Posted by: beckery | October 4, 2008

Eric’s Enlistment [5 days to go]

♥ C for Crazy 

E for Eric | R for Ricsung | I for Incredible

[OMG I accidentally deleted by I for Incredible post gahhhhh…what to do :S]

As I’ve mentioned a million times before, Eric is totally batshit crazy. No joke. But hey, thats why I love him and I never ever want him to change. He’s my 4th dimensional leader and without him, Shinhwa just wont be the same <3

Minwoo: When I was doing the recording, I received written encouragement from the members but there was this one evil person who sent a really weird message. Very soon, I found out it was Eric who sent me the surprising message ‘Go die’ (죽어)” so I sent him a reply and wrote, ‘Get lost’ (꺼져).
Junjin: The band member who were most unhelpful is Eric. Eric had, many times, sent me messages like ‘샤릉훼’ (syareunghwe) this kind of alien language had often disturbed me during practice.

Radio host : Who is the weirdest member in shinhwa?
Dongwan : I think Junjin and Eric do a lot of weird things. They’re unbelievable. When they wake up, they fold their blanket into an origami airplane..
Hyesung : And they’re walking down the street when they suddenly turn to each other and start fighting with each other in Chinese!

*Eric and Junjin Waking up* You can see that they’re starting to fold their blankets into origami airplanes ROFLMAO HAHHAHA Such big idiots. I have no idea where they get their energy from =_=

Eric’s famous Samba Dance | Eric as Sailor Moon | Eric and his Pikachu bag | Eric cut from Summer Story DVD All my favourite little crazy clips of him. His Samba Dance is hilarious, especially when a gorgeous hunk like him starts doing all those body twisting hahahaha. I love the Pikachu bag clip. He wears it on and starts looking at the camera and mirror to check himself out. Then he gets all protective over it when Minwoo wants to look inside XDDDDDDDDDD Oh Eric ILU.


  1. hahahhahha

  2. this post totally change my opinion on eric, i used to thought he was this cool introvert person
    he’s so… random and cute XDD
    thanx for compiling this funny stuff

  3. Kapan

    Hahaha he is a cool person…sometimes…Lol but then when he’s with his members, he kinda turns weird and very very random.And thank YOU for enjoying these posts haha. Just sharing some Eric love <3

  4. I sometimes suspect that Eric has the mentality of a four-year-old, lmao. xD

  5. HAHA I totally agree. His such a kid at heart <3

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