Posted by: pinkandsparkly | October 5, 2008

DBSK – “We Are” One Piece theme song

Video: nathaLieSJ @ Youtube

YAY, THEIR FIRST ANIME OST SONG :DD (“Together” doesn’t count XD)

Hopefully this will bring them heaps more recognition; I heard that “One Piece” is a really popular anime? I’m not sure, I prefer manga XD (I’m reading Kindaichi at the moment *___*).

But I always get random anime songs stuck in my head (like the Pokemon theme song, rofl) and this song is really catchy (i’ve only heard it twice and I can remember it) so maybe this will help increase their popularity in Japan :D.


  1. pinky
    the asu wara something song … was their first anime song right?

  2. I used to watch this a lot, but after I got to know DBSK, it disintegrated from my memory like all the other animes I used to watch, lol the irony! DBSK made me remember it again! I think this was the very first opening song of One Piece, and DBSK did a remake? Luv this more! Yep, asuwa kuru kara came before this. It’s the ending song.

  3. Oh, One Piece is really popular in Japan (even though I don’t really like it) so yay, maybe it really will boost DBSK’s popularity there. I mean, I learned about BoA from all of the Inuyasha ending songs she did but since I’m not japanese, I don’t know if that counts.

  4. OMG, anime theme song. o__O’
    I used to be a real big anime fan [then I got into Kpop xDD], but I never watched One Piece, I was a Naruto person. [Ninjas > pirates. ;D] So when I found out that a band from Johnny’s Entertainment was going to sing an ending, I was like ‘OMGOMG YAYY :D’ … then the song was kinda sucky… But oh well. xD
    I actually … don’t really like this song. It makes them sound like those unknown bands who randomly sing anime themes … Iunno why.

  5. Oh, Alex Ryom, you’re a Naruto fan too? Lol, Naruto was actually my fandom before I got into K-pop. Now I’m totally neglecting it…anyways sorry for butting in – I just wanted to let you know you’re not alone (or something along those lines).

  6. lol ashita ga kuru kara is their first one piece ending song.
    DBSK’s already pretty accomplished for a korean boy band aren’t they?
    Now they get to appear on mainstream japanese shows (which are hilarious) such as Heyx3. The hosts like to mock Yunho for speaking while the other members are explaining ahaha. idk, just being in mainstream and girls shouting “OMG JUNSU CHO KAWAII!!!” seems all goodxD

    I tend to like anime osts, esp Bleach. Ahh Younha~<3 lol.

  7. Potensvita:
    Hiiiiiiiiiiiii :D!!!

    Lol, you know more than me and you’re not even a DBSK fan XDDD

    I don’t really watch anime….but my friend keeps telling me to go watch Naruto XD And yes, Asuw kuru kara was their first anime song; I fail XDD

    Have no ide what it’s about, actually :D

    My friend keeps telling me to go watch Naruto, but so far I’ve only watched 10 minutes of episode one XDDDD. But I have watched Conan :D

    Which band from JE sang a theme song???

    Hahahha, this song isn’t really my kind of music either, but hey, they got to do an anime theme song :D

    They ARE really accomplished! It’s almost like they’re a Jpop band, actually :D.

    Omg, the Heyx3 hosts are soooooooooo funny XDDDDDDD Have you seen the Kame+Yamapi episode? Haaaaa XD

  8. lol I thinkkk I saw the yamap kame episode. I remember they loove to mock kame a lot ahaha. I love it when Kinki Kids and such go on heyx3, its just so amusingXD

  9. Not bad, I’m kinda in love with it.

  10. ONE PIECE is an AWESOME ANIME(series in General!) I LOVE One PIECE! lol. Now it’s like One Piece + DBSK! – MANY MANY MANY <33333333333333

    It’s awesome. I fell in love with “We Are” all over again! ^_^

  11. One piece is better than naruto!

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