Posted by: beckery | October 5, 2008

Asia Song Festival 2008

I checked out the performers list for both days , 3rd and 4th October, and it really is impressive. However, only ones I’m familiar with is of course the korean performers (DBSK, SHINee, SS501, 2AM, U-Kiss and SNSD) and Fahrenheit. Im not the biggest Fahrenheit fan, but I do like some of their songs and seriously, who doesn’t have a crush on Wu Zun *_* ?!?! I’m vaguely familiar with Anson Hu, Karen Mok and W-inds, but I’m ashamed to say I have no idea who the Vietnamese singer is, despite me being Viet Hahaha. *gets kicked out of the house by mum*

Pictures credit as tagged; Soompi; Baidu; DNBN; basmspasm

My favourite Mirotic moment! || Look what Cass did!! Its “TVXQ No.!”

More solo pics, SHINee, SS501 and U-Kiss pics under the cut XD Everyone’s looking hot (I really shouldnt be saying that about U-Kiss though :S)! Except whats with all the black/grey/white clothing =_= No one has colours on bleh…..

PAS: Bec mentioned Fahrenheit’s WuZun earlier, so I must post a picture of him from the concert to show everyone who don’t know him what they’re missing out on :P

Is it necessary for me to do a Fahrenheit post?

I swear I’m not being biased, but there were HEAPS of really nice Jae pics and I just had to, had to post them. (You’ll absolutely love these pics of sexy baby kjj, PAS =P)





YooSu <333






  1. OMFG I just saw that picture of Yunho right after Inkigayo where I was all depressed and I still laughed for about 10 minutes! SUCH a perfect moment to capture.

    I love how Yoochun and Junsu immediately tried to make the award into bling. I think normally you would hold it and be all happy but they needed to find a creative use for it! LMAO Maybe because they have so many! No but they seemed really happy and OMG healthy! Thank you! Yoochun looked MUCH better.

    But Jaejoong did look amazing. One moment I saw was so Miss. Korea:

    LMAO. I cannot help myself. I love them but I need to make fun of them! T-T

  2. all you need is the Wu Chun pic and i’m good, maybe a pic of Jiro Wang wouldn’t hurt. I swear the first time i saw Wu Chun i thought he was in his early 20’s near mid 20’s, he is so hot for his age! droolsx100000


  4. dbsk is OVERrated… the even doesn’t even have the credibility to award any award, it’s supposed to be a festival, right? NOT a contest.. anyway, the even is to showcase korean talent and not a real appreciated to other country’s talents..

  5. I remember when I saw that second picture of Yunho, I was O_O at his tongue. It’s SO LONG.

    The pictures with Jae holding the flowers are absolutely gorgeous. I swear, he gets better looking every time I see him.

    Wu Zun!!! I’d love a picture of Jiro too. And Aaron. What did Calvin do with his hair?!?! It’s such a weird color now.

  6. ROFL at the picture of Yunho, what was he doing? O__o’
    Jiro Wang for me♥
    And wow, Cassiopeia is amazing @__@

  7. wuzun is HOT. feilunhai and dbsk are both cute:)

  8. ZOMG WU CHUN!!!!!!!!!!!! *ded*

  9. OMG, you’re Viet? I never knew that. Me, too.
    Sadly, I don’t know that many Viet singers. And I looked up that singer who was supposed to be there, and her songs are kinda the cheesy cutesy kind -_-;;
    Thank God my mom’s given up on trying to talk me out of my korean obsession ^_^

  10. ringy
    Why were u depressed? Cuz they didnt win? Aww dont be depressed, its only been what? 2 weeks. I’m sure they’ll win very soon. XDD HAHA Your so right, Jae does look like he just won Miss Korea. OMG NOO now I’ll never look at those photos the same and they were nice photos too. All your fault =PP jokes haha.

    He’s hot full stop. lol XDD

    LOL he is totally good eye candy!

    I’m sorry you feel that way.

    I saw Yunho’s pic and I just kept laughing like some insane girl XD I agree, Jae is looking so darn fly these days *drools* I might even steal him from PAS haha. Dont tell her that though =P

    Alex Ryom
    Thats absolutely fine with me. You have Jiro and I’ll have Wu Zun lol.

    I agree. They make incredible eye candy when they’re together haha.

    Tries to revive you. Dont die on me. You still have to spazz with me lol.

    Oooh hi there! Yup Im an ABV = Australian born Viet XDD I only know the Viet singers that are in America and go on shows like Paris by Night and Asia haha. I have a major girlcrush on Minh Tuyet though. Do you know her? If you dont, you should really try her out, she’s amazing.

  11. Yay pics from Asia Song Festival :D The boys look good .. lol but when don’t they look good. @_@ All of them are wearing black and grey, did the stylist run out of coloured clothes or what? Congrats on the boys for winning Asia Top Singer at the Festival :D

    Wu Zun damn HOT! Look at those arms :P haha stand him next to Jae wearing a wife beater to show both their arms & I can die happy :) I tend to watch his dramas just cause he’s in there lol sad isn’t it.

    Haha guess HJ didn’t have time to change after the performance from here cause he’s wearing the same thing at the MBC Performance that he did with TOP that same night. (in case you want to watch)

  12. ahhh yoochun! that boy gets sexy and sexy every time I see him! love him to death!!!!! <3

  13. babiegel
    I have watched HJ and TOP’s special stage but thanks anyways! HJ WAS SOOO HOT *_*

    HAHA your so epic! I’m actually not the biggest fan of WuZun’s acting but man, he is dayam good eye candy. Forget the arm, HAVE YOU SEEN HIS BODY!?!! *drools*


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