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SHINee Reality Show Ep10

I’ve decided to reply to comments individually after exams but I do read all of them and in regards to Minho tripping down the stairs and glaring at them, that’s actually happened before!!!! I can’t remember what it was for, but SHINee were walking onto the stage and Minho was about to walk on when THUD and HE FELL ROFL. Then he got up, turned around to look at the stairs and just continued walking on stage XD. I tried looking for the clip but it’s already been removed :( And actually after reading all those fun facts, I realised that a lot of the info was taken out from interviews/shows/quotes …. COOL magazine has a tendency to do that, I think :PP

Anyway, onto the episode! You’ll all get to see their bunk bed arrangement for yourselves! As usual, thanks to shineesubs for subbing & uploading in HQ ^^

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

What happened to the last two noonas??? How come they don’t get their own date :S Last week was really weird lol; not only did two show up but they squished the both into one episode hmm. Ah well.

I feel so sorry for them; they all look so tired and it’s possibly really early like 5am except I REALLY LOVE THEM GETTING OUT OF BED. I had to watch it numerous times though cause so much was happening and I don’t have enough eyes. But Jonghyun is top left, Taemin is bottom left, Onew in middle, Minho top right and Key bottom right. Key looked so hot walking out of the room in his hoodie (okay what about him isn’t attractive??). I like how Minho pulled Onew off his bed. Unfortunately Onew realised his pants were about to fall off and finally got up himself. AND THEN HE HAD TO STACK IT LMAO.

I bet it’s a daily thing because no one (not even him) was surprised to find himself on the floor XD. Also, HOW CLEAN IS THEIR DORM? It’s a lot tidier than Super Junior’s lol. And it’s super kid-dish. They have soft toys everywhere (not only on their beds) and omg I wanna live there and be carried out by Key the way he carries Taemin!!!

Anyway this ep’s noona is comedian Park Jisun. Except I find everything she does creepy (and rude, too!) more than funny :S I thought I was a creepy fan, saving pictures where SHINee’s shirts fly up (I BET YOU ALL DO IT TOO) but she makes me look angelic lol. She runs throughout the dorm wanting to touch everything that belongs to Jonghyun. She pointed at a picture of ONEW and complained about whoever drawing JONGHYUN like that. Which was really stupid because you’re so in love with Jonghyun but you got his picture wrong? And she goes through their wardrobe (ALL THOSE CLOTHES!!), putting on their clothes. And Minho’s uniform, omg I can just imagine how hot he is in uniform. Actually I don’t even have to imagine because I do have photos of him in his uniform wakakakaka. Then she goes into Jonghyun’s bed (omg he had like 3-4 alarm clocks, poor bb :() and went under his covers. I don’t tolerate people sleeping on beds with “going out” clothes T____T But not only that, she then decorates his bed with pictures of her. She basically does what every fan can imagine themselves doing but would never actually do; the sane ones, anyway. And she took their well earned money DDD: I hope she gives the money back at the end of the episode…

Maybe I’m bitter because she got to be in their dorm while I’m here watching her through a screen, doing all that stuff T____T

Anyway the boys return after their “work out” session which involves jogging and badminton (where Onew and Taemin lost to Minho so they now have to cook) and LMAO @ Jonghyun’s FACE!!! And Onew has Key’s foil mic!!! It’s all prettied up with a red ribbon now :DDD Onkey <333!!!  Then LMAO @ Jonghyun again, after she replied to why she was in Taemin’s clothes with “I thought they were Jonghyun’s”.

“At first I thought does the noona like me? But as time passed by she became a burden to me” LOLOL. Did everyone see Onew’s face when she said she was only cooking for herself and Jonghyun? It did not look too happy to me *giggles*. AND OMG SHE MESSED UP ONEW’S MUSIC SHEETS – so that’s what she was stepping all over DDD: Okay, I officially don’t like her. Completely. Just like what Onew said ^^. LMAO @ Jonghyun’s “Check if anything has changed” ROFL!!! They make her sound like a burglar (which would probably describe her well). AND OMG HIS FACE when he saw his bed LOLOLOL. Maybe her being creepy is okay since we get to see Jonghyun’s facial expressions (which rival those of Siwon’s LMAO). “Instead of being envious, I felt bad for Jonghyun hyung.” LOL Taemin!!!! And then Onew sitting on the couch, clutching his cushion “I’m very scared” AWWWWWWWWWW.

Then Minho is lying on his bed and the cameraman (I think) goes “Did anything disappear, like your emergency fund?” AND MINHO MADE THE FUNNIEST FACE. I screencapped it … but it’s too bad to share XD. And Jonghyun wears 30 inches pants … was that a joke? Because his waist/hips/EVERYTHING is TINY. Anyway back to Minho. He’s forgotten which book he left his money in and he has to borrow a cellphone and call (his mum?) and omg he is so adorable because that means he would’ve been like “Omma, I’m leaving 500 in “Tolstoy” so remember that!” LOLOL. But I actually got teary watching it because he is, afterall, still a 16 yo boy living with his hyungs who aren’t even 20 yet. And yes, they’re pretty independent but they shouldn’t have to be?

AND WHAT HAPPENED WITH ONEW? He simply said “La” and walked through and she got all angry. I watched it like 5 times to make sure he didn’t actually “hurt” her so why did she get so pissy? Then Taemin discovered the camera in their bedroom!! Jongkey go through Jisun’s bag and try to take back all their stuff that she stole. Onew comes in, all hero-like, “I’ll fix your habit of taking things” and she got all cranky again DD:. THEN she said to change SHINee to a 4 member group and that there is something bad in SHINee. She even asked if she could swear. Poor Onew :(((

Taemin comes out to ask if they know where Minho’s emergency money is and when Minho is talking to the camera he looks so handsome *____* Then back to Jisun and she gave Onew money to send him away. MY HEART IS WEEPING FOR HIM. Man, if I was in that position, I would’ve started crying. Or ran off and banged my door in someone’s face. And I don’t care whether it’s scripted or not (as some of YT commentors have said) but what she said was rude “He kept interrupting…So I didn’t like him. I wanted to send him away.”

Oh and turns out Minho’s emergency fund was for Key’s birthday present :( How can anyone steal money from Minho??? Or any of them, for that matter. So they start their meal. And I’m loving Taemin so much in this episode “I saw the hyungs eating and they were smiling *pulls lips into a smile* but their eyes were crying.” LOLOL. Anyway, Jisun decides to be nice to Onew. She even said he was funny !!!!!! Okay, maybe I do like her a little … She leaves for schedule and tell SHINee to check their computer which scares the hell out of them lmao.

They’re in their white + light blue outfits (Jonghyun in his tie :Q_____) sitting in the van talking about their meeting with Jisun. I love how 2Min (so many “Min’s” lol) sit together while the love triangle sit opposite. Turns out Jisun was planning her and Jonghyun’s engagement party =.=” Key is the only one who seems to look at the “bright side” of it. A side I cannot see at all. Key MCs for the party and Jonghyun starts singing and his shirt is all wet *_______*. Anyway while everyone is talking, check out what Minho was doing =.=”

Jonghyun’s ideal type is “someone who has pale skin, thin and red lips.” Okay, that most definitely is not me.

And damn, she’s still here for the next episode T________T

I actually watched Part 1 last night before going to bed and I ended up dreaming about SHINee! I was a noona (but I didn’t look like myself) and we had to go on a rollercoaster!! Then afterwards we were just playing around. I was talking to Jonghyun and he told me that he has one little sister and he did have a little brother (I don’t know why the little brother died in my dream). And this got me thinking…

Which of them actually have siblings?? I can imagine them all as the only child except I can see Taemin with a sister. Does he have a sister? And also, how come Onew and Key don’t go to school anymore? I was reading Jonghyun’s IPLE entries (I think I’ll start posting those lol) and he was talking about Taemin and Minho studying and then I thought how come Onew and Key don’t need to? I assume Jonghyun hates school since he’s a music person and has pointed that out a couple of times (he even admitted that he found studying really hard); but Onew did really well in school so why doesn’t he go to college/uni? And what about Key?

Actually I remember watching a pre-debut video of Key (with no subs though) and it was while he was at school. So he either had problems or he was really good or something. IDK. I think I’m just trying to waste more time now by asking pointless questions XD. But when you think about it, we still don’t know much about the boys…hmmm….omg I’m almost as stalkerish as Park Jisun O.o

Oops, I wrote more than 1700 words for this post. If you read the entire post, you’re either extremely bored or you love me heaps…hoping it’s the latter :D♥

p.s *CRIES* LAEC is no longer the featured blog on the SHINee tag. That was like the only thing I’ve been proud of as a blogger and now we’re no longer there </333333


  1. Yeaaah, what did happen to the other noonas? Whatever, I’ll move on. Personally, I like the new noona. People seem to be missing that she’s a gag(wo?)man and being outrageous is her job this episode. The part at the beginning looked scripted so there’s no way they shooed the boys out of the dorm without telling them the noona was coming. I’m sure she apologized for the music sheets and gave the money back offscreen.

    Yes, Jonghyun’s expressions are the best! His face when he saw the pics above his bed needs to be a gif right now. The smiling lips and crying eyes face was so cute.^^ Onew is worse than usual this ep. They never had to stop the noonas from beating him up before.XD But…underneath her Jonghyun-stalkerism Jisun seems to think Onew is funny and pure. They’re both dorks. This might be *the one*!

    I think Taemin has an older brother and Jonghyun has an older sister. Don’t know about the rest. =.= I certainly hope Key is in school b/c I vaguely remember that Jonghyun is “taking a break” from his final year. Shinee will only get more popular. They have to stay in school before it’s impossible to go back. I wouldn’t like it at all if Key “took a break” though maybe he just wasn’t studying *that* night.

    Yes I am bored, but you must love me heaps if you read all of that.^

  2. ^I don’t have to love you heaps to have read all that (but I do love you heaps anyway <3333).

    Yeah they didn’t seem too natural at the start :S The tiredness seemed natural lol but they so knew they were filming xDD

    Yes I’m hoping someone will gif Jonghyun’s expressions. His eyes (and mouth) go MASSIVE !!! I think the noona knew that Onew is “fun” which was why it was okay to pick on him. BUT STILL. He’s already unloved as it is lol XDD And I love how he walks out the door but is back sitting with them the very next second XD.

    Actually I think Taemin does have an older brother .. lol see I read about it again and I’m like “Ah I’ve read about it before” but then I may just be imagining it. Jonghyun’s taking a break from his final year?? But won’t being “out of touch” with school make things even harder for him?

  3. I loved this episode, omfg. All of the Onew abuse from Jisun was hilarious. XD I actually got happy when I found out she would be back next week. She’s really funny – kinda weird, but funny, lol. Her stealing Minho’s money was classic. And it make me fall in love with Minho a bit more, because not only did we find out he was saving his money for Key’s birthday (kjasdfglkjasdfty I are bias) but also, that way he looked at the camera and accused the noona of taking it – his voice, his eyes…*_____*

    I loved Jonghyun’s reaction when they turned on the computer, rofl. <333

    Their white outfits are nice, but I *hate* that Jonghyun was wearing that stupid unbuttoned shirt with that stupid tie. All I could do was stare at this mole like this: *g* and couldn’t even pay proper attention to the subs. DD:

    Jonghyun using Key’s foil mic = <33333

  4. ^but I *hate* that Jonghyun was wearing that stupid unbuttoned shirt with that stupid tie got me all WHAT??? DDD: cause I’m like how can his sexy outfit be stupid???? but then All I could do was stare at this mole like this: *g* LMAO I SO AGREE WITH YOU!!! It’s extremely weird but I always look out for it too.

    And Minho is so sweet. He should make a recording where he just whispers or something and I could fall asleep listening to it ^__________^

  5. (can I reply to replies here? feel free to tell me to gtfo XD )


    I. I don’t think I would be able to fall asleep listening to something as amazing as Minho Whispers On Tape. There would be no relaxation whatsoever. D:

  6. Mel:

    And I’m not even a SHINee fangirl

  7. Mel
    Of course you can reply to replies here. We have two “Mel’s” here now so I thought you were the other one and I’m like “why are you talking to me as if you don’t know…” and then I realised :DD. AND OMG THAT PIC made me make a funny sound like nngh or something LOL. I don’t know if it was the tongue or the tie. Or the mole.

    And what do you mean there would be no relaxation? D: I’m hoping it’s not something dirty … not that I was thinking there’s a possibility of it being dirty, but you know.


  8. ^
    It’s great that you don’t have to be a SHINee fan to appreciate the sex that is Jonghyun. 8Dv

    There ya go bb, name change. Better? :D That picture makes me so ridiculously happy in places that I won’t even mention. OH, Jonghyun. *_* I’d say it was all three, for reals. :|

  9. And something dirty? Me? How dare you. >:|

  10. ^Thank you bb♥ You totally read my mind because I was thinking “She should use mixen since she doesn’t even want to be called Mel” And plus that’s totally my nickname for you ;)

    Dirty. Yes you. Oh I dare :)

  11. I totally agree with you on your opinion of the episode … It’s sad the boys are so good at fake laughter and happiness [Making of MNet School of Rock, anyone?] or else I’m sure they would’ve been like ‘OMG who is this creepy noona get out of my dorm -o-‘ xDD

    And Mel/Mixen, that picture is so hot. *o* Wonder who he’s looking at … -imagination goes wild- LOL.

  12. I only recently discovered Jonghyun’s mole and lakjsdfljsakj. His chest is hot. Wow. I never imagined myself saying that ever. D:

    OH DEARRRRR XD It was really uncomfortable for me to watch this episode. Too many mixed feelings like: ahahahaha whooo I’m not a totally insane fangirl 8D, omg what is she doing?!, I kind of feel scared for her because I can just imagine all the antis, and I’m really scared of her (lol I actually thought it when Onew was saying that XD). D:

    But I’m also lol-ing at Jonghyun maybe a little too much 8D? Poor guy looks like he’s going to have a heart attack every three minutes. :x Actually, every time he finds something “shocking,” the Psycho theme plays in my head. xD (and nvm the actual video lol, it’s just that it had the exact… tune? i was imagining)


    I don’t tolerate people sleeping on beds with “going out” clothes
    Ah, yeah, I know what you mean. :( Although I did do that once when I was extremely wiped out.

    Taemin has an older brother (Taeseon), Minho has an older brother (Minseok), Jonghyun has an older sister… from this video XD

    And the pre-debut video of Key (with subs):

    Lol I’m sorry. I feel like I’m spamming you with so many videos. D8

  13. I am trying to pay as little attention as possible to all the Jonghyun spazzes around here (girls, don’t stab me I’m not a hater). Also, I was quite excited to open that link that Mel gave thinking it might be a really hot/cute photo of Minho when lo and behold….sigh. I felt like I just drowned in a sea of disappointment. =.=’

    Anyhoot, I don’t like the noona in this epi but I’m totes happy that they finally made an epi where we see the boys dorm *YAY!*. Which is surprisingly squeaky clean. o.o

    On to your Q’s: Aren’t kids in Korea suppose to take this SATs thing before they get admitted to college? And if they fail that they can’t enter any Uni. So they go and take a year off and then re-take the test until they finally pass. Same thing happened with Seungri. After he graduated HS, I thought he didn’t want to go to college coz there weren’t anything about hims studying but then YG blogged that he actually failed the national entrance exams and had to be an OSY (out of school youth) for awhile hahahaha.

    Ahoy. What was my point again? x___X

    Oh look! They say Jonghyun has an OLDER SISTER *raises my hand*

  14. Alex Ryom
    :D I’m glad you agree with me!

    Well fandom makes us say/think/do unbelievable things ;)

    Argh, omg THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE CLIPS. You didn’t tell me Taemin cries !?!?!?!?!? My heart broke. I hated how the DJ kept saying “Oh you’re so cute” I was thinking HES CRYING OMG STOP TALKING AND LET HIM BE. I loved how Jonghyun and Onew started patting him. I just wanted to give Taemin a hug. Poor boy. He works so hard and, akjflkasjfaksjdlfaskdf :(

    (but yes, thank you again for the vids <333)

    Maybe you should tell your brother to get plastic so that you won’t think of him every time you see Jonghyun. It’s such a waste not to spazz over such a young, hot, sexy, fine kpop pretty boy, right? :PP (I’m evil, I know)

    Ooh really? I have no idea how the schooling system works in Korea but that would make sense. Except I doubt that would apply to Onew – he’s too smart to need to take a yr off :S

    And LOL I rly wanna see a pic of your brother XD

  15. I forced my bro to get a haircut so he wouldn’t look like Jonghyun too much. So here’s me crossing mah fingers Jonghyun doesn’t get his hair choppedoff anytrime soon.

    I doubt Key and Onew failed too. They seem like smart kids to me.

    And I don’t have any recent pictures of my brother. Funny coz I know the Korean girls in his school prolly have his. >.<

  16. Well the comedian noona was alright. I was a little disturbed with her posting her pictures on Jonghyun’s picture and all that but I guess shes a comedian so she did all that and was fine. I think thats why PDs allowed that because if they thought it was over the limit, they would have stopped her a little bit in between cuts or something.

    I think Minho’s more eligible for the next Shi Brows lmao.
    His eyebrow movements on m-net countdown beat Jonghyun hahaha.
    Jonghyun does have nice look moments though.

    lmao but noona was really mean to Onew in a funny way. It was weird though when he was suddenly back when Minho came to where Key and Jonghyun were at. So it prob. meant she wasn’t serious and Onew just went along with that I think.

    lmao jonghyun’s ideal girl is SO not me. I’m not thin lmao.

    But anyway…I really wonder too about their studies. Even though high school is difficult (Esp. Korean schools, I think the pressure is ridiculous), they should at least finish up if they haven’t. I’m still disappointed with Dae Sung for dropping out of high school. But I think college is important, considering Korea’s a very high educational system. I worry a bit for their future lol.

  17. OMG That noona was so evil. -_- But it was funny, especially watching Jonghyun’s expressions xDDD And does Jonghyun not have a dad or are his parents divorced or something? Because he never seems to say anything about/to his dad when he sends a message out to his family. It’s always his mom and sister…

  18. moonynim
    dude, I totally need to see your brother XDD.
    They’ve all gotten new haircuts recently, yeh? So does he look like your brother again?

    Lmao it’s now the min!brows eh? But that’s okay cause they’re sexy XDD LOL That was the best! He’s all enthusiastic to leave and next thinng you know, he’s sitting down wit hthem again XD

    Actually, I’ve noticed that too! I know this is probably none of our business as fans but I’m really curious about their family structure. Hmm who knows, maybe in time they’ll talk about it? We’re so bad XD!


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