s *________*

    Ooo, and I never thought SUJU would have tattos, either. Idk, I just can’t see them dancing to “pyjama party” with mean tattoos

  4. PS: I think Shindong’s says “a friend in need is a friend indeed”

    Kangin’s is weird. Seriously, if he’s gonna have that on his back for the rest of his life, wouldn’t it make sense to use a dictionary first =.=

  5. I actually might have had a real heart attack this time. I kept holding my poor breaking heart and hoping they were fake. I’m not a fan of tattoos, but if they want small, ignorable ones(like G-Dragon’s forearm tats) it’s okay. These are big and…I hope “prection” is a word I don’t know and not a mess up of “precious.”

    I know they’re grown and they can do what they want, but Wookie with a tattoo? I might start crying.

  6. Prection = Precious+Action…..hahahahaha look at my awesome bluffing skills…nah, have no idea wtf “Prection” is XDD

    And if Hyukjae ever got a tat, i will skin him alive, no joke. He’s too innocent for that lol.

  7. dainty10
    LOL YES! He does look like a biker. AND LMAO @ teddy tattoo XD

    lol no, prection is definitely not a word and its a long way off of precious :S

    EWWW. Wook with a skull would scare me more than Shindong’s tattoo O.o
    Yeah I like GD’s tattoos too ^___^

    Yeah I was trying to think of how they photoshopped it so well but I’m no longer in denial T_T Not after seeing the last pic anyway. I’m surprised SM let Shindong’s cause his is so big and more obvious than on the back O.o

    LOL trying to do a mirotic (me + erotic) are you?

    I was trying to picture Donghae with a tattoo. It’d probably be really hot LOL. But if Changmin got one, I’d skin him alive XD.

  8. ROFLOL at Wookie having a tatoo. Like maybe one of those “tribal” print ones. >.<

    Idunno. I having nothing against people getting ink it’s their body they can do whatever the hell they want to. I just wished they picked something that matched their personality. Or a design that doesn’t scream, “LOOK AT ME PEOPLE, I’M A BAMF!!!”

    Subtle yet cryptic. That is the way to go.

    p.s. I’m with PAS on spazzing on GD’s tats. *___________*


    i really cant imagine it… but then again i would have never imagined Kangin and Shindong having one either… SHOCK!

    personally i dont like themm… (the tatoos) but i will admit that the detail and design they chose were well DONE,, its really like art…. especially Shindongs one..

    hehe “A friend in need is a friend indeed” tihihihihi

    anyways… I would never let Sungmin get a tatoo.. unless its a tatoo of MY NAME ^______^ LOL <3 Ohh man i wishhh =P

    interesting POST..

  10. ^ROFLMAO I had to urbandictionary the meaning of “BAMF”. And yeah exactly! I don’t think it matches Shindong’s personality ;S

  11. Hot. *__* Simply, ridiculously, hot. <3

    I want Leeteuk to get a tattoo, but it would probably be, like, big angel wings on his back and my brain would implode from the sex. :/

  12. ^OMG I WAS THINKING THE EXACT SAME! About Teuk and getting wings on his back *HI5*.

  13. candychu: omfg, ftw. *HIGH TOUCH YO* Um, imagine, if he did get big wings on his back and had a photoshoot, with his back turned towards the camera and his shirt falling down, with his head turned to the side, hair pulled out of his face and glasses falling down his nose…

    freughtn. sldf;lk. sleeetguh. *__*

  14. ^WHAT THE HELL GET OUT OF MY HEAD. I pictured the exact same thing except he had no shirt and just had his arms out a bit. And he didn’t have the glasses either. BUT STILL.

  15. ^ i like the idea of teukie getting that angel wing tattoo XD it would be just like hyde’s (l’arc~en~ciel) tattoo!

    OMG KANGIN T_T prection is not a worddddddd…i’m SO gonna go on his iple and leave a msg “OPPA PRECTION IS NOT A WORD”

  16. I don’t really like stars having tattoos. I don’t know why, it just makes them seem … dangerous? to me…
    And according the the results on google, prection has something to do with predictions … Iunno.

  17. I am at a loss for words. Because Kangin used to be my fave and Shindong is now my fave and OMG ARE YOU GIVING NUNA A HEARTATTACK WTFH

    And yeah I think the prection one was a typo. Should I be asking if the tattoo artist is still living? lmao.

    Kangin I could actually see with a tat but DONGHEE T_T

    And I didnt know that Wookie was like the 3rd best drinker in SuJu so a Tattoo may not be so far off. But I think he’ll get a really cute one though XD


    But can you imagine him shrieking or what or laughing his high nervous laugh when he gets it. XD

  19. is that really PRECTION. omohow. i wish kangin would explain what the heck it means. it looks pretty to me but the words are way off “omygosh”.
    and SD’s, “a friend in need is a friend in deed” it’s such an elementary saying. it would be better if it says “I LOVE MEAT.” XDD
    i’m not complaining that they got inked. they can do whatever they want anyways, they’re still the kangin and SD we love. with a TATTOO! ROFLMAO. a pink bear with hearts? oh cute.
    TEUKKIE LEADER > seriously, he would look 214012857 x hotter if he gets one in the back. *dies while imagining* (hahaha his laugh while getting a tattoo!)
    SUNGMIN > i think he’ll have something pink. LOL. (anything on the back will look smeeexxxyyy on him. <3

  20. @candy
    It’s nice to know you’re spending you’re time imagining boys with getting inked with angel wings. Aren’t you supposed to be hitting the books?


    I volunteer to be his personal tattoo artists. *starts looking for a needle*

  21. p.s.
    Aren’t you glad you learned something to new today? *BAMF*

  22. mui_gei_tal
    LOL I wonder if the tattoo was originally like that? Cause then that would’ve been the tattoo artists’ fault :S

    Alex Ryom
    If it has meaning (like TVXQSoul/Mate) then I think it’s alright XD. But prediction doesn’t even fit into the context. Aish, what has Kangin done to himself XD

    Lol yeah I was thinking, if only Kangin knew there was a mistake…he should just release the ELFs onto him (lmao I say it like they’re dogs…JKS JKS!!)
    OMG LMAO @ Teuk laughing his high pitched laugh. He’d kill the tattoo
    artists’ ears by the time he’s done XD

    Funny you say it’s an elementary saying cause my friend just told me it’s actually a motto for some school here XD
    Lol I can’t imagine Sungmin with a tattoo…unless he goes back to his Don’t Don look? XP

    LOL You’d better not have been calling me BAMF. AND OMG I WANNA BE THE TATTOO ARTIST. His was so hot *g*

  23. I feel so bad for Kangin, having that tattooed on his back. LOL. THE POOR GUY PROBABLY DOESN’T EVEN KNOW D:.

    And if we’re signing up to be tattoo artists, I CLAIM SIWON. I WANT TO TATTOO ‘CARPE DIEM’ ON HIS … ABS. A BIT LOWER THAN THAT ACTUALLY. (Oh man, I remember being SO JEALOUS of whoever put that henna tattoo on him when they were promoting Don’t Don…!!!!!!!11!1)

  24. ^I know. It’s not even something he can be proud of anymore cause he’ll be flashing it to english speaking people like “Hey check out my tattoo; t’s written in english :DD” and they’ll be all “Um, that doesn’t even make sense.”

    Didn’t something similar happen to Britney Spears when she tattooed something in Chinese? XDD.


  25. oh no….i dont really like the idea of them having tattoos…but its their choice after all…

  26. ^I really want to know everyone else’s reaction XD

  27. @_@ I never would have thought any of the SJ boys would get a tattoo. I mean I don’t mind them *lol since I’m getting one on my back* plus it is the person’s body and they have every right to do whatever they want with it but SJ just seems squeaky clean guys that would never ink their bodies.

    Anyways I’m hoping the one on Kangin isn’t real cause if it is then his tattoo artist doesn’t know how to spell. Shindong’s would have been fine if the picture was different. The one he has there seems a lil scary. oh well!

  28. ^Okay you’re still the last person I’m replying comments to XD.

    Yeah! I think cause Super Junior are like all cutesy and dorky and flaily; hard to imagine them with tattoos O.o

    I would rly like to think it’s fake too but it looks pretty real to me :S Poor Kangin …

  29. i like their tattoos, but i wish that if any of the boys get tatoos it should be like the ones in don’t don, i think tattoos on Siwon would be sexy

  30. Kangin tattoo would have been cool if there was no spelling mistake.

  31. Yoochun and Kibum are going to laugh their butts off when they see Kangin’s tattoo. I’m pretty sure they still know that much English. Should they tell him at all? Who knows…

  32. Eh. I know Super Junior and all… and I know they’re not supposed to be “hardcore,” but that’s definitely their image. Kangin and Shindong actually strike me as the type to do something like this. Well, Shindong not so much (but since someone mentioned that he has friends who have similar tattoos…) Kibum definitely too. But they’re… tacky. It’s not that I’m against tattoos, but like all other forms of body-art (fashion, makeup, piercings, etc), I like it discreet and tasteful. Something that can be easily hidden if necessary and not overt and obvious. Overt and obvious equals tacky and impulsive. Something small and discreet says that you realized the fact that tattoos are permanent. I would NOT want something like what Shindong has inked on his arm on me forever. Something small means you’re realistic (um, most workplaces are uber conservative and don’t allow visible tattoos) and looking ahead to the future.

  33. I showed my friend Kangin’s tragically misspelled tat. And she said, “Somewhere in the YG office, GDragon is laughing.” LOL.

    DONT JUDGE ME!!!!!!!!!

    This coming from the person that pointed out Siwon’s butt/pecs XD!!!!

    Besides, spazzes and I have nothing but gleamingly pure intentions for Horsie. ;]

  34. I got upset too, not cause of their tattoos, but cause of the tragic konglish, and shindong’s tattoo & words don’t match… The fake ones that they had for Don Don was really really great, just not this one. I hate to see Kangin’s face when someone informs him on the spelling… T_T

  35. Total Lover of SJ. BUt I gotta say this.

    In total need of a Dictionary.


  36. shindong’s tattoo is artistic, but i wish it was smaller
    as for kangin, I wish it was written correctly…
    but its their own body and they are grown up men, so they can do whatever they like…
    i still love super junior! :D

  37. aww, man why did they do it !
    now they got forever a tattoo, and kangin’s tattoo is forever wrong written
    omg i really dont like it! :(
    and the tattoo’s are soo big T.T
    they are really real right ? =(
    aa i wish, they where fake
    lawl fake, means that they aren’t realy right?
    lawl im dutch,, and my english is not very well X’D

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